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kho:hM sohkL yootL phuutF glaangM khanM naiM khaL naL theeF phuuF fangM gamM langM fangM yuuL
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Phonemic Thaiโค-สก-หฺยุด-พูด-กฺลาง-คัน-ไน-ขะ-หฺนะ-ที่-พู่-ฟัง-กำ-ลัง-ฟัง-หฺยู่
IPAkʰoː sòk jùt pʰûːt klaːŋ kʰan naj kʰà nàʔ tʰîː pʰûː faŋ kam laŋ faŋ jùː
Royal Thai General Systemkhosok yut phut klang khan nai khana thi phu fang kamlang fang yu

 [example sentence]
"The spokesperson stopped speaking in midstream while the audience was still listening."

componentsโฆษก kho:hM sohkLspokesman; spokesperson; press officer; press secretary; announcer; communicator; broadcaster
หยุด  yootLto stop; halt
พูด phuutFto speak; to talk; to say
กลางคันglaangM khanMhalfway; in between; in the meantime; midway
ใน naiMin; inside; within; amidst; into; on; at a particular time
ขณะ khaL naLinstant; moment, a short time; occasion; juncture; hour
ที่ theeF[the relative pronouns] that; which; which is...
ผู้ฟังphuuF fangMaudience; people who are listenening at an event; listeners
กำลัง gamM langM[auxiliary verb indicating the present participle, meaning "in the act of", similar to the English suffix, "-ing"]
ฟัง fangMto listen; listen to
อยู่ yuuL[marker indicating the progressive or perfect aspect]
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