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ก. ใช่ เล่มนั้นแหละครับ
chaiF lemF nanH laeL khrapH
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiไช่-เล่ม-นั้น-แหฺละ-คฺรับ
IPAtɕʰâj lêm nán lɛ̀ʔ kʰráp
Royal Thai General Systemchai lem nan lae khrap

 [example sentence]
"Yes, that’s the one."

componentsa.) — [indicating the first item in a list]; Mr. A.
ใช่ chaiFyes; I agree; correct; right; indeed; that's so
เล่ม lemF[numerical classifier for books and things with handles, such as carts, sharp metal objects such as scissors and knives, oars, candles]
นั้น nanHthat one; object at a medium distance; those
[an alternate spelling or pronunciation]
laeL[informal, spoken pronunciation of ละ —a particle used at the end of a statement or question to add an imperative quality]
ครับ khrapH[word added by a male speaker to the end of every sentence to convey politeness or] "yes"; "that's right"; "I see."
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