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คอ ควาย[general] water buffaloThe 4th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ค (ค)
TIS-620 value: 0xค (ค)

5161 Thai words on 104 Pages

Page 2
คงจะได้ดื่มkhohngM jaL daiF deuumLverb[คงจะได้ดื่ม] <subject> will probably be able to drink
คงจะได้เดินkhohngM jaL daiF deernMverb[คงจะได้เดิน] <subject> will probably be able to walk
คงจะได้ทำkhohngM jaL daiF thamMverb[คงจะได้ทำ] <subject> will probably be able to do
คงจะได้ปิดkhohngM jaL daiF bpitLverb[คงจะได้ปิด] <subject> will probably be able to close
คงจะได้เปิดkhohngM jaL daiF bpeertLverb[คงจะได้เปิด] <subject> will probably be able to open
คงจะได้ไปkhohngM jaL daiF bpaiMverb[คงจะได้ไป] <subject> will probably be able to go
คงจะได้พูดkhohngM jaL daiF phuutFverb[คงจะได้พูด] <subject> will probably be able to speak
คงจะได้มีkhohngM jaL daiF meeMverb[คงจะได้มี] <subject> will probably be able to have
คงจะได้ยิ้มkhohngM jaL daiF yimHverb[คงจะได้ยิ้ม] <subject> will probably be able to smile
คงจะได้รักkhohngM jaL daiF rakHverb[คงจะได้รัก] <subject> will probably be able to love
คงจะได้เล่นkhohngM jaL daiF lenFverb[คงจะได้เล่น] <subject> will probably be able to play
คงจะได้วิ่งkhohngM jaL daiF wingFverb[คงจะได้วิ่ง] <subject> will probably be able to run
คงจะได้ให้khohngM jaL daiF haiFverb[คงจะได้ให้] <subject> will probably be able to give
คงจะได้อ่านkhohngM jaL daiF aanLverb[คงจะได้อ่าน] <subject> will probably be able to read
คงจะทำkhohngM jaL thamMverb[คงจะทำ] <subject> probably will do; <subject> may do; <subject> might do
คงจะนอนkhohngM jaL naawnMverb[คงจะนอน] probably will sleep
คงจะนานkhohngM jaL naanMverb, phrase...will probably be long
คงจะปิดkhohngM jaL bpitLverb[คงจะปิด] <subject> probably will close; <subject> may close; <subject> might close
คงจะเป็นkhohngM jaL bpenMverb[คงจะเป็น] <subject> probably will be; <subject> may be; <subject> might be
คงจะเปิดkhohngM jaL bpeertLverb[คงจะเปิด] <subject> probably will open; <subject> may open; <subject> might open
คงจะไปkhohngM jaL bpaiMverb[คงจะไป] <subject> probably will go; <subject> may go; <subject> might go
คงจะพูดkhohngM jaL phuutFverb[คงจะพูด] <subject> probably will speak; <subject> may speak; <subject> might speak
คงจะแพงkhohngM jaL phaaengMverb[คงจะแพง] is probably expensive
คงจะมีkhohngM jaL meeMverb[คงจะมี] <subject> probably will have; <subject> may have; <subject> might have
คงจะไม่khohngM jaL maiFauxiliary verb[คงจะไม่] [auxiliary verb combination] probably won't...; may not...; might not...
คงจะไม่กินkhohngM jaL maiF ginMverb[คงจะไม่กิน] <subject> probably won't eat; <subject> may not eat; <subject> might not eat
คงจะไม่เขียนkhohngM jaL maiF khiianRverb[คงจะไม่เขียน] <subject> probably won't write; <subject> may not write; <subject> might not write
คงจะไม่ดื่มkhohngM jaL maiF deuumLverb[คงจะไม่ดื่ม] <subject> probably won't drink; <subject> may not drink; <subject> might not drink
คงจะไม่เดินkhohngM jaL maiF deernMverb[คงจะไม่เดิน] <subject> probably won't walk; <subject> may not walk; <subject> might not walk
คงจะไม่ได้khohngM jaL maiF daiFauxiliary verb[คงจะไม่ได้] [auxiliary verb combination] probably won't get to...; wouldn't have...
