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ศาสนา ปรัชญาและ ความเชื่อ » ศาสนา » คติความเชื่อทางฮินดู
Religion, Philosophy, and Spiritualism » Religion » Hinduism

กฤษณะgritL saL naHKrishna, an avatar of Vishnu
กามเทพgaamM maH thaehpF[formal term] cupid
กาลี gaaM leeM[Hinduism] Kali or ทุรคา  (Durga), the wife of พระศิวะ (Shiva) and the malevolent form of the Mother Goddess; Parvati; the sometimes malignant goddess of war; an aspect of เทวี  (Devi)
เจ้าแม่กาลีjaoF maaeF gaaM leeMMother Goddess Kali, sometimes used figuratively and sarcastically for a nasty mean woman or gay man
ตรีพรหมdtreeM phrohmMthe Triple Forms or ตรีมูรติ (Trimurti)
ตรีมูรติdtreeM muuM raH dtiL[Hinduism] Trimurti—the Three Forms—the great triad of Hindu gods comprising พระพรหม  (the god Brahma), พระวิษณุ (the god Vishnu) and พระศิวะ (the god Siva)
ท้าวมหาพรหมthaaoH maH haaR phrohmMBrahma
ทุรคา thoonM khaaMDurga or กาลี —the sometimes malignant goddess of war: an aspect of เทวี  (Devi)
ธรรมศาสตร์thamM maH saatLjurisprudence; law; treatise on law; science of law; science of morals and ethics
นาค  naakFNaga (snake, serpent demon); a mythological creature/serpent statue that can be found in almost all the temples (wat) in Thailand
พระนารายณ์phraH naaM raaiM[Hinduism] Narayana (Vishnu), another name for รามา  (Rama), the hero of the Ramayana epic
ปรมาตมันbpaL raH maatF dtaL manMBrahmin
ปรเมศวร์bpaL raH maehtFthe god Siva; supreme diety
พญามารphaH yaaM maanMthe god of evil
พระพรหม phraH phrohmM[Hinduism] Lord Brahma—(in later Hinduism) “the Creator,” the first member of the ตรีมูรติ (Trimurti), with พระวิษณุ (Vishnu the Preserver) and พระศิวะ (Siva the Destroyer)
พระพิฆเนศphraH phikH khaH naehtFGanesh, name of a Hindu God who has the head of an elephant and body of a man
มนุ maH nooHManu; Hindu progenitor of mankind
พระมนูphraH maH nuuMManu [the progenitor and lawgiver of the human race called the Law of Manu]
มนูธรรมศาสตร์maH nuutF raawnM maH saatLManu Smriti; Manusmriti
มัจจุราช matH jooL raatFDeath (personified)
รามา raaM maaMRama, the hero and main character of the Ramayana epic, believed to be the avatar of พระนารายณ์
รามายณะ raaM maaM yaH naHRamayana [name of the Indian literature on which the Thai counterpart รามเกียรติ์  is based]
พระวิษณุphraH witH saL nooH[Hinduism] (in later Hinduism) "the Preserver," the second member of the ตรีมูรติ (Trimurti), along with พระพรหม  (Brahma the Creator) and พระศิวะ (Shiva the Destroyer)
พระวิษณุphraH witH saL nooH[Hinduism] (in popular Hinduism) a deity believed to have descended from heaven to earth in several incarnations, or avatars, varying in number from nine to twenty-two, but always including animals. His most important human incarnation is the Krishna of the Bhagavad-Gita
พระศิวะphraH siL waH[Hinduism] Siva or Shiva, “the Destroyer,” the third member of the ตรีมูรติ (Trimurti), along with พระพรหม  (Brahma the Creator) and พระวิษณุ (Vishnu the Preserver)
สนาน saL naanRcleansing, ablution; Hindu bathing ceremony
สมร saL maawnR[Sanskrit for] cupid
สิริมงคล siL riL mohngM khohnMluck; prosperity
อินทร์ inMIndra, a Hindu deity
พระอินทร์phraH inMIndra, a Hindu deity
โอม o:hmM[Hinduism] Om; Aum [a mantric word thought to be a complete expression of Brahman and interpreted as having three sounds representing Brahma (พระพรหม ) or creation, Vishnu (พระนารายณ์) or preservation, and Siva (พระศิวะ) or destruction, or as consisting of the same three sounds, representing waking, dreams, and deep sleep, along with the following silence, which is fulfillment]
พระอิศวรphraH iL suaanRSiva ; God Siva ; Shiva ; God Shiva

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