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หอ หีบchest; wooden box; trunkThe 41st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ห (ห)
TIS-620 value: 0xห (ห)

3491 Thai words on 70 Pages

Page 38
หะหายhaL haaiRinterjection, onomatopoeia[sound of laughter]
หะห้ายhaL haaiF[alternate spelling of หะหาย]
หัก hakLverb, transitive, intransitive, formalto break; be broken off; reflect; tax
verbto curve; to turn; to bend; to wind; to wend
verbto subtract; to deduct; to tax
verb[หักใจ] to restrain one's feelings
หักกลบลบหนี้ hakL glohpL lohpH neeFverb, phraseto offset a debt; to erase a liability
หักคอhakL khaawMverbto force (someone to do something); break someone's neck
หักคอhakL khaawMverbto beat down (a price); force someone to sell (something) cheap; bargain down (a price)
หักโค่น hakL kho:hnFverbto fell or cut down (a tree)
หักใจhakL jaiMverb[หักใจ] to restrain one's feelings
หักด่านhakL daanLverbto break a barrier
หักดิบhakL dipLverbto go "cold turkey"; cease doing something immediately
หักแนว hakL naaeoMverb, transitiveto break through the line (of defense)
หักบัญชี hakL banM cheeMverb, transitiveto debit (an account)
หักมุมhakL moomMverbto bend sharply; change 180 degrees
หักมุมhakL moomMverbto culminate; take a twist
หักมุมhakL moomMadjective[is] climactic; radical; suspenseful
หักราคา hakL raaM khaaMverb, intransitiveto cut prices [as in] a price war
หักร้างถางพงhakL raangH thaangR phohngMverb, phraseto clear the jungle; clear land for farming; make a clearing in a virgin forest
หักร้างถางพงhakL raangH thaangR phohngMverb, phraseto clear a path
หักล้างhakL laangHverbto confute; destroy; erase; obliterate; refute; disprove
หักล้างถางพงhakL laangH thaangR phohngMverb, phraseto clear a jungle; clear the underbrush
หักเลี้ยวhakL liaaoHverbto swerve (e.g. to turn a car's steering wheel quickly); turn sharply; change direction (e.g. political position)
หักศอกhakL saawkLnounbent elbow
หักหน้า hakL naaFverb, intransitiveto slight; to belittle; to disparage
หักหลังhakL langRverb, phrase, figurative, colloquial, idiomto betray
หักห้ามhakL haamFverb, phraseto restrain
หักห้ามใจhakL haamF jaiMverbto restrain (one's emotions); hold back
หักเหhakL haehRverbto refract; deflect
หักเหhakL haehRto change directions
หักโหม hakL ho:hmRverb, intransitiveto overtax oneself; to overwork; to overdo
หักอยู่ก่อนhakL yuuL gaawnLverb, phrase...was broken before
หักหาญ hakL haanRverbto force; compel; oblige; impose
หัด hatLverbto train; practice; drill or exercise; make proficient; learn to
verb, transitiveto take up a new skill
nounmeasles; rubseola, a highly contageous skin disease
noun[โรคหัด] measles
หัดเข้าใจคนอื่นhatL khaoF jaiM khohnM euunLexample sentence"Learn to understand others."
หัดคลายวิตกhatL khlaaiM wiH dtohkLexample sentence"Learn to minimize your fears."
หัดคิดทันสมัยhatL khitH thanM saL maiRexample sentence"Update your thinking."
หัดพกอารมณ์ขันhatL phohkH aaM rohmM khanRexample sentence"Learn to use your sense of humor."
หัดยูโด hatL yuuM do:hMverbto practice judo
หัดเย็นเข้าไว้hatL yenM khaoF waiHexample sentence"Learn to internalize peace."
หัดรักให้เป็นhatL rakH haiF bpenMexample sentence"Learn how to love."
หัดรู้จักให้อภัยhatL ruuH jakL haiF aL phaiMexample sentence"Learn to forgive."
หัดเรียนภาษาไทยhatL riianM phaaM saaR thaiMverbto take up learning the Thai language
หัดสงบนิ่งให้เป็นhatL saL ngohpL ningF haiF bpenMexample sentence"Learn to be calm and tranquil."
หัตถ์ hatLnoun, archaichand; cubit
nounelephant's trunk
noun, formal[พระหัตถ์] [royalty] hand
หัตถhatL thaL[alternate spelling of หัตถ์ ]
หัตถกรรม hatL thaL gamMnounhandicraft
หัตถเลขาhatL thaL laehM khaaRadjective[is] hand-written
หัตถาhatL thaaR[alternate spelling of หัตถ์ ]
หัตถาจารย์hatL thaaR jaanMnounmahout; elephant trainer
หัตถี hatL theeRnoun, poeticelephant
หัน hanRverbto turn oneself around; to face in a direction
verb[หันหน้า] to turn one's head
noun[หมูหัน] barbecued suckling-pig; served at Chinese-style parties
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