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ฐอ ฐานbase; foot; pedestal; position; ground; place; station; platform; cause; reason; basis; [linguistics] origin of alphabet/consonantsThe 16th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ฐ (ฐ)
TIS-620 value: 0xฐ (ฐ)

Page 1
ฐอ thaawR[pronunciation of the 16th letter of the Thai alphabet]
ฐาน thaanRnoun, formal, loanword, Palibase; foot; pedestal; position; ground; place; station; platform; cause; reason; basis; [linguistics] origin of alphabet/consonants
adverbon the basis of
ฐานกรณ์ thaanR gaawnMnoun, plural, phrase, formal, loanword, Pali[linguistics] the base (fixed) and speech organs (movable); articulators; sound origins
ฐานกำเนิดthaanR gamM neertLnounbase line; starting point
ฐานกำลังthaanR gamM langMnoun[political] power base
ฐานข้อมูล thaanR khaawF muunMnoundatabase
ฐานความนิยมthaanR khwaamM niH yohmMnouna base of popularity; a base of supporters; a support base
ฐานทัพ thaanR thapHnounmilitary base
ฐานทัพเรือ thaanR thapH reuuaMnounnaval base
ฐานทัพอากาศthaanR thapH aaM gaatLnounair base
ฐานที่มั่นthaanR theeF manFnoun, phrase, formalbase; stronghold
ฐานที่มั่นสำคัญthaanR theeF manF samR khanMnounimportant base; stronghold
ฐานนิยมthaanR niH yohmMnounthe mode (statistics)
ฐานมวลชนthaanR muaanM chohnMnounbase of popular support (political)
ฐานรางthaanR raangMnountrain road bed
ฐานเสียงthaanR siiangRnounvoting bloc; electoral base
ฐานเสียงในสภาผู้แทนราษฎร์thaanR siiangR naiM saL phaaM phuuF thaaenM raatFnoun, phraseparliamentary voting bloc
ฐานทัพบก thaanR thapH bohkLadjectivearmy base
ฐานะ thaaR naHnounstatus or situation relative to others, relative position; behalf
ฐานันดรthaaR nanM daawnMnounrank of nobility; order of precedence; aristocratic
ฐานันดรที่สี่thaaR nanM daawnM theeF seeLnoun, phraseThe Fourth Estate; news persons; newspaper persons; news media (referring specifically to the printed press)
ฐานันดรศักดิ์thaaR nanM daawnM sakLnounrank of nobility; title
ฐิตวรรณthitL dtaL wanMproper nounThitawan [a Thai given name]
ฐิติthiL dtiLnounlivelihood; means of living; means of existence
nounlocation; place
adjective[is] immovable; permanent; enduring; steady
nouncertainty; permanence; steadiness; stability; durability; endurance
nounlaw; rule; regulation; code
ฐิติภรณ์thiL dtiL phohnMproper nounThitiporn [a female given name]
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