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ข. เขาคงไม่ได้แกล้งหรอกนะ
khaoR khohngM maiF daiF glaaengF raawkL naH
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiเขา-คง-ไม่-ได้-แกฺล้ง-หฺรอก-นะ
IPAkʰǎw kʰoŋ mâj dâj klɛ̂ːŋ rɔ̀ːk náʔ
Royal Thai General Systemkhao khong mai dai klaeng rok na

 [example sentence]
"I’m sure they didn’t mean to."

componentsb.) — [indicating the second item in a list]; Mr. B.
เขา khaoR[3rd person singular or plural pronoun] he; she; him; her; they; them
คง khohngMprobably; most likely
ไม่ได้maiF daiF[auxiliary verb] did not...; didn't...; does not; is not
แกล้ง glaaengFto act with malice; to persecute; tease; disturb; irritate; annoy; bully
หรอก raawkL[word often used with statements of contradiction or negation] surely (not), of course (not)
นะ naH[word added to the end of a sentence to soften it, make it polite, indicate pleading, disagreement, ordering, surprise or emphasis]
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