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จอ จานplate; dishThe 8th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+จ (จ)
TIS-620 value: 0xจ (จ)

2116 Thai words on 43 Pages

Page 16
จังหวะวอลทซ์jangM waL waawnM[จังหวะวอลทซ์] waltz rhythm
จังหวะอัดjangM waL atLnouncompression stroke
จังหวัด jangM watLnounprovince, of which Thailand has 76
classifier[numerical classifier for provinces]
จังหวัดชายแดนjangM watL chaaiM daaenMnounborder provinces (usually referring to provinces on the Thailand's Southern border)
จัญไร janM raiMadjective, vulgarevil; vice
noun, vulgar[เสนียดจัญไร] evil; a despicable person
adjective[is] accursed; doomed; ill-fated
จัณฑ์janMnoun[น้ำจัณฑ์] alcohol; liquor
จัณฑาล janM thaanMadjective[is] fierce; vicious; fiendish; base; mean; savage; cruel
adjective[is] dirty; low; contemptible; despicable
noun[derogatory] half-cast; an outcast, the untouchable [not counted in the Four Castes in Code of Manu in ancient India's Hindu society]
จัด jatLverbto adjust; arrange; fix
adjective[is] strong; intense; excessive; severe [especially when speaking of the weather]
noun[การจัด] arrangement; arranging
adverbheavily, strongly, much
จัดกระเป๋า jatL graL bpaoRverbto pack (luggage, etc.); pack one's bags
จัดกันjatL ganMverbto take care of; manage (things); arrange for
จัดการ jatL gaanMadjectiveto manage; arrange; handle; take care of; to deal with
จัดการเงิน jatL gaanM ngernMverbfinance
จัดการประชุมครั้งนี้ก็เพื่อวัดดวงท่านประธานาธิบดีว่าจะอยู่หรือจะไปjatL gaanM bpraL choomM khrangH neeH gaawF pheuuaF watH duaangM thanF bpraL thaaM naaM thipH baawM deeM waaF jaL yuuL reuuR jaL bpaiMexample sentence"[They] set up this meeting to determine whether the president should stay or go."
จัดการปัญหาjatL gaanM bpanM haaRverb, phraseto eliminate problems; dispose of troubles; deal with an issue
จัดขึ้นjatL kheunFadjective[was] arranged (as a party or event)
จัดจ้าน jatL jaanFadverb, phrase, colloquial[usually used of the way one talks] [is] bold; sarcastic; out-spoken; sharp-tongued
จัดจ้านjatL jaanFadjective[is] strong (taste); intense; bold
จัดเจนjatL jaehnMadjective, phrase[sexual connotation] skilful; knowledgeable; experienced
จัดเจนjatL jaehnMadjective[is] skilful; knowledgeable; experienced
จัดแจงjatL jaaengMverbto arrange; organize; fix up; draft; develop
จัดฉาก jatL chaakLverbto "set up" a contrived crime scene or evidence against an innocent person
จัดฉากjatL chaakLverbto set the scene; arrange the scenery
จัดซื้อจัดจ้างjatL seuuH jatL jaangFverbto purchase; procure
จัดตั้ง jatL dtangFverbto organize
จัดเต็มjatL dtemMverb, colloquialto do the best that one can; dress to the nines
จัดโต๊ะอาหาร jatL dtoH aaM haanRverbset a table
จัดแถวjatL thaaeoRverb[e.g. soldier formation] to form two lines; fall into lines
จัดท่า jatL thaaFverb[as for a portrait] to pose
จัดทำjatL thamMverb, transitive, intransitive, phrase, formalto produce
จัดแบ่งjatL baengLverbto divide; separate
จัดประเภทjatL bpraL phaehtFverbto classify; categorize
จัดเป็นแถวjatL bpenM thaaeoRverb, phraseto line (items) up; to arrange in rows; embank; form into columns
จัดฟันjatL fanMverb, phraseto straighten teeth, orthodontia
จัดระเบียบใหม่ jatL raH biiapL maiLverbreorganize
จัดลำดับ jatL lamM dapLverbto rearrange
จัดว่า jatL waaFverbto be considered as...; to be classed (together) with...
จัดวางjatL waangMverbto arrange (goods on a table, e.g.); deploy (military forces or personnel); set forth (a plan)
จัดส่งjatL sohngLverbto have something mailed; to transport; to mail; to put in the mail
จัดสรร jatL sanRverbto deal (property, personal)
จัดสรรjatL sanRto allocate; apportion; divide
จัดแสดงjatL saL daaengMverbto exhibit; create an exhibition; display
จัดหนักjatL nakLadverb, colloquialto the full extent; no holding back; no pulling punches; full on
จัดหาjatL haaRverbto procure; get; gather
จัดหาให้jatL haaR haiFverbsupply
จัดให้jatL haiFverbto provide (for someone); supply; arrange for
จัดใหม่jatL maiLverb, transitive, intransitive, phraseto rearrange
จัดอยู่ในรายการแสดงjatL yuuL naiM raaiM gaanM saL daaengMverb, transitive, phraseto bill (list as a performer in a performance program)
จัดเตรียมjatL dtriiamMto prepare; make ready
จัตวา jatL dtaL waaMadjective, loanword, Pali[Pali numeral] four; [usually used as a prefix] fourth; quadruple
noun, formal[of Thai Tone] rising
noun, formal[ไม้จัตวา] the fourth Thai Tone Marker; the Rising Tone Marker (อ๋)
จัตวาศกjatL dtaL waaM sohkLnounfourth year of the decade
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