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ผอ ผึ้งbeeThe 28th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ผ (ผ)
TIS-620 value: 0xผ (ผ)

2333 Thai words on 47 Pages

Page 27
ผิวเหลือง phiuR leuuangRnounyellow skin
ผิวแห้ง phiuR haaengFnoundry skin
ผิวไหม้ phiuR maiFnounsunburn
ผิวปาก phiuR bpaakLverbto whistle
ผี pheeRnounghost; spirit
noun, plural[ผี ๆ] ghosts
adjective[pertaining to sorcery] spiritual
noun[pertaining to religion] animism
ผีกระสือpheeR graL seuuR[ผีกระสือ] female filth-eating wraith in Thai folklore; ignis fatuus; will-o'-the-wisp, a flitting phosphorescence seen over marshes at night
ผีกระหังpheeR graL hangRnoun[ผีกระหัง] male filth-eating wraith in Thai folklore who used a pair of กระด้ง  to help him fly at night
ผีเข้าผีออกpheeR khaoF pheeR aawkLadjective[is] erratic; inconsistent; subject to mood swings
ผีเจ้าที่ pheeR jaoF theeFnounspirit of a place or an object
ผีซ้ำกรรมซัดpheeR samH gamM satHexample sentence"One misfortune after another" "When it rains it pours."
ผีซ้ำกรรมซัดpheeR samH gamM satHverb, phraseto add insult to injury; make matters even worse
ผีซ้ำด้ามพลอยpheeR samH daamF phlaawyMexample sentence, idiom"It doesn’t rain but it pours."
ผีซ้ำด้ำพลอยpheeR samH damF phlaawyMexample sentence, idiom"It never rains but it pours."
ผีญี่ปุ่นpheeR yeeF bpoonLnounJapanese ghost
ผีดิบpheeR dipLnoun, phrase, colloquiala zombie; the uncremated dead; the spirit of an uncremated dead
ผีดิบpheeR dipLnoun, idiomsomeone whose face or behaviour shows no feeling, deference, understanding, or interest in what is going on around them
ผีดิบดูดเลือดpheeR dipL duutL leuuatFnoun, phrase, colloquialvampire
ผีดิบแฟรงเก็นสไตน์pheeR dipL fraaengM genM saL dtaiMnoun, proper nounthe Frankenstein monster
ผีดูดเลือดpheeR duutL leuuatFnoun, phrase, colloquialvampire; blood-sucking creature
ผีแดงpheeR daaengMnoun, proper nounThai name for the Manchester United F.C. (Greater Manchester)
ผีตองเหลือง pheeR dtaawngM leuuangRproper nounPhi Tong Leuang, [Thai appelation of] the Mlabri ethnic minority group in northern Thailand
ผีตานีpheeR dtaaM neeMnoun, proper noun, person[ผีตานี] a kind of long-haired female ghost believed to inhabit banana trees
ผีตายทั้ง ๆกลมpheeR dtaaiM thangH thangH glohmMnoun, phraseghost of a woman who died while pregnant
ผีตายโหง pheeR dtaaiM ho:hngRnounspirit of a person who died violently
ผีบ้าน pheeR baanFnounspirit of a house
ผีปอบ pheeR bpaawpLnounspirit; ghost; ogre; ghost which feeds on human entrails [ghosts, demons, and monsters]
ผีปีศาจ pheeR bpeeM saatLnounghost; genii; spirit; demon
ผีโป่ง pheeR bpo:hngLnouna spirit of the forest
ผีพุ่งไต้ pheeR phoongF dtaiFnounfalling star; shooting star; meteor
ผีโพงpheeR pho:hngMnoun[ผีโพง] evil ghost
ผีไม่มีศาลpheeR maiF meeM saanRadjective[metaphor] wandering; without a fixed place to live; without permanent residence
ผีเรือนpheeR reuuanMnounbenevolent spirit which dwells in the household
ผีสางpheeR saangRnounevil demon; devil spirit
ผีสางเทวดาpheeR saangR thaehM waH daaMnounspirits and angles
ผีเสื้อสมุทรpheeR seuuaF saL mootLnounwater-borne demon
ผีหลอก วิญญาณหลอน pheeR laawkL winM yaanM laawnRproper noun, event, phrase, colloquial[Thai name of the movie "The Exorcist"]
ผีอารักษ์pheeR aaM rakHnoun[ผีอารักษ์] guardian spirit of a community or household
ผี ๆpheeR pheeRnoun, plural[ผี ๆ] ghosts
ผีเสื้อ pheeR seuuaFnounbutterfly
noun[a flowering plant] purple woodsorrel Oxalis purpurea
ผีเสื้อกระโดดหยอยไปตามกิ่งไม้pheeR seuuaF graL do:htL yaawyR bpaiM dtaamM gingL maaiHexample sentence"The butterfly quickly flittered among the branches."
ผีเสื้อกำลังบินรอบ ๆ ดอกไม้pheeR seuuaF gamM langM binM raawpF daawkL maaiHexample sentence"Butterflies are circling around the flowers."
ผีเสื้อตรงสวนดอกไม้ขยับปีกบินระยิบระยับเต็มไปหมดpheeR seuuaF dtrohngM suaanR daawkL maaiH khaL yapL bpeekL binM raH yipH raH yapH dtemM bpaiM mohtLexample sentence"The butterflys flit around brilliantly all throughout the flower garden."
ผีเสื้อราตรี pheeR seuuaF raaM dtreeMexample sentence, idiom"Lady of the night." — prostitute
adjective[is] bone dry
verbto snap suddenly
ผึ่งpheungLverbto sun-dry; to hang (something) out in the open air to dry; to expose
adjective[is] spread-out (for drying); hung-out
nounadze; hoe
adjective(of the chest) [is] broad; muscular; built
ผึ้ง pheungFnounbee
ผึ้งก็มองสบตากับพี่ชายและยิ้มให้แก่กันpheungF gaawF maawngM sohpL dtaaM gapL pheeF chaaiM laeH yimH haiF gaaeL ganMexample sentence"Phung caught the eye of her older brother and they smiled at each other."
ผึ้งโก๋นpheungF go:hnRnoun[ผึ้งโก๋น] [a certain] bee that builds its nest in a tree hollow
ผึ้งงาน pheungF ngaanMnounworker bee
ผึ้งทำรังทางทิศตะวันออกของอาคารเชื่อกันว่าเป็นลางดีแมงมุมตีอกเชื่อกันว่าเป็นลางร้ายpheungF thamM rangM thaangM thitH dtaL wanM aawkL khaawngR aaM khaanM cheuuaF ganM waaF bpenM laangM deeM maaengM moomM dteeM ohkL cheuuaF ganM waaF bpenM laangM raaiHexample sentence"If bees build a hive on the East side of a building, people believe that this is a good omen; if a spider make a web there [however], it is a bad sign."
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