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ถอ ถุงbag; pouch; tube-like sackThe 22nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ถ (ถ)
TIS-620 value: 0xถ (ถ)

1096 Thai words on 22 Pages

Page 3
ถ่วง thuaangLverb, transitive, intransitiveto weight; to load; to hang down by weight
verbto retard; hinder; impede
ถ่วงน้ำหนัก thuaangL namH nakLverb, transitiveto handicap [i.e. a horse race]
ถ่วงเวลา thuaangL waehM laaMverb, intransitive, formalto stall for time
ถ่วงเวลาการเลือกตั้งthuaangL waehM laaM gaanM leuuakF dtangFverb, phraseto stall for time to hold an election
ถ่วงเวลาสร้างอุปสรรคthuaangL waehM laaM saangF oopL bpaL sakLverb, phraseto stall for time by creating obstacles
ถ่วงอำนาจthuaangL amM naatFverb, formalbalance of power
ถ่วงดุล thuaangL doonMverbto balance; offset; scale; bring into equilibrium
ถ่วงดุลอำนาจthuaangL doonM amM naatFverbto have a balance of power
ถ้วน thuaanFadverbthoroughly; exactly; correctly; accurately
ถ้วนถี่ thuaanF theeLadjective[is] thoroughly
ถ้วนทั่วthuaanF thuaaFadverbthroughout; all around; thoroughly
ถ้วนหน้าthuaanF naaFadverbone and all; everyone
ถ้วย thuayFnouncup; volumetric measurement equal to one cup
classifier[numerical classifier for cups of liquid or beverage]
ถ้วยกาแฟ thuayF gaaM faaeMnouna coffee cup
ถ้วยแก้ว thuayF gaaeoFnoundrinking glass
ถ้วยจานรองthuayF jaanM raawngMnounsaucer
ถ้วยชา thuayF chaaMnouna teacup
ถ้วยชาม thuayF chaamMnoundish; dishes
ถ้วยตวง thuayF dtuaangMnounmeasuring cup
ถ้วยทอง thuayF thaawngMnouna gold cup offered as a prize
ถ้วยรางวัล thuayF raangM wanMnountrophy cup
ถ้วยตะไลthuayF dtaL laiMnouna small cup used to make Thai pastries such as steamed pandanus cakes
ถวัลย์ thaL wanRadjective[is] big; large; huge; mighty
verbto reign (over); to govern; regulate by authority; to command
ถวาย thaL waaiRverbto give; offer; present; make a donation to a monk
[ทูลเกล้าทูลกระหม่อมถวาย] present; offer; dedicate; consecrate; give; bestow; confer (to the king)
noun[การถวาย] [activity of] making an offering to a monk
ถวายความเคารพthaL waaiR khwaamM khaoM rohpHverb[towards royalty] to pay obeisance
ถวายคำนับthaL waaiR khamM napHverb[towards royalty] to pay obeisance
ถวายชีวิต thaL waaiR cheeM witHverb, intransitiveto dedicate one's life (to a task)
ถวายฎีกาthaL waaiR deeM gaaMverbto file a petition (e.g. for clemency) to the King
ถวายตัวthaL waaiR dtuaaMverbto give oneself
ถวายบังคมthaL waaiR bangM khohmMverbpay homage
ถวายพระพร thaL waaiR phraH phaawnMverb, intransitive, formal[a formal blessing given to royalty by priests] bless Your Highness
ถวายพระเพลิง thaL waaiR phraH phleerngMverb, intransitive, figurative, idiomto light the funeral pyre of a dead prince or king, to cremate; to denounce someone
ถวายสักการะพระบรมศพthaL waaiR sakL gaaM raH phraH baawM rohmM maH sohpLverb, phraseto pay one’s respects to the body of the King
ถวายสัตย์ปฏิญาณthaL waaiR satL bpaL dtiL yaanMverb, phraseto take an oath of allegiance
ถวายสิ่งของที่เราคิดว่าพระจำเป็นต้องใช้นะครับthaL waaiR singL khaawngR theeF raoM khitH waaF phraH jamM bpenM dtawngF chaiH naH khrapHexample sentence"[We would] give them things that we think are necessary for monks to use."
ถวิล thaL winRverbto desire; yearn for
proper nounThawin [a Thai given name]
ถวิลหาthaL winR haaRverb, formal, poeticto desire; yearn for
ถอ thaawR[pronunciation of the 22nd letter of the Thai alphabet]
ถ่อ thaawLverbto pole (a barge or raft) forward using a push pole
nounbarge pole or raft pole
ถ้อthaawFverb[alternate spelling of โต้ ]
ถอก thaawkLverbto peel; draw back [especially referring to the foreskin of the penis]
ถอกกระจู๋thaawkL graL juuRverb, colloquial, vulgarto draw one’s (uncut) penis foreskin back
ถองthaawngRverbto nudge with one's elbow
ถ่องแท้thaawngL thaaeHadverbtruly; clearly
adjective[is] clear, true, explicit
ถอด thaawtLverbto remove; undo; strip down; dismantle; take off
verbto adapt; to transliterate; to interpret; to translate
[of rank] to demote; [of command] to relieve
ถอดเข็มขัดthaawtL khemR khatLverbunbuckle belt
ถอดเขี้ยวถอดเล็บ thaawtL khiaaoF thaawtL lepHphrase, idiom"Remove the fangs, remove the claws" — [of a person] to become tame
ถอดเขี้ยวถอดเล็บ thaawtL khiaaoF thaawtL lepHphrase, idiom[figurative] to remove the fangs or the claws; to take the bite out.
ถอดเขี้ยวถอดเล็บthaawtL khiaaoF thaawtL lepHadjective[is] rendered impotent, weak, or ineffectual
ถอดความthaawtL khwaamMverbto paraphrase
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