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บอ ใบไม้leaf of a treeThe 26th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+บ (บ)
TIS-620 value: 0xบ (บ)

1936 Thai words on 39 Pages

Page 27
บุญกรรมboonM gamMnoundestiny; fate
บุญเก่าboonM gaoLnounformer merit; merit earned in a prior life
บุญคุณ boonM khoonMnouna strong sense of obligation or duty, towards parents, for example
บุญคุณของท่านมีค่าสุดประมาณ แม้ทั้งชีวิตของผมก็คงชดใช้ไม่เพียงพอboonM khoonM khaawngR thanF meeM khaaF sootL bpraL maanM maaeH thangH cheeM witH khaawngR phohmR gaawF khohngM chohtH chaiH maiF phiiangM phaawMexample sentence"His help to me was immeasurable; I will never be able to repay him."
บุญทานคงทำด้วยเต็มใจ เธอจึงได้พรสี่ประการboonM thaanM khohngM thamM duayF dtemM jaiM thuuhrM jeungM daiF phaawnM seeL bpraL gaanMexample sentence"The merit you make was sincere, so you are granted the four blessings:..."
บุญบารมีboonM baaM raH meeMnounmerit; accumulated merit; goodness
บุญราศี boonM raaM seeRnounaccumulated merit
บุญศรี boonM seeRproper noun, person, phraseBoonsri [a Thai female given name] (beautiful and meritorious)
บุญศรีตีงูตายboonM seeR dteeM nguuM dtaaiMexample sentence"Boonsri hit the snake dead."
บุญหนักศักดิ์ใหญ่ boonM nakL sakL yaiL[is] powerful
บุญญาธิการboonM yaaM thiH gaanMnounpower as a result of accumulated merit
บุญญานุภาพboonM yaaM nooH phaapFnounpower as a result of accumulated merit
บุญธรรม boonM thamMnoun, adjective, formal, loanword, Pali[of a child] adopted; fostered
บุญยงboonM yohngMproper nounBunyong [a Thai given name]
บุญยงค์ เกตุคงboonM yohngM gaehM dtooL khohngMproper nounBoonyong Ketkhong [well-known Thai musician of a former era]
บุญเยี่ยมboonM yiiamFproper nounBunyiam [a Thai given name]
บุญรัตน์boonM ratHproper nounBunrat [a Thai given name]
บุณมี boonM naH meeMnoun, poeticthe full moon
บุตโต bootL dto:hMproper nounBhutto (Pakistani political family)
บุตร bootLnoun, formal, loanword, Palichild, offspring, son or daughter
บุตรbootL dtraL[alternate pronunciation of บุตร ]
บุตรชาย bootL chaaiMnounson
บุตรธรรม bootL dtraL thamMnounson's or daughter's duty
บุตรธิดาbootL thiH daaMnoun, formalchildren
บุตรบุญธรรม bootL boonM thamMnounadopted child (legitimately registered)
บุตรสาวbootL saaoRnoundaughter
บุตรหญิง bootL yingRnoundaughter
บุตรหลานbootL laanRnoundescendants; pedigree; clan; progeny; posterity; succession; children and grandchildren
บุตรี bootL reeMnoun, formaldaughter
บุ๋น boonRadjective[แต้จิ๋ว  dialect] (pertaining to) civil or administrative (side of the government); 文
บุนนาคboonM naakFnoun[ต้นบุนนาค] ironwood tree; Indian rose chestnut; Mesua ferrea (Guttiferae)
บุบ boopLverbto grind or break into small pieces
adjective[is] dented; distorted
บุบสลายboopL saL laaiRverbto damage; break; chip
บุบสลายboopL saL laaiR[is] damaged; broken; chipped
บุบบิบboopL bipLadjective[is] distorted; deformed; dented
บุปผาboopL phaaRnounflowers
noun, poetic[บุปผาชาติ] flowers; blossoms
บุปผาชาติboopL phaaR chaatFnoun, poetic[บุปผาชาติ] flowers; blossoms
บุพboopL[alternate spelling of บุพเพ ]
บุพboopL phaH[alternate spelling of บุพเพ ]
บุพกาลboopL phaH gaanMadjective[is] undeveloped; primitive
บุพกาลboopL phaH gaanMnounancient times; primtive era
บุพดรุณboopL daL roonMnounpre-teen; pre-teenager; youth between 9 and 12 years old
บุพดรุณีboopL daL rooH neeMnounpre-teen; pre-teenager; youth between 9 and 12 years old
บุพการี boopL phaH gaaM reeMnounparent; ancestor; father and mother
บุพการีเป็นของสูง มิบังควรที่เราจะกระด้างกระเดื่องต่อท่านboopL phaH gaaM reeM bpenM khaawngR suungR miH bangM khuaanM theeF raoM jaL graL daangF graL deuuangL dtaawL thanFexample sentence"Our parents are sacred; it is not fitting or proper that we disobey them."
บุพบท boopL phaH bohtLnoun[คำบุพบท] [grammar] preposition
บุพพbooL phohpH[alternate spelling of บุพเพ ]
บุพพะboopL phaH[alternate spelling of บุพเพ ]
บุพเพ boopL phaehMparticle, loanword, Pali[prefix] before; previous; former; initial
บุพเพสันนิวาส boopL phaehM sanR niH waatFnoun, phrase, poetic, loanword, Pali[a Buddhist belief derived from Brahman idea] the state of a person believed to be living together with another in his or her previous existences; fated to be together as a loving couple
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