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ข. ฉันจะพูดอะไร ก็เรื่องของฉัน
chanR jaL phuutF aL raiM gaawF reuuangF khaawngR chanR
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiฉัน-จะ-พูด-อะ-ไร-ก้อ-เรื่อง-ของ-ฉัน
IPAtɕʰǎn tɕàʔ pʰûːt ʔàʔ raj kɔ̂ː rɯ̂ːaŋ kʰɔ̌ːŋ tɕʰǎn
Royal Thai General Systemchan cha phut arai ko rueang khong chan

 [example sentence]
"B. Whatever I said is my business."

componentsb.) — [indicating the second item in a list]; Mr. B.
ฉัน chanR[used by females in an informal setting—also used by males with intimate friends or lovers] I, me, my
จะ jaL[imminent aspect marker]
พูด phuutFto speak; to talk; to say
อะไร aL raiMsomething; anything; things; stuff; whatever
ก็ gaawF[linking particle]
เรื่อง reuuangFabout; relating to; concerning; [as part of the header in an official letter along with เรียน ] "Subject:"
ของฉันkhaawngR chanRmy; of mine; belonging to me
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