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ลอ ลิงmonkeyThe 36th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ล (ล)
TIS-620 value: 0xล (ล)

2195 Thai words on 44 Pages

Page 4
ลมดี lohmM deeMnounbreeze
ลมแดดlohmM daaetLnounsunstroke
ลมไต้ฝุ่นlohmM dtaiF foonLnoun[ลมไต้ฝุ่น] typhoon, cyclone, hurricane
ลมทะเลlohmM thaH laehMnounsea breeze
ลมปราณlohmM bpraanMnounbreath
ลมปากlohmM bpaakLnoun, idioma person's words; what someone says
ลมพัดอยู่ชั่วนาตาปีlohmM phatH yuuL chuaaF naaM dtaaM bpeeMexample sentence"The wind blows ceaselessly."
ลมพัดอู้ lohmM phatH uuFexample sentence, formal"The wind blows loudly."
ลมเพลมพัดlohmM phaehM lohmM phatHphrase[is] variable; fickle
ลมฟ้าอากาศlohmM faaH aaM gaatLnounthe weather
ลมมรสุมlohmM maawM raH soomRnoun[ลมมรสุม] the monsoon wind
ลมแรง lohmM raaengMadjective[weather report] [is] windy
ลม ๆ แล้ง ๆlohmM laaengHadjective[is] futile; meaningless; fanciful; unreal
ลมวนlohmM wohnMnouna whirlwind, a cyclone, a tornado
ลมสลาตัน lohmM saL laaR dtanMnoun, phrase, formaltornado
ลมหนาว lohmM naaoRnouncold wind; cold air
ลมหอบเอากลิ่นดอกไม้โชยมาบางเบา เพิ่มความสดชื่นขึ้นอีกมากlohmM haawpL aoM glinL daawkL maaiH chooyM maaM baangM baoM pheermF khwaamM sohtL cheuunF kheunF eekL maakFexample sentence"The breeze gently carried the fragrance of flowers which enhanced the freshness (of the air)."
ลมหายใจ lohmM haaiR jaiMnounbreath; breath of life; life-blood
ลมหายใจเข้าออกlohmM haaiR jaiM khaoF aawkLnounbreathing in and out
ลมอ่อนlohmM aawnLnoun, phrase[of tires] too little air; the condition of having an insufficient amount of air
ลมอ่อน ๆ lohmM aawnL aawnLnounbreeze
ลม ๆlohmM lohmMadjective[ลม ๆ] [is] futile; empty
ลม ๆlohmM lohmMadjective[ลม ๆ] [is] very windy
ลม ๆ แล้ง ๆlohmM lohmM laaengH laaengHadjective[is] futile; without substance; fanciful
ล่ม lohmFverbto overturn; to capsize; to sink; to be overturned; to be turned upside-down; to fail; to sink
ล่มกลางอ่าวlohmF glaangM aaoLverb, phraseto fail miserably; become unsuccessful
ล่มจมlohmF johmMverbto become bankrupt; go under; become insolvent; be broke; be destitute; be impoverished; go to ruin; collapse
ล่มจมยับเยินlohmF johmM yapH yeernMadjective[is] wrecked and in ruin
ล่มปากอ่าว lohmF bpaakL aaoLcolloquial, idiom[an euphemism for] male premature ejaculation
ล่มสลาย lohmF saL laaiRverbcollapse; disintegrate; ruin; fall down
ล่มหัวจมท้ายlohmF huaaR johmM thaaiHverb, phraseto agree to become husband and wife
ล้ม lohmHverbto fall down
verbto die; perish; fail
verb[ล้มลง] to fall down; collapse; perish; expire; fall over; tumble down
verbto overthrow
ล้มกระดานlohmH graL daanMverbto turn over a board; destroy; eliminate; eradicate
ล้มกลิ้งlohmH glingFverbto fall over and roll
ล้มกี่ครั้งไม่เป็นไร แต่ขอให้ลุกขึ้นได้ทุกครั้งที่ล้มไปlohmH geeL khrangH maiF bpenM raiM dtaaeL khaawR haiF lookH kheunF daiF thookH khrangH theeF lohmH bpaiMexample sentence"Don’t worry about how many times you fall down; but you should get up each and every time you fall." "It is not important how many times you fail, as long as you try again every time."
ล้มครืนlohmH khreuunMverbto fall over; fall with a resounding thud
ล้มคว่ำlohmH khwamFverb, phraseto topple; fall over
ล้มเจ็บlohmH jepLadjective[is] ill; sick
ล้มทั้งยืนlohmH thangH yeuunMverb, phraseto faint dead away; collapse [from a standing position]
ล้มป่วยlohmH bpuayLverb[is] ill; sick
ล้มพับlohmH phapHverbto fall down; collapse
ล้มมือlohmH meuuMadjective, phrase[is] more than one can handle; overwhelming; beyond capacity
ล้มไม่เป็นท่าlohmH maiF bpenM thaaFverb, phraseto fail miserably; to collapse in disarray
ล้มลงlohmH lohngMverb[ล้มลง] to fall down; collapse; perish; expire; fall over; tumble down
ล้มละลาย lohmH laH laaiMadjective[is] bankrupt
ล้มละลายlohmH laH laaiMverbto go bankrupt
ล้มล้างlohmH laangHverbto overthrow; destroy; eliminate; wipe out
ล้มล้างสถาบันlohmH laangH saL thaaR banMverbto overthrow the monarchy
ล้มลุกlohmH lookHverbto fall down and get up again; be uncertain; weak
ล้มลุกlohmH lookHadjective[is] short-lived; annual; biennial
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