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ขอ ไข่eggThe 2nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ข (ข)
TIS-620 value: 0xข (ข)

3095 Thai words on 62 Pages

Page 20
ขอบพระคุณkhaawpL phraH khoonMverbto thank; be thankful for; be grateful to; give thanks
ขอบพระทัยkhaawpL phraH thaiMverb[royalty] to give thanks; to thank
ขอบฟ้า khaawpL faaHnounskyline; horizon
ขอบสระมีต้นไม้เล็กและต้นหญ้าขึ้นอยู่ประปรายkhaawpL saL meeM dtohnF maaiH lekH laeH dtohnF yaaF kheunF yuuL bpraL bpraaiMexample sentence"Around the pool are small trees and (tufts of) grass growing here and there."
ขอบคุงkhaawpL khoongMinterjection, colloquialThanks!
ขอมkhaawmRproper nounKhmer; the language and civilization of เขมร 
ข่อย khaawyLpronoun[Isaan dialect] [1st person singular pronoun] I; me
noun[ต้นข่อย] tooth brush tree, Streblus asper
ข่อยคิดฮอดเจ้า khaawyL khitH haawtF jaoFexample sentence[Isaan dialect] "I miss you."
ข่อยฮักเจ้า khaawyL hakH jaoFexample sentence[Isaan dialect] "I love you."
ขอร์ดkhaawdLnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] "chord" or "cord"
classifier, English[numerical classifier for wood cords]
ขออำไพkhaawR amM phaiMverb[slang for ขออภัย] "Excuse me." "Sorry."
ขะมักเขม้น khaL makH khaL menFadjective[is] energetic; diligent; active; positive; enthusiastic; vigorous; determined
ขะม้าkhaL maaH[alternate spelling of ขาวม้า ]
ขะมายkhaL maaiM[alternate spelling of ขมาย]
ขะโมยkhaL mooyM[alternate spelling of ขโมย ]
ขัง khangRverbto confine; coop up; imprison; retain; detain; cage; incarcerate
adjective[is] stagnant; stationary; unmoving; static
ขังลืมkhangR leuumMverbto put something away and forget about it; lock some up and throw away the key
ขัณฑสีมาkhanR thaH seeR maaMnounboundary; border; frontier
[ขอบขัณฑสีมา] boundary (of a kingdom, e.g.)
ขัด khatLverbto polish; scrub; rub; abrade; burnish
to go against; to stop; to hinder; to oppose; to obstruct; to block
verbto latch or fasten
ขัดกฎหมายkhatL gohtL maaiRverbagainst the law; is against the law
ขัดกับkhatL gapLprepositioncontrary to, contradictory with, in conflict with
ขัดเกลาkhatL glaoMverb, loanwordto discipline; train
ขัดเกลาkhatL glaoMverbto polish; smooth; put the finishing touches on
ขัดขวาง khatL khwaangRverb, transitive, intransitive, phraseto block; to hinder; to obstruct; to deter; to interrupt; to snag
ขัดข้องใจkhatL khaawngF jaiMverbto hold a grudge
ขัดขาkhatL khaaRverbto oppose; obstruct; impede; hinder
ขัดขืนkhatL kheuunRverbto resist; defy; resist order; disobey; rebel
ขัดเขินkhatL kheernRadjective[is] embarrassed
ขัดแข้งขัดขาkhatL khaaengF khatL khaaRverb, phraseto undermine; to undercut
ขัดคำสั่งkhatL khamM sangLverbto disobey an order
ขัดเคืองkhatL kheuuangMadjective[is] indignant
ขัดเคืองkhatL kheuuangMverbto become angry; indignant
ขัดเงา khatL ngaoMverbto polish or shine
ขัดจังหวะkhatL jangM waLverbto interrupt; break
ขัดใจkhatL jaiMverbto offend; dissatisfy; displease; disagree
ขัดต่อkhatL dtaawLprepositioncontrary to; be contradictory with; be in conflict with; go against
ขัดต่อศีลธรรมอันดีของประชาชนkhatL dtaawL seenR laH thamM anM deeM khaawngR bpraL chaaM chohnMadjective[is] offensive to the good morals of the People; [is] contrary to public morality
ขัดตาkhatL dtaaMadjective[is] unpleasant to look at
ขัดตาทัพ khatL dtaaM thapHverb, intransitive, phrase, figurative, idiom[literally] to stop an army from closing in on; to outwit the lines of an army; [figuratively] to do (something) temporarily; to help (get) somebody out of a fix, predicament or embarrassment
ขัดถูกล้องkhatL thuuR glaawngFverb, phrase, vulgarto wack off; to jerk off; to polish your pipe
ขัดเบา khatL baoMnounurine retention disorder
ขัดไม่ออกkhatL maiF aawkLverb[is] unremovable (as a stain); can't rub it out
ขัดแย้งkhatL yaaengHnounto war against; to conflict with
ขัดแย้งกันkhatL yaaengH ganMadjective[of two people] incompatible; [of factions] [are] engaged in fighting and bickering
ขัดรองเท้า khatL raawngM thaaoHverbto polish or shine shoes
ขัดเล็บ khatL lepHphraseto file one's nails
ขัดสีkhatL seeRverbto mill; grind or crush in a mill
ขัดสีkhatL seeRverbto scrub; rub; scour
ขัดหน้า khatL naaFnounfacial (treatment)
ขัดหูขวางตาkhatL huuR khwaangR dtaaMadjective[is] unpleasant to look at
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