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ก. ดิฉันต้องการพบคุณหมอ ขอเข้าพบตอนนี้เลยได้ไหมคะ
diL chanR dtawngF gaanM phohpH khoonM maawR khaawR khaoF phohpH dtaawnM neeH leeuyM daiF maiH khaH
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiดิ-ฉัน-ต็้อง-กาน-พบ-คุน-หฺมอ-ขอ-เค่า-พบ-ตอน-นี้-เลย-ได้-มั้ย-คะ
IPAdìʔ tɕʰǎn tɔ̂ŋ kaːn pʰóp kʰun mɔ̌ː kʰɔ̌ː kʰâw pʰóp tɔːn níː lɤːj dâj máj kʰáʔ
Royal Thai General Systemdichan tong kan phop khun mo kho khao phop ton ni loei dai mai kha

 [example sentence]
"I want to go see the doctor. May I go see him now?"

componentsa.) — [indicating the first item in a list]; Mr. A.
ดิฉัน diL chanR[used by female speakers in a formal setting] I; me; my
ต้องการdtawngF gaanMto need; want; require; desired
พบ phohpHto meet or rendezvous; locate; find; encounter; experience; discover
คุณ khoonM[a title of respect, as in] Mister, Miss, or Mrs. [usually followed by the first name]
หมอ maawR[informal] a medical doctor; a fortuneteller; a shaman
ขอ khaawRto ask for; to request; "I'd like..." — "May/Can I have...?"
เข้า khaoFto enter; go in; to penetrate; to insert; to approach
พบ phohpHto meet or rendezvous; locate; find; encounter; experience; discover
ตอนนี้dtaawnM neeHat this time; now
เลย leeuyM[used for emphasis at the end of a statement] " all." — " much!" — "...extremely!; completely, directly; simply, without doing anything else first; right away
ได้ไหมdaiF maiH"...may I?" — "...can you?"
คะ khaH[word added by a female speaker to the end of every question to convey politeness]
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