คงจะไม่ได้กินkhohngM jaL maiF daiF ginMverb[คงจะไม่ได้กิน] <subject> will probably be unable to eat; <subject> probably wouldn't have eaten
คงจะไม่ได้เขียนkhohngM jaL maiF daiF khiianRverb[คงจะไม่ได้เขียน] <subject> will probably be unable to write; <subject> probably wouldn't have written
คงจะไม่ได้เชื่อkhohngM jaL maiF daiF cheuuaFverb[คงจะไม่ได้เชื่อ] <subject> will probably be unable to believe; <subject> probably wouldn't have believed
คงจะไม่ได้ดื่มkhohngM jaL maiF daiF deuumLverb[คงจะไม่ได้ดื่ม] <subject> will probably be unable to drink; <subject> probably wouldn't have drunk
คงจะไม่ได้เดินkhohngM jaL maiF daiF deernMverb[คงจะไม่ได้เดิน] <subject> will probably be unable to walk; <subject> probably wouldn't have walked
คงจะไม่ได้ทำkhohngM jaL maiF daiF thamMverb[คงจะไม่ได้ทำ] <subject> will probably be unable to do; <subject> probably wouldn't have done
คงจะไม่ได้ปิดkhohngM jaL maiF daiF bpitLverb[คงจะไม่ได้ปิด] <subject> will probably be unable to close; <subject> probably wouldn't have closed
คงจะไม่ได้เปิดkhohngM jaL maiF daiF bpeertLverb[คงจะไม่ได้เปิด] <subject> will probably be unable to open; <subject> probably wouldn't have opened
คงจะไม่ได้ไปkhohngM jaL maiF daiF bpaiMverb[คงจะไม่ได้ไป] <subject> will probably be unable to go; <subject> probably wouldn't have gone
คงจะไม่ได้พูดkhohngM jaL maiF daiF phuutFverb[คงจะไม่ได้พูด] <subject> will probably be unable to speak; <subject> probably wouldn't have spoken
คงจะไม่ได้มีkhohngM jaL maiF daiF meeMverb[คงจะไม่ได้มี] <subject> will probably be unable to have; <subject> probably wouldn't have had
คงจะไม่ได้ยิ้มkhohngM jaL maiF daiF yimHverb[คงจะไม่ได้ยิ้ม] <subject> will probably be unable to smile; <subject> probably wouldn't have smiled
คงจะไม่ได้รักkhohngM jaL maiF daiF rakHverb[คงจะไม่ได้รัก] <subject> will probably be unable to love; <subject> probably wouldn't have loved
คงจะไม่ได้เล่นkhohngM jaL maiF daiF lenFverb[คงจะไม่ได้เล่น] <subject> will probably be unable to play; <subject> probably wouldn't have played
คงจะไม่ได้วิ่งkhohngM jaL maiF daiF wingFverb[คงจะไม่ได้วิ่ง] <subject> will probably be unable to run; <subject> probably wouldn't have run
คงจะไม่ได้ให้khohngM jaL maiF daiF haiFverb[คงจะไม่ได้ให้] <subject> will probably be unable to give; <subject> probably wouldn't have given
คงจะไม่ได้อ่านkhohngM jaL maiF daiF aanLverb[คงจะไม่ได้อ่าน] <subject> will probably be unable to read; <subject> probably wouldn't have read
คงจะไม่ทำkhohngM jaL maiF thamMverb[คงจะไม่ทำ] <subject> probably won't do; <subject> may not do; <subject> might not do
คงจะไม่ปิดkhohngM jaL maiF bpitLverb[คงจะไม่ปิด] <subject> probably won't close; <subject> may not close; <subject> might not close
คงจะไม่เปิดkhohngM jaL maiF bpeertLverb[คงจะไม่เปิด] <subject> probably won't open; <subject> may not open; <subject> might not open
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