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ออ อ่างbasin; hand basin; bowl; bathtub; sinkThe 43rd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+อ (อ)
TIS-620 value: 0xอ (อ)

3536 Thai words on 71 Pages

Page 23
ออเจ้าaawM jaoFpronoun, colloquialyou (spoken to someone who is younger or of lower status) [previously obsolete but is experiencing a revival]
ออซัม aawM samMadjective, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] awesome; [English slang]
ออเซาะaawM sawHverbto cajole; wheedle
ออด aawtLnouna squeak, peep, or other small sound
nouna buzzer
ออดอ้อนaawtL aawnFverbto implore, beseech, beg, appeal
ออดอ้อนออเซาะaawtL aawnF aawM sawHverbto sweet talk; cajole
อ๊อด aawtHinterjection, onomatopoeiasqueaking sound of a rusty hinge
อ๊อดแอ๊ด aawtH aaetHinterjection, onomatopoeiasqueaking or creaking sound
ออเดิฟaawM deerfLnoun, loanword, Frenchhors d'oeuvre
ออตตาวา aawtL dtaaM waaMproper noun, geographicalOttawa, the capital city of ประเทศแคนาดา (Canada)
อ๊อตตาวาaawtH dtaaM waaM[alternate spelling of ออตตาวา ]
ออนaawnMadjective, loanword, English[diminutive form of ออนไลน์ ] [is] online
อ่อน aawnLadjective[is] soft; pliable; tender
adjective[อ่อน ๆ] [is] very soft
adjective[of a girl] [is] beautiful; gorgeous
adjective[is] rundown; weak; faint; feeble; debilitated; effete; fragile; frail; infirm; puny; sickly; unsteady; not severe; [of drugs] mild
adjective[of color] [is] pale; light; ashen; bleached; faded; pallid; pasty; wan
adjective[อ่อน ๆ] [of color] [is] very pale; soft
adjective, colloquial[of a child or cub, vegetables and fruits] [is] young; fresh; green; immature
adjective[อ่อนใจ] [is] discouraged; downhearted
อ่อนข้อ aawnL khaawFverbto admit the point; concede; yield; relent; submit (to)
อ่อนใจ aawnL jaiMadjective[อ่อนใจ] [is] discouraged; downhearted
อ่อนใจอกอ่อนใจใจaawnL jaiM ohkL aawnL jaiM jaiMadjective[is] depressed; crestfallen; discouraged
อ่อนช้อยaawnL chaawyHadjective[is] gentle; delicate
อ่อนด้อยaawnL daawyFadjectiveinferior; less substantial
อ่อนต่อโลกaawnL dtaawL lo:hkFadjective[is] innocent; unsophisticated
อ่อนตัวaawnL dtuaaMverbto reduce; lessen; decline
อ่อนน้อมaawnL naawmHadjective[is] deferential; respectful; gentle
อ่อนน้อมแต่แข็งแกร่งaawnL naawmH dtaaeL khaengR graengLexample sentence"Be gentle, but be strong."
อ่อนน้อมถ่อมตนaawnL naawmH thaawmL dtohnMadjective, phrase[is] modest; humble; well-mannered
อ่อนน้อมถ่อมตัวaawnL naawmH thaawmL dtuaaMadjective, phrase[is] modest; humble; well-mannered
อ่อนนุ่มaawnL noomFadjective[is] soft
อ่อนเปลี้ยเพลียแรงaawnL bpliiaF phliiaM raaengMadjective[is] exhausted; weaken; weary; fatigued
อ่อนเพลีย aawnL phliiaMadjective, phrase, formalweak; exhausted; affable; obliging; enfeebled; worn out; drained; fatigued; tired out
อ่อนยวบลงaawnL yuaapF lohngMverb, phraseto weaken and collapse
อ่อนเยาว์aawnL yaoMadjective[is] young; of tender years
อ่อนโยน aawnL yo:hnMadjective[of people or a person] [is] gentle; tender
อ่อนระโหยaawnL raH hooyRadjective[is] weary; exhausted
อ่อนลง aawnL lohngMverbfade
อ่อนล้า aawnL laaHadjective[is] exhausted; weary; fatigued
อ่อนวัยaawnL waiMadjective[is] young
อ่อนหวานaawnL waanRadjective[is] sweet in manner; gentle
อ่อนหวานหว่านล้อมaawnL waanR waanL laawmHadjective, phrase[is] gently persuasive
อ่อนหัด aawnL hatLadjective[is] inexperienced
อ่อนหู aawnL huuRadjective[is] bored
อ่อนหู aawnL huuRverbobey; comply
อ่อนไหว aawnL waiRadjective, phrase[is] sensible; susceptible; receptive; responsive; changeable; given to quick changes in mood; weak
อ่อนไหวaawnL waiRadjectivebland; mild
อ่อนไหวaawnL waiRadjective[is] sensitive (to change)
อ่อนอกอ่อนใจaawnL ohkL aawnL jaiMadjective[is] discouraged; downhearted; depressed
อ่อนแอ aawnL aaeMadjective[is] weak (person, drink)
อ่อนแอaawnL aaeMverbto weaken, become weak
อ่อน ๆaawnL aawnLadjective[อ่อน ๆ] [is] very soft
อ่อน ๆaawnL aawnLadjective[อ่อน ๆ] [of color] [is] very pale; soft
อ้อน aawnFto plead; implore
noun[ขี้อ้อน] [is] a moocher; sponger; schnorrer; cadger; a person who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others
adjective[ขี้อ้อน] [is] peevish; fretful; whining; wimpering
อ้อนวอน aawnF waawnMverb, transitive, intransitiveto plead; to appeal; to whine; to wheedle; to try to obtain; to implore; to pray; to implore; to beg
อ้อนออดaawnF aawtLverbto implore; beg; entreat
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