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ปอ ปลาfishThe 27th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ป (ป)
TIS-620 value: 0xป (ป)

3320 Thai words on 67 Pages

Page 45
ปืนลูกซองbpeuunM luukF saawngMnounshotgun
ปืนหน้าผาหน้าไม้bpeuunM naaF phaaR naaF maaiHnounweapon; gun; shooting implement
ปืนใหญ่ bpeuunM yaiLnouncannon; artillery; big gun
ปืนใหญ่bpeuunM yaiLnoun, proper nounThai name for the Arsenal F.C. (North London)
ปืนใหญ่ของเยอรมันเป็นปืนขนาดใหญ่ที่มีอานุภาพสูงbpeuunM yaiL khaawngR yuuhrM raH manM bpenM bpeuunM khaL naatL yaiL theeF meeM aaM nooH phaapF suungRexample sentence"The German cannon are large guns with enormous power."
ปืนใหญ่ของเยอรมันเป็นปืนใหญ่ที่มีอานุภาพสูงbpeuunM yaiL khaawngR yuuhrM raH manM bpenM bpeuunM yaiL theeF meeM aaM nooH phaapF suungRexample sentence"The German cannon are capable of producing significant destructive effects."
ปืนอัดลมbpeuunM atL lohmMnounair pistol
ปื้น bpeuunFclassifier[numerical classifier for handsaws]
nouneruption of the skin
ปุก bpookLnountalipes, club foot
noun, onomatopoeiasound of rice being pound in a mortar
ปุ๊ก bpookHadjectivepudgy, fat and cute
proper noun, person, colloquialPook; Poog [a common Thai female nickname]
ปุกปุย bpookL bpuyMadjectivehairy; furry
ปุ้ง bpoongFnoun[onomatopoeic sound of a gunshot or cannon]
ปุ้งกี๋ bpoongF geeRnoun, loanword, Chinesea [type of] basket with side openings for carrying sand and gravel, for example
ปุงลิงค์bpoongM lingMnounmale gender
ปุงลึงค์ bpoongM leungMnoun, Palithe masculine gender in grammar
nounmale, the male gender
ปุจฉา bpootL chaaRverb, intransitive, formal, loanword, Palito question
noun, formal, loanword, Pali[formal term] a question
ปุถุชน bpooL thooL chohnMnoun, adjective, formal, loanword, Paliordinary person or people; commoner; layman; nonclerical; nonreligious
ปุ๊บ bpoopHadverbsuddenly; quickly; promptly; instantly; immediately; rapidly; unexpectedly; abruptly; hastily; [interjection indicating immediate consequence to follow]
ปุ๊บ...ปั๊บbpoopH bpapHadverb[Final term in each of two clauses: "ปุ๊บ " "Just as soon as...", "ปั๊บ " "then suddenly..."]
ปุบปับ bpoopL bpapLadjective[is] spontaneous; abrupt; sudden; unexpected; all of a sudden
adverb, colloquialvery quickly; immediately; in an instant
ปุ๊บปั๊บbpoopH bpapH[alternate spelling of ปุบปับ ]
ปุปะbpooL bpaLverbto patch
adjective[is] patched; pitted
ปุ่ม bpoomLnounknob; button; bulge; switch
ปุ่มกระสัน bpoomL graL sanRnoun[euphemism for] clitoris
ปุ่มปิดเปิดไฟ bpoomL bpitL bpeertL faiMnounlight switch
ปุ่มรับรสbpoomL rapH rohtHnoun, phrasetaste bud
ปุ่มสตาร์ต bpoomL saL dtaadLnounstart button or control
ปุ่มเหงือกbpoomL ngeuuakLnounalveolar; the jaw section containing the tooth sockets
ปุ้ม bpoomFadjective, colloquial[is] rather round-shaped
proper noun, person, colloquialPoom [a common Thai male and female nickname]
ปุ้มปุ้ย bpoomF bpuyFadjective[a polite way of saying] [is] fat; chubby
ปุ่มป่ำbpoomL bpamLadjective[is] covered with bumps or swellings
ปุย bpuyMadjectivefluffy; fuzzy; shaggy; hairy
ปุยฝ้าย bpuyM faaiFnountuft of cotton
ปุยฝ้ายbpuyM faaiFnoun[name of a certain Thai] sweetmeat
ปุ้ย bpuyFadjective[is] chubby-cheeked
proper nounPui [a Thai nickname]
ปุ๋ย bpuyRnoun, formal, loanword, Chinesefertilizer; manure
adverb, colloquial(to be happily) deep (asleep)
adverb, colloquial[of cigarette, cigar or pipe smoking] to puff or blow (enjoyably)
proper noun, person, colloquialPui [a common Thai female nickname]
ปุ๋ยก็แพงbpuyR gaawF phaaengMexample sentence"Fertilizer is expensive."
ปุ๋ยคอก bpuyR khaawkFnouncoop or sty manure
ปุ๋ยเคมี bpuyR khaehM meeMnounchemical fertilizer
ปุ๋ยชีวภาพbpuyR cheeM waH phaapFnounorganic fertilizer
ปุ๋ยธรรมชาติ bpuyR thamM maH chaatFnounnatural fertlizer; manure
ปุ๋ยมูลสัตว์ bpuyR muunM satLnounfertilizer consisting of animal manure
ปุ๋ยยูเรียbpuyR yuuM riiaMnounurea fertilizer
ปุ๋ยละลายช้าbpuyR laH laaiM chaaHnounslow release fertilizer
ปุ๋ยหมัก bpuyR makLnouncompost; fertilizer
ปุ๋ยอินทรีย์ bpuyR inM seeMnounmanure; compost; organic fertilizer
ปุโรหิตbpooL ro:hM hitLnounbrahmin advisor to the king on customary law
ปุลุbpooL looHnoun[a type of] large, long-handled ax
ปุเลงbpooL laehngMadverb[euphonious suffix for ควบ  and ขับ ]; around and around; helter-skelter; fast and furious
ปู bpuuMnouncrab
verbto pave over or completely cover with
noun, proper noun, colloquialyear or zodiac sign of the Crab
proper noun, person, colloquialPuu; Poo [a common Thai female nickname]
verbto lay; spread; pave; cover; unfold
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