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johngM phaakF phiianM bpaiM theertL jakL geertL phohnR
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiจง-พาก-เพียน-ไป-เถิด-จัก-เกิด-ผน
IPAtɕoŋ pʰâːk pʰiːan paj tʰɤ̀ːt tɕàk kɤ̀ːt pʰǒn
Royal Thai General Systemchong phak phian pai thoet chak koet phon

 [example sentence, idiom]
"Hard work pays."

componentsจง johngM[auxiliary verb used to indicate a command or order] should; ought to
พากเพียรphaakF phiianM[is] dilligent; perservering; taking pains; industrious; patient; unremitting
ไป bpaiM[a word placed before or after a verb or an adjective to emphasize it (e.g. too big, too small) or indicate direction] too
เถิด theertL[a formal word placed after a verb or a sentence to mark or indicate an exhortation, a command or an entreaty] let's; let us; let's go for it; let's do it
จักเกิดjakL geertLshall cause to be born
ผล phohnReffect; result; consequence; outcome; product of; impact
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