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ผอ ผึ้งbeeThe 28th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ผ (ผ)
TIS-620 value: 0xผ (ผ)

2264 Thai words on 46 Pages

Page 1
ผ.อ.phaawR aawM[alternate spelling of ผอ.]
ผ.อ. เรียกไปพบก็ไปเถอะ เธออย่าปอดกระเส่าไปหน่อยเลยphaawR aawM riiakF bpaiM phohpH gaawF bpaiM thuhL thuuhrM yaaL bpaawtL graL saoL bpaiM naawyL leeuyMexample sentence"[If] the [school] director calls you to meet him, go. Don’t be afraid."
ผกphohkLverbto turn round; change; turn over; turn up-side down
ผกผันphohkL phanRverbto veer around; shift; change; turn around; turn over
ผกก.phaawR gaawM gaawMnoun, abbreviation[abbrevation for ผู้กำกับการ]
ผกก.สภ.phaawR gaawM gaawM saawR phaawMnounSuperintendent of Provincial Police
ผกค.phaawR gaawM khaawMnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ผู้ก่อการร้ายคอมมิวนิสต์]
ผกาphaL gaaMnounflower
ผง phohngRnoundust, powder, dirt
ผงกะหรี่ phohngR gaL reeLnouncurry powder
ผงขาวphohngR khaaoRnounheroin
ผงคลี phohngR khleeMnounfine dust; dirt
ผงชูรส phohngR chuuM rohtHnounmonosodium glutamate (MSG)
ผงซักผ้า phohngR sakH phaaFnounsoap; laundry detergent
ผงซักฟอก phohngR sakH faawkFnounsoap; laundry detergent
ผงพะโล้phohngR phaH lo:hHnounChinese five spice powder used to make พะโล้ for example
ผงฟอกขาว phohngR faawkF khaaoRnounsodium hypochlorite — NaOCl; bleach
ผงฟู phohngR fuuMnounbaking powder
ผงก phaL ngohkLverb[of one's head] to nod; to raise; to rear
ผงกศีรษะphaL ngohkL seeR saLverbto nod; nod in assent
ผงกหัว phaL ngohkL huaaRverbnod one's head
ผงอบ phaL ngaawpLadjectivenear death; very weak
ผงะ phaL ngaLverbto stop short; to halt
ผงาด phaL ngaatLadjective[is] dignified; prominent; conspicuous; giant
verbto grow, expand, rise, become great
ผงาบphaL ngaapFverbto gasp (for air)
ผจก.noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ผู้จัดการ] manager
ผจงphaL johngMverbto do something meticulously; do something painstakingly
ผจญ phaL johnMverb, transitive, intransitive, Khmerto encounter or confront; to face; to brave; to battle
ผจญเผชิญphaL johnM phaL cheernMverbto encounter; face; confront
ผจญภัยphaL johnM phaiMverbto have an adventure
ผจัญ phaL janMverbto confront
ผช.phaawR chaawMnoun, abbreviationassistant; vice; helper
ผญบ.phaawR yaawM baawMnoun, abbreviationheadman; village chief
ผด phohtLnounblister
ผดด.phaawR daawM daawMnoun, abbreviationchild care worker
ผดุง phaL doongMverbto nurture; to maintain
noun[การผดุง] [activity] maintaining
ผดุงครรภ์ phaL doongM khanMnounmidwifery; obstertrics
ผนวก phaL nuaakLnounaddenda; appendix; supplement
adjective[is] supplementary
to append; supplement
ผนวช phaL nuaatLverb[of royalty] to enter the priesthood
ผนัง phaL nangRnouninterior wall; partition
noun[ฝาผนัง] interior wall
ผนังก่ออิฐ ทาสีเหลืองสบายตาphaL nangR gaawL itL thaaM seeR leuuangR saL baaiM dtaaMexample sentence"The cinder block walls were painted a pleasant shade of yellow."
ผนังทองแดงกำแพงเหล็กphaL nangR thaawngM daaengM gamM phaaengM lekLnoun, phrase, idiom[metaphor] bulkwark; wall of defense; wall of support; line of defense; protective wall
ผนังหัวเตียง phaL nangR huaaR dtiiangMnounheadboard
ผนึก phaL neukLverb, transitive, intransitive, formal[formal] to seal
nouna seal (i.e, on a letter)
ผนึกอำนาจphaL neukL amM naatFverb, phraseto consolidate power
ผบ.phaawR baawMnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ผู้บัญชาการ or ผู้บังคับบัญชา]
ผบ.ฉก.phuuF banM chaaM gaanM nuayL chaL phawH gitLnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation of ผู้บัญชาการหน่วยเฉพาะกิจ]
ผบ.ตร.phuuF banM chaaM gaanM dtamM ruaatL haengL chaatFabbreviation[abbreviation for ผู้บัญชาการตำรวจแห่งชาติ]
ผบ.ทบ.phuuF banM chaaM gaanM thaH haanR bohkLnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ผู้บัญชาการทหารบก]
ผบ.ทบ. ในฐานะประธาน คตร. ฉวยจังหวะและโอกาสที่สถานการณ์รัฐบาลเพลี่ยงพล้ำphuuF banM chaaM gaanM thaH haanR bohkL naiM thaaR naH bpraL thaanM khaawM dtaawM raawM chuayR jangM waL laeH o:hM gaatL theeF saL thaanR naH gaanM ratH thaL baanM phliiangF phlaamHexample sentence"The Commander in Chief, as the head of the Situation Monitoring Committee, took the initiative and seized the opportunity when the government blundered."
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