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ภาษา » คำเลียนเสียงธรรมชาติ
Language » Onomatopoeia

กรรรร ganM raawnM"Grrrr..." [usually used of dogs, but sometimes of humans, too]
กราว graaoM[onomatopoeia] sound of rain falling on the roof, clapping, or rustling leaves
กริกgrikL[onomatopoeia] "click"; the sound of a key turning in a keyhole, for example
กริ๊งกร๊างgringH graangH[sound of an old-fashioned telephone ringing]
กรี๊ดกร๊าดgreetH graatH[onomatopoeic sound of screaming] shrilly; screech-like
กรุ๊งกริ๊งgroongH gringH[onomatopoeia] sound of jingling, rattling, tinkling
กรุ๋งกริ๋งgroongR gringR[onomatopoeia] tinkling sound of a bell
กะโต้งโห่งgaL dto:hngF ho:hngL[onomatopoeia] the cry of a peacock
กุ๊กก๊อกgookH gaawkH[onomatopoeia] sound of chickens clucking
ครืดคราดkhreuutF khraatF[onomatopoeia] the sound of dragging heavy things, snorting, rumbling
ควากkhwaakF[onomatopoeia] sound of ripping clothes
แควกkhwaaekF[onomatopoeia] sound of ripping or tearing
โครม khro:hmM[onomatopoeia] from the sound of being crushed or something heavy falling
แง ngaaeM[onomatopoeia] sound of crying; to cry petulantly
จ๊อกjaawkH[onomatopoeia] the sound of gurgling
จ๊อกแจ๊กjaawkH jaaekH[is] noisy; low level chatter
จี๊ด ๆjeetH jeetH[onomatopoeia] sound of a mouse squeaking
จุ๋ม joomR[onomatopoeia] sound of a stone or pebble being thrown into a pond
ฉุบ choopL[onomatopoeia] sound of dull stabbing, as a knife into wood
ซี้ด seetH[onomatopoeia] sound expressed when eating something hot and spicy
ซู่ suuF[onomatopoeia] (of water) to splash, slosh, or pour (down)
ซู่ suuF[onomatopoeia] the sound of rushing water or rain
ต๊อกแต๊กdtaