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ก. ทำไมคนเราถึงชอบดื่มเหล้ากันนักนะโดยเฉพาะคนไทย ดื่มจัดจริง ๆ
thamM maiM khohnM raoM theungR chaawpF deuumL laoF ganM nakH naH dooyM chaL phawH khohnM thaiM deuumL jatL jingM jingM
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiทำ-ไม-คน-เรา-ถึง-ชอบ-ดื่ม-เล่า-กัน-นัก-นะ-โดย-ฉะ-เพาะ-คน-ไท-ดื่ม-จัด-จิง-จิง
IPAtʰam maj kʰon raw tʰɯ̌ŋ tɕʰɔ̂ːp dɯ̀ːm lâw kan nák náʔ doːj tɕʰà pʰɔ́ʔ kʰon tʰaj dɯ̀ːm tɕàt tɕiŋ tɕiŋ
Royal Thai General Systemthammai khon rao thueng chop duem lao kan nak na doi chapho khon thai duem chat ching ching

 [example sentence]
"Why do we like to drink booze so much? Thais, especially, really drink a lot!"

componentsa.) — [indicating the first item in a list]; Mr. A.
ทำไม thamM maiMwhy
คน khohnMperson; guy; people; man; human being
เรา raoMwe; us; our
ถึง theungRuntil; till; up to; towards; as far as; as many/much as; as long as
ชอบ chaawpFto like; to prefer; to be pleased with; to be fond of; to admire; to be satisfied with; to be right for
ดื่มเหล้าdeuumL laoFto drink
กัน ganMeach other; one another; collectively; commonly; together
นัก nakHextremely; intensely; very
นะ naH[word added to the end of a sentence to soften it, make it polite, indicate pleading, disagreement, ordering, surprise or emphasis]
โดยเฉพาะdooyM chaL phawHespecially; specifically; in particular; particularly
คนไทย khohnM thaiMThai person; Thai people
ดื่ม  deuumLto drink; <subject> drinks
จัด jatLstrong; intense; excessive; severe [especially when speaking of the weather]
จริง ๆ jingM jingMreally; certainly true
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