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ยอ ยักษ์[a character from the Ramayana epic, a] giant [or] demonThe 34th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ย (ย)
TIS-620 value: 0xย (ย)

1396 Thai words on 28 Pages

Page 1
ยก yohkHverbto raise; to hoist (up); to revoke; to advance; to abolish; to elevate; to lift; to erect
verbto give bequeath, or bestow
verbmathematical exponentiation; to raise to a power
noun[boxing] a round
to quote; cite; praise; eulogize; exalt
verbto abolish; discontinue; revoke; cancel
nouna [certain] volume of timber
noun[printing] set of proofing pages
noun, ancient[ผ้ายก] brocade, a [certain type of] fabric woven with an elaborate textured design often containing golden thread
nouna sequence of events
ยกกระจกyohkH graL johkLverb, phraseto roll up a [car] window
ยกกำลัง yohkH gamM langMnounmathematical exponentiation; power function
ยกกำลังสองyohkH gamM langM saawngRadjectiveraised to the second power; squared
ยกขบวนyohkH khaL buaanMverbto come in crowds; throng; crowd; flock to
ยกขึ้น yohkH kheunFverbto pull up; to raise up
ยกโขยงyohkH khaL yo:hngRverbto come in crowds; throng; crowd; flock to
ยกคดี yohkH khaH deeMverbto dismiss a lawsuit
ยกเครื่องyohkH khreuuangFverbto overhaul; rebuild; fix; renew; renovate; restore
ยกเครื่องyohkH khreuuangFverbto have cosmetic surgery to enhance one's beauty
ยกเค้าyohkH khaaoHverb, phraseto steal everything; completely take away; burgle
ยกซดyohkH sohtHnoun, verb, colloquial[colloquial slang for] "to perform cunnilingus" (the act or practice of orally stimulating the female genitals)
ยกฐานะ yohkH thaaR naHverbpromote; to raise one's relative position or status
ยกเดียวจอดyohkH diaaoM jaawtLnoun, phrasea one round knockout
ยกตนข่มท่านyohkH dtohnM khohmL thanFverb, phraseto bluster; make oneself superior to others
ยกตัว yohkH dtuaaMverbto praise or exalt oneself; to puff oneself up
ยกตัวอย่าง yohkH dtuaaM yaangLadverbfor example; for instance
ยกตัวอย่างyohkH dtuaaM yaangLverbto give as an example; illustrate
ยกตัวอย่างง่าย ๆ ใกล้ ๆ ตัว เช่น ถ้าไปตลาดสดนี่หายห่วง แม่ค้าพ่อค้าจะให้ของเรา ๆมาฟรีเยอะมากyohkH dtuaaM yaangL ngaaiF glaiF dtuaaM chenF thaaF bpaiM dtaL laatL sohtL neeF haaiR huaangL maaeF khaaH phaawF khaaH jaL haiF khaawngR raoM maaM freeM yuhH maakFexample sentence"Let me give you an example of something very familiar. If we go to a reputable fresh market, the vendors will give us a lot of free things."
ยกตัวอย่างเช่นyohkH dtuaaM yaangL chenFexample sentence"Let me give you some examples."
ยกทรง yohkH sohngMnounbra; brassiere
ยกทรงของเธอแพลมออกมาขณะที่อยู่บนรถไฟyohkH sohngM khaawngR thuuhrM phlaaemM aawkL maaM khaL naL theeF yuuL bohnM rohtH faiMexample sentence"Her bra became visible while she was on the train."
ยกทหารyohkH thaH haanRverb, intransitiveto advance troops
ยกทัพyohkH thapHverb, intransitiveto advance an army
ยกเท้าก้าวไปyohkH thaaoH gaaoF bpaiMverbto walk; tread; step
ยกโทษ yohkH tho:htFverbto forgive
ยกโทษให้ yohkH tho:htF haiFverbto forgive someone
ยกธง yohkH thohngMverb, phraseto surrender; yield; give up; accept defeat
ยกน้ำหนักyohkH namH nakLverb[ยกน้ำหนัก] to lift weights
ยกนิ้วyohkH niuHverb, intransitiveto agree
ยกบ้านyohkH baanFverb, intransitiveto erect a house
ยกแผงyohkH phaaengRadverb, phrasein total, altogether, each and everyone
ยกพล yohkH phohnMverbto dispatch or advance or move the army or troops
ยกพวกyohkH phuaakFverb, intransitiveto assemble a force; form a gang
ยกมาบางส่วนyohkH maaM baangM suaanLverbto extract; excerpt
ยกมือขึ้นyohkH meuuM kheunFverbto raise one’s hands
ยกมือขึ้นyohkH meuuM kheunFexample sentence"(imperative) “Raise your hand.”; (crime) “Hands up!”."
ยกมือไหว้yohkH meuuM waiFverb, phraseto raise one's hands in greeting
ยกเมฆyohkH maehkFverbto trump up; lie; fib; invent; think up; concoct; invent; misrepresent
ยกไม่ไหวyohkH maiF waiRverb, phrase[is] unable to lift
ยกยอyohkH yaawMverb, transitive, intransitive, phrase, colloquialto glorify, praise, laud or flatter (insincerely)
ยกยอyohkH yaawMverb, transitive, intransitive, phrase, colloquialto raise a fish trap from the water (to see if the fish is caught)
ยกยอปอปั้นyohkH yaawM bpaawM bpanFverb, transitive, intransitive, phrase, colloquial, idiomto praise; glorify; flatter; laud; give; bestow (showing disapproval)
ยกระดับyohkH raH dapLnounupgrade
ยกระดับyohkH raH dapLadjective[is] elevated; raised
ยกระดับyohkH raH dapLverbto raise the level
ยกลง yohkH lohngMverbpick up and set down (something from a higher to lower position)
ยกเลิก yohkH leerkFverbto cancel; abandon
ยกเลิกyohkH leerkFverbto return to the prior state (computer command); Ctrl+Z
ยกเลิกการนัดหมายของผมสำหรับคืนนี้yohkH leerkF gaanM natH maaiR khaawngR phohmR samR rapL kheuunM neeHexample sentence"Cancel all my appointments for tonight."
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