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คอ ควาย[general] water buffaloThe 4th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ค (ค)
TIS-620 value: 0xค (ค)

4618 Thai words on 93 Pages

Page 51
คันชัก khanM chakHnounarchery bow
คันชักkhanM chakHnounplow handle; plow beam
คันชักkhanM chakHnounviolin bow; fiddle bow; violin bridge
คันโช้คkhanM cho:hkHnounchoke lever (for a motorcycle, e.g.)
คันไถkhanM thaiRnounplow; plow handle; beam of plow
คันไถกับควายของเขาตกอยู่ในสภาพไม่ต่างกันเลยทั้งคู่ใกล้หมดอายุใช้งานเต็มทีkhanM thaiR gapL khwaaiM khaawngR khaoR dtohkL yuuL naiM saL phaapF maiF dtaangL ganM leeuyM thangH khuuF glaiF mohtL aaM yooH chaiH ngaanM dtemM theeMexample sentence"Both his tractor and water buffalo have fallen into the same state: both have passed their ‘expiration’ dates."
คันไถเก่า เกล็ดสนิมลามกินไปทั่วkhanM thaiR gaoL gletL saL nimR laamM ginM bpaiM thuaaFexample sentence"The plow was old; rust flakes spread throughout the whole blade."
คันธนูkhanM thaH nuuMnounarchery bow
คันนาkhanM naaMnounridge; earthen dyke between rice fields; dike
คันเบ็ด khanM betLnounfishing rod
คันปากkhanM bpaakLverb[is] just itching to say something; unable to hold something back
คันโพงkhanM pho:hngMnounwater bailer; long-handled dipper
คันโยกkhanM yo:hkFnounlever or handle for controlling (something)
คันเร่ง khanM rengFnoungas pedal; accelerator pedal (of an automobile); accelerator handle (of a motorcycle)
คันศร khanM saawnRnoun(archery) bow
คันหูkhanM huuRverbto have an itch in the ear
คั่น khanFverb, transitive, intransitiveto set a limit to; separate; place in between; interpose; divide; stop; confine
คั่นหนังสือkhanF nangR seuuRverb, phraseto place a bookmark in a book
คั่นหน้าkhanF naaFnoun, verb, phrase, formala browser bookmark [formal term officially endorsed by the Royal Institute]
คั้น khanHadjectivefresh squeezed
verbsqueeze out
verbwring; wring out; crush; squash
verb[บีบคั้น] to oppress; press; force
noun[การคั้นคั้น] pressure; force; oppression
คันดินkhanM dinMnounridge; earthen dyke; berm
คันนายาวkhanM naaM yaaoMproper noun[เขตคันนายาว] [administrative district of Bangkok] Khan Na Yao
คันยก khanM yohkHnounlever
คับ khapHadjective[is] tight; confined; crowded; closely packed; tight-fitting; close-fitting
particle, colloquial[informal pronounciation of] ครับ 
verbto overflow; exceed a limit; spill over; overcrowd
คับkhapH[alternate spelling of ครับ ]
คับข้องใจkhapH khaawngF jaiMadjective[is] frustrated; feels constrained
คับแค้นkhapH khaaenHadverbdistressfully; in a troubled manner; miserably
คับแค้นใจkhapH khaaenH jaiMadjective[is] resentful; to harbor feeling of anger or resentment
คับแคบkhapH khaaepFadjective[is] narrow; small; cramped; restricted; close; limited; contracted
คับแคบkhapH khaaepFadjective[is] narrow-minded, small-minded, unhelpful, ungenerous
คับใจkhapH jaiMadjective[is] discontented; disconcerted; embarrassed; distressed; depressed
คับที่khapH theeFadjective[is] forced to live in a restricted space
คับโพรงkhapH phro:hngMadjective[is] forced to live in too small a den or hole
คับอกคับใจ khapH ohkL khapH jaiMadjective[is] depressed (or melancholic, disconsolate)
คับขัน khapH khanRadjective[is] critical; crucial; imperative; urgent; difficult
noun[ความคับขัน] crisis; emergence; urgency
[จุดคับขัน] the critical point
คับคั่งkhapH khangFadjective[is] crowded; jammed; congested; crammed; tightly-packed
คัปเปิลkhapH bpeernMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] couple
คัมปาลาkhamM bpaaM laaM[alternate spelling of กัมปาลา ]
คัมภีร์ khamM pheeMadjective, loanword, Palideep; profound
noun, proper noun, person, loanword, Palia common male name; a last name
noun, loanword, Pali[พระคัมภีร์] treatise; textbook; scripture
classifier[numerical classifier for biblical texts]
คัมภีร์กุรอานkhamM pheeM gooL raH aanMKoran, Kuran; Muslim scripture
คัมภีรภาพkhamM pheeM raH phaapFnoundepth; profundity
คัว khuaaMverbto rinse
คั่ว khuaaFverbto roast; [of corn] to pop
noun[a type of] Thai curry
noun, verbto get three-of-a-kind in the Thai card game ไพ่ตอง
verb, colloquial[slang] to flirt (with a woman); court
verbto be ready to pounce; perch
คั่วตำแหน่งkhuaaF dtamM naengLverbassume a position (in government, for example)
คา khaaMverbto obstruct; to be lodged in; to get stuck in; to remain stuck; to remain embedded; to be left unfinished
nounpillory; stock; iron ring
nouna thatch grass in Thailand
คาใจ khaaM jaiMadjective[is] troubled by; disturbed by; full of doubt.
คาตาkhaaM dtaaMadverbwith one's own eyes
คาที่khaaM theeFadverbon the spot; right there and then
คามือkhaaM meuuMadjective[is] caught red-handed; in the act; in the open; right there and then
คาหนังคาเขา khaaM nangR khaaM khaoRadverb, phrasered-handed, clearly
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