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ข. คงต้องขออนุญาตคุณหมอก่อนนะคะ กรุณารอสักครู่ค่ะ
khohngM dtawngF khaawR aL nooH yaatF khoonM maawR gaawnL naH khaH gaL rooH naaM raawM sakL khruuF khaF
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiคง-ต็้อง-ขอ-อะ-นุ-ยาด-คุน-หฺมอ-ก่อน-นะ-คะ-กะ-รุ-นา-รอ-สัก-คฺรู่-ค่ะ
IPAkʰoŋ tɔ̂ŋ kʰɔ̌ː ʔà núʔ jâːt kʰun mɔ̌ː kɔ̀ːn náʔ kʰáʔ kà rúʔ naː rɔː sàk kʰrûː kʰâʔ
Royal Thai General Systemkhong tong kho anuyat khun mo kon na kha karuna ro sak khru kha

 [example sentence]
"I probably need to get the doctor’s permission first. Please wait a minute."

componentsb.) — [indicating the second item in a list]; Mr. B.
คง khohngMprobably; most likely
ต้อง dtawngF[auxiliary verb] has to...; must...; is required to...; is duty-bound to...
ขออนุญาตkhaawR aL nooH yaatFto ask for permission — "Excuse me."
คุณ khoonM[a title of respect, as in] Mister, Miss, or Mrs. [usually followed by the first name]
หมอ maawR[informal] a medical doctor; a fortuneteller; a shaman
ก่อน gaawnLbefore; earlier; time gone by; prior to; in advance of; ahead of time; previously; formerly; initially; beforehand; firstly; now; ago
นะ naH[word added to the end of a sentence to soften it, make it polite, indicate pleading, disagreement, ordering, surprise or emphasis]
คะ khaH[word added by a female speaker to the end of every question to convey politeness]
กรุณารอสักครู่gaL rooH naaM raawM sakL khruuF"Please wait a moment."
ค่ะ khaF[word added by a female speaker to the end of every statement to convey politeness]
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