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คอ ควาย[general] water buffaloThe 4th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ค (ค)
TIS-620 value: 0xค (ค)

5161 Thai words on 104 Pages

Page 82
คุณอ่านใจฉันได้khoonM aanL jaiM chanR daiFexample sentence"You read my mind."
คุณอายุเท่าไร khoonM aaM yooH thaoF raiMexample sentence"How old are you?"
คุณอายุเท่าไรเนี่ยkhoonM aaM yooH thaoF raiM niiaFexample sentence"Hey, how old are you?"
คุณอุดมจะไปกับผมวันที่สิบสอง khoonM ooL dohmM jaL bpaiM gapL phohmR wanM theeF sipL saawngRexample sentence"Mr. Udom will come with me on the 12th."
คุณเองก็หวาดกลัวkhoonM aehngM gaawF waatL gluaaMexample sentenceYou are afraid
คุณเอาหนังสือผมไปไว้ที่ไหน khoonM aoM nangR seuuR phohmR bpaiM waiH theeF naiRexample sentence"Where did you put my book?"
คุณวุฒิkhoonM naH wootHnounqualifications; competence; ability; high stature
คุณานุประโยค khooH naaM nooH bpraL yo:hkLnoun[Thai grammar] adjectival dependent (subordinate) clause; (relative) clause
คุณูปการkhooH nuuM bpaL gaanMnounbenefaction; support; patronage; contribution
คุโณปการkhooH no:hM bpaL gaanM[alternate spelling of คุณูปการ]
คุด khootHverbto drill; bore; get into; go into
verbto curl up; to huddle up
adjectiveingrown; inward; inside
คุดคุ้ยkhootH khuyHverbto go into
คุดคู้ khootH khuuHverbto huddle or curl up
คุดทะราดkhootH thaH raatFnoun[โรคคุดทะราด] yaws; frambesia; a common chronic, treatable bacterial skin infection of the tropics.
คุ้น khoonHadjective[is] conversant in; familiar with; used to; intimate with
[คุ้นตา] be familiar; appear familiar; look familiar
คุ้นเคย khoonH kheeuyMadjectivefamiliar with; accustomed to; used to
คุ้นชินkhoonH chinMadjective[is] familiar; accustomed ; intimate; get used to; used to
คุ้นตาkhoonH dtaaM[คุ้นตา] be familiar; appear familiar; look familiar
คุ้นหน้าkhoonH naaFverb[to] look familiar; [is] familiar with the face of
คุ้นหน้าคุ้นตาkhoonH naaF khoonH dtaaMverbto look familiary; know from somewhere
คุ้นหู khoonH huuRadjective[is] familiar sounding
คุ้นหูคุ้นตาkhoonH huuR khoonH dtaaMadjective[is] familiary; well known; comfortable
คุม khoomMto control; guard; protect; supervise; escort
noun[การคุม] controlling; protecting; guarding
คุมกำเนิดkhoomM gamM neertLverbto prevent pregnancy; use birth control
คุมขัง khoomM khangRverbto imprison; incarcerate; detain; jail
คุมเข้มkhoomM khemFverb, phraseto restrict, guard, strictly control
คุมแค้นkhoomM khaaenHverbto hold a grudge; harbor bad feelings
คุมแจ khoomM jaaeMverb, phrase, colloquialto closely guard, protect or keep watching (someone); not to let someone get out of sight
คุมเชิงkhoomM cheerngMverbto keep watch on; be wary; take watch for an opportunity
คุมเชิงkhoomM cheerngMadverbwatchfully; cautiously; attentively; vigilantly; warily; circumspectly; heedfully
คุมตัวkhoomM dtuaaMverbto restrain; detain; take somebody into custody
คุมตัวผู้ต้องสงสัยkhoomM dtuaaM phuuF dtawngF sohngR saiRverb, phraseto take a suspect into custody
คุมไม่อยู่khoomM maiF yuuLadjective, phrase[is] unable to control
คุมสอบkhoomM saawpLverbto proctor (an exam)
คุ้ม khoomHverbto guard; protect; escort; accompany as a guard
adjective[is] worth
[Northern Thai] palace or stately house belonging to one of the former rulers of Lanna
คุ้มกัน khoomH ganMverbto protect; guard; escort; defend; preserve
คุ้มครอง khoomH khraawngMverbto protect; guard
คุ้มค่าkhoomH khaaFadjective, phrase[is] worthwhile; worth the price; reasonably priced
คุ้มดีคุ้มร้ายkhoomH deeM khoomH raaiHadjective, phrase[is] erratic, insane, mentally unstable
คุ้มทุน khoomH thoonMverbto break even; to cover costs
คุ้มภัยkhoomH phaiMverbto insure against catastrophe
คุ้มหลวงลำพูนkhoomH luaangR lamM phuunMnoun[Northern Dialect] palace or stately house
คุย khuyMverbto chat
adjective[ขี้คุย] [is] boastful
คุยกัน khuyM ganMverbto chat together
คุยกันไปคุยกันมาkhuyM ganM bpaiM khuyM ganM maaMverb, phraseto chat back and forth; have a conversation
คุยกันไปคุยกันมาจู่ ๆ ก็นึกขำkhuyM ganM bpaiM khuyM ganM maaM juuL juuL gaawF neukH khamRexample sentence"We chatted back and forth; suddenly it all seemed so funny."
คุยกันไปคุยกันมา เธอถามผมว่าเหงาไหมkhuyM ganM bpaiM khuyM ganM maaM thuuhrM thaamR phohmR waaF ngaoR maiRexample sentence"We talked to each other back and forth and she asked me, 'Are you lonely?' "
คุยกันไม่รู้เรื่อง khuyM ganM maiF ruuH reuuangFverb, phraseto fail to understand one another; not be on the same page
คุยกันรู้เรื่อง khuyM ganM ruuH reuuangFverb, phraseto understand one another; have a meeting of the minds; have a sensible/sane conversation
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