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ถอ ถุงbag; pouch; tube-like sackThe 22nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ถ (ถ)
TIS-620 value: 0xถ (ถ)

1038 Thai words on 21 Pages

Page 18
ถุงหูหิ้ว thoongR huuR hiuFnounbag with carrying handles
ถุงหูรูดใส่อาหารthoongR huuR ruutF saiL aaM haanRnoundraw-string purse used to carry food
ถุงอัณฑะ thoongR anM thaHnounscrotum
ถุงกระดาษ thoongR graL daatLnounpaper bag
ถุน thoonRverbto consume the minimum quantity of opium which prevents withdrawal symptoms
noun[ใต้ถุน] space or ground under the floor of a Thai house; the cellar; the basement
ถุย thuyRverb, colloquialto expectorate
verb, colloquialto reveal under duress; spit out information; give a confession of wrong doing
ถุยน้ำลายthuyR naamH laaiMverbto spit
ถู thuuRverb, transitive, intransitiveto scrub; scour; wipe; polish; rub
ถูกันthuuR ganMverbto scrub; scour
ถูไถthuuR thaiRverbto get by on; scrape by on
ถูบ้าน thuuR baanFverbmop
ถูพื้นthuuR pheuunHverbto mop the floor
ถู ๆ ไถ ๆ thuuR thuuR thaiR thaiRphraseto get by on; scrape by on; make due with
ถูก thuukLadjective[is] true; correct; right; conforming
verb, particle[a verb particle reflecting passive voice]
adjective[ถูก ๆ] [is] very true; very correct
adjective[ถูกใจ] [is] pleasing; to one's liking
adjective[is] cheap; inexpensive; having a low price; economical
adjective[ถูกที่สุด] (the) cheapest
verbto touch; to contact; be exposed to; to hit
verbto win (the lottery); to 'hit' (the jackpot)
ถูกกฎหมายthuukL gohtL maaiRadverb[ถูกกฎหมาย] in accordance with the law; legally
ถูกกระแสthuukL graL saaeRadjective, phrase[is] under pressure; pressed
ถูกกระแสตีกลับthuukL graL saaeR dteeM glapLadjective, phrase[ถูกกระแสตีกลับ] [is] affected by a backlash; subject to pressure in return
ถูกกระแสไฟฟ้าthuukL graL saaeR faiM faaHadjective[is] electrocuted; receives an electric shock; struck by an electric shock
ถูกกลืนหายthuukL gleuunM haaiRexample sentenceAre swallowed therein
ถูกกลืนหายไปthuukL gleuunM haaiR bpaiMexample sentenceAre all swallowed therein.
ถูกกว่า thuukL gwaaLadjective[is] cheaper than...
ถูกกันthuukL ganMverbto touch (a thing)
ถูกกันthuukL ganMadjective[is] compatible; gets along well with; agree (each other)
ถูกคอthuukL khaawMadverbto one's liking
ถูกคอกัน thuukL khaawM ganMadjective[is] congenial; getting along well
ถูกฆ่าthuukL khaaFadjective[ถูกฆ่า] [is] murdered
ถูกเงี่ยงปลายักเข้าที่นิ้วชี้ thuukL ngiiangF bplaaM yakH khaoF theeF niuH cheeHverb, phrase, colloquialto be pricked at the index finger by the fish fins
ถูกจังthuukL jangMadjective, colloquialvery inexepensive
ถูกจับthuukL japLverb[ถูกจับ] was arrested
ถูกจับกุมthuukL japL goomMadjectivearrested; in custody
ถูกจับได้คาหนังคาเขาthuukL japL daiF khaaM nangR khaaM khaoRexample sentence, idiom"To be caught red-handed"
ถูกจำกัดบริเวณthuukL jamM gatL baawM riH waehnMverb, intransitive, phrase, formal, colloquialto be grounded
ถูกใจthuukL jaiMadjective[ถูกใจ] [is] pleasing; to one's liking
ถูกใจแต่ไม่ถูกเลือกthuukL jaiM dtaaeL maiF thuukL leuuakFexample sentence"He liked me, but I was not chosen." "We got along well, but we are not right for each other."
ถูกชะตากัน thuukL chaH dtaaM ganMverbto get along with (someone); to really hit it off
ถูกดุthuukL dooLadjective[ถูกดุ] [is] scolded; admonished
ถูกเด้งเข้ากรุthuukL dengF khaoF grooLverb, phrase(for an employee or official) to be placed in an inactive position (as a punishment); inactive post
ถูกแดด thuukL daaetLnounsunburn
ถูกแดดไหม้ thuukL daaetL maiFverbsunburnt; sunburned
ถูกโดดเดี่ยวthuukL do:htL diaaoLadjective, phrase[has] become isolated
ถูกต้อง thuukL dtawngFadjective, adverb[is] properly done (repaired, locked, etc); accurate, right, true, correct; the response "yes" to a true or false question
ถูกต้องตามกฎหมายthuukL dtawngF dtaamM gohtL maaiRadjective, phrase[is] legal, in accordance with the law
ถูกต้องตามครรลองคลองธรรมthuukL dtawngF dtaamM khanM laawngM khlaawngM thamM maHadjective, phrase[is] in adherence to socially established norms; culturally acceptable
ถูกต้องตามทำนองคลองธรรมthuukL dtawngF dtaamM thamM naawngM khlaawngM thamMadjective, phrase[is] moral, ethical, righteous
ถูกต้องแม่นยำthuukL dtawngF maaenF yamMadjective, phrase[is] just
ถูกต้องสมควรthuukL dtawngF sohmR khuaanMadjective, phrase[is] legitimate
ถูกถอดเขี้ยวเล็บthuukL thaawtL khiaaoF lepHadjective[is] rendered impotent, weak, or ineffectual
ถูกทางthuukL thaangMverb, phraseto act in the correct manner
ถูกที่thuukL theeFadverbappropriately; properly
ถูกที่ถูกเวลาthuukL theeF thuukL waehM laaMadverb, phraseat the right place at the right time; to the right place at the right time
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