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ถอ ถุงbag; pouch; tube-like sackThe 22nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ถ (ถ)
TIS-620 value: 0xถ (ถ)

1080 Thai words on 22 Pages

Page 18
ถือเอาtheuuR aoMverbto assume
ถุง thoongRnounbag; pouch; tube-like sack
classifier[numerical classifier for condoms, cysts, bags, pouches]
ถุงก๊อบแก๊บthoongR gaawpH gaaepHnounplastic bag
ถุงขยะ thoongR khaL yaLnoungarbage can liner
ถุงเครื่องมือthoongR khreuuangF meuuMnouna tool kit; tool bag
ถุงเงิน thoongR ngernMnounmoney pouch
ถุงชาthoongR chaaMnounteabag
ถุงซิปthoongR sipHnounziplock bag
ถุงทรายthoongR saaiMnoun[ถุงทราย] sandbag
ถุงเท้า thoongR thaaoHnounsock; socks
ถุงเท้ายาว thoongR thaaoH yaaoMnounknee sock
ถุงเท้าสั้น thoongR thaaoH sanFnounshort sock
ถุงน่อง thoongR naawngFnounnylons; stockings; hose
ถุงน่องเต็มตัว thoongR naawngF dtemM dtuaaMnounpanty hose
ถุงน่องพยุงขาthoongR naawngF phaH yoongM khaaRnounsupport hose
ถุงนอน thoongR naawnMnounsleeping bag
ถุงน้ำ thoongR naamHnouncyst
ถุงน้ำดี thoongR namH deeMnoungall bladder
ถุงไปรษณีย์ thoongR bpraiM saL neeMnounmailbag
ถุงพลาสติก thoongR phlaatF dtikLnounplastic bag
ถุงมือ  thoongR meuuMnounglove
ถุงมือเบสบอล  thoongR meuuM baehtL baawnMnounbaseball glove; baseball mitt
ถุงมือยางthoongR meuuM yaangMnounrubber gloves
ถุงยังชีพthoongR yangM cheepFnoun, phrasebag of disaster supplies; aid package; relief supplies
ถุงยาง  thoongR yaangMnouncondom; prophylactic; "rubber"
ถุงยางควรหาซื้อได้ง่ายตามสถานบริการต่าง ๆthoongR yaangM khuaanM haaR seuuH daiF ngaaiF dtaamM saL thaanR baawM riH gaanM dtaangLexample sentence"Condoms should be easily available for purchase at various service locations."
ถุงยางอนามัย thoongR yaangM aL naaM maiMnoun, phrase, formalcondom; prophylactic; "rubber"
ถุงย่ามthoongR yaamFnoun[ถุงย่าม] [various kinds of bags made of woven material (natural fabrics, e.g. cotton)] satchel; kitbag; wallet
ถุงใยบัว thoongR yaiM buaaMnountights; pantyhose
ถุงลม  thoongR lohmMnounalveoli
ถุงใส่แก้วกาแฟสายเดี่ยวthoongR saiL gaaeoF gaaM faaeM saaiR diaaoLnounsingle-strap, plastic bag without a bottom for carrying coffee cups, iced tea cups, or soda cups
ถุงหิ้ว thoongR hiuFnountote bag
ถุงหุ้ม thoongR hoomFnoun, formalcapsule
ถุงหูหิ้ว thoongR huuR hiuFnounbag with carrying handles
ถุงหูรูดใส่อาหารthoongR huuR ruutF saiL aaM haanRnoundraw-string purse used to carry food
ถุงอัณฑะ thoongR anM thaHnounscrotum
ถุงกระดาษ thoongR graL daatLnounpaper bag
ถุน thoonRverbto consume the minimum quantity of opium which prevents withdrawal symptoms
noun[ใต้ถุน] space or ground under the floor of a Thai house; the cellar; the basement
ถุย thuyRverb, colloquialto expectorate
verb, colloquialto reveal under duress; spit out information; give a confession of wrong doing
ถุยน้ำลายthuyR naamH laaiMverbto spit
ถู thuuRverb, transitive, intransitiveto scrub; scour; wipe; polish; rub
ถูกันthuuR ganMverbto scrub; scour
ถูไถthuuR thaiRverbto get by on; scrape by on
ถูบ้าน thuuR baanFverbmop
ถูพื้นthuuR pheuunHverbto mop the floor
ถู ๆ ไถ ๆ thuuR thuuR thaiR thaiRphraseto get by on; scrape by on; make due with
ถูก thuukLadjective[is] true; correct; right; conforming
verb, particle[a verb particle reflecting passive voice]
adjective[ถูก ๆ] [is] very true; very correct
adjective[ถูกใจ] [is] pleasing; to one's liking
adjective[is] cheap; inexpensive; having a low price; economical
adjective[ถูกที่สุด] (the) cheapest
verbto touch; to contact; be exposed to; to hit
verbto win (the lottery); to 'hit' (the jackpot)
ถูกกฎหมายthuukL gohtL maaiRadverb[ถูกกฎหมาย] in accordance with the law; legally
ถูกกระแสthuukL graL saaeRadjective, phrase[is] under pressure; pressed
ถูกกระแสตีกลับthuukL graL saaeR dteeM glapLadjective, phrase[ถูกกระแสตีกลับ] [is] affected by a backlash; subject to pressure in return
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