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ฆาตกร  khaatF dtaL gaawnM (24.)
Royal Institute - 1982
ฆาตกร  /คาด-ตะ-กอน/
[นาม] ผู้ร้ายฆ่าคน.

pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiคาด-ตะ-กอน
IPAkʰâːt tà kɔːn
Royal Thai General Systemkhattakon

pronunciation note24. The pronunciation of this word illustrates reduplication, where a single written consonant serves as the final consonant of a syllable and is then pronounced again as the initial consonant of the following syllable.
murderer; killer; slayer; assassin

classifierคน khohnM[numerical classifier for persons/occupations]
related wordsฆ่า khaaFto murder; kill; destroy; slay; execute; annihilate
ฆาต khaatFdeath; fate; end
ฆาตกรรมkhaatF dtaL gamMmurder
พิฆาต phiH khaatFto kill or destroy
exampleฆาตกรต่อเนื่องkhaatF dtaL gaawnM dtaawL neuuangFserial killer
thuuhrM glaaiM bpenM khaatF dtaL gaawnM phrawH naaF meuutF dtaaM muaaM theeF ruuH waaF saaR meeM meeM phanM raH yaaM naawyH
"She almost became a murderer because she lost her temper when she found out that her husband had a mistress."
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