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พอ พานtray on which items are offered to a Buddhist monkThe 30th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+พ (พ)
TIS-620 value: 0xพ (พ)

3174 Thai words on 64 Pages

Page 40
พิพัฒนphiH phatH dtaL naH[alternate spelling of พิพัฒน์]
พิพากษา phiH phaakF saaRverbto deliver a judgement, verdict or sentence, to give a decision
พิพาท phiH phaatFverb, intransitiveto dispute; argue
พิพิธภัณฑ์ phiH phitH thaH phanMnounmuseum
พิพิธภัณฑ์ชาวเขาphiH phitH thaH phanM chaaoM khaoRproper nounTribal Museum (Chiang Mai)
พิพิธภัณฑ์สัตว์น้ำphiH phitH thaH phanM satL naamHnounaquarium
พิพิธภัณฑ์แห่งชาติ phiH phitH thaH phanM haengL chaatFnounNational Museum
พิพิธภัณฑphiH phitH thaH phanM thaH[alternate spelling of พิพิธภัณฑ์ ]
พิพิธภัณฑสถานแห่งชาติphiH phitH thaH phanM thaH saL thaanR haengL chaatFproper nounthe National Museum
พิภพ phiH phohpHnounthe world
proper nounPhiphop [a Thai given name]
พิเภก phiH phaehkFnounPipek, a prophet in the Ramayana epic
พิมพ์ phimMverbto print; type; importing; make an impression of
adjective[pertaining to] print or printing; printed
nounmold; type (used in printing); model
noun[พระพิมพ์] votive tablet
noun[การพิมพ์] printing
พิมพ์เขียวphimM khiaaoRnounblueprint
พิมพ์เขียวphimM khiaaoRnounblueprint; design; plan; overall perspective
พิมพ์เค้กphimM khekHnouncake tin
พิมพ์ดีด phimM deetLverbto type (on typewriter, computer, etc)
พิมพ์ดีดสัมผัสphimM deetL samR phatLverbtouch typing
พิมพ์ไทยphimM thaiMverbto print Thai characters
พิมพ์มือphimM meuuMverbto fingerprint; have one's fingerprint taken
พิมพ์สำเนาphimM samR naoMverb, intransitiveto print a duplicate (copy)
พิมพ์เสร็จเป็นรูปเล่มphimM setL bpenM ruupF lemFverb, phraseto print as a (physical) book
พิมพ์หนังสือ phimM nangR seuuRverbto print or publish a book
พิมพ์หน้าราบphimM naaF raapFnounsmooth-face offset lithography
พิมพ์ใจphimM jaiMproper nounPhimchai [a Thai given name]
verbto impress
พิมพ์วสีphimM waH seeRproper nounPimwasee [a Thai given name]
พิมล phiH mohnMadjective, Pali[is] pretty; beautiful
proper noun[a common Thai name]
พิมเสนphimM saehnRnouna [type of] mango
nounBorneo camphor, borneol C10H18O
พิมานphiH maanM[alternate spelling of วิมาน ]
พิระยะphiH raH yaHnoundiligence
พิราบ phiH raapFnoun[นกพิราบ] pigeon
"dove" (anti-war)
พิรามphiH raamMadjective[is] beautiful; handsome
verbto come to an end; to rest; to stop; to cease; to terminate
the end; the termination; the cessation
พิราลัย phiH raaM laiMnoun, formal, archaic, loanword, Pali[royal use only] heaven; the abode of พระอินทร์ (the God Indra); death
verb, intransitive, formal, loanword, Pali[royal use only] to pass away; to die; to go to heaven
พิราวรรณ์phiH raaM wanMproper nounPirawan [Thai female given name]
พิริยะphiH riH yaHnounbravery; vigor
nounwarrier; brave
proper nounPhiriya [a Thai given name]
พิรี้พิไร phiH reeH phiH raiMverbto cry or moan over a loss, to complain tearfully
adjective, adverbslowly (in doing something) as if unwilling; at a leisure pace; unhurriedly; sluggishly
verbto dawdly; dilly-dally
พิรี้พิไรบ่นว่าตนลำบากยากแค้นphiH reeH phiH raiM bohnL waaF dtohnM lamM baakL yaakF khaaenHphrasego about telling people how hard up one is
พิรุณphiH roonMnoun, poeticrain
พิรุธphiH rootHadjective[is] suspicious-looking
verbto behave suspiciously
adjective[is] suspicious; doubtful; dubious
พิเรนphiH raehnMadjective[is] abnormal; unusual; queer; odd; extraordinary; uncommon
พิเรนทร์phiH raehnM[alternate spelling of พิเรน]
พิโรธphiH ro:htFadjective, poetic[is] angry; furious
พิโรธวาทัง phiH ro:htF waaM thangMnoun, formal, poetic, loanword, Pali[the mood in Thai literature or poetry that deals, traditionally, with expressing the persona's anger through remonstrating with slighted feeling(s)]
พิไรphiH raiMverbto complain; grumble (about)
พิลาปphiH laapFverbto moan; complain
พิลาปรำพันphiH laapF ramM phanMverbto moan
พิลาสphiH laatFadjective, formal, poetic[is] beautiful
verbto enjoy
พิลิปดา phiH lipH daaMnounone second of angular measure; for example when specifying longitude or latitude
พิลึก phiH leukHadjective[is] uncanny; queer; weird; odd; grotesque
พิลึกกึกกือphiH leukH geukL geuuMadjective[is] queer; fantastic; odd
พิลึกพิลั่น phiH leukH phiH lanFadjective[is] weird; bizarre; very strange; peculiar
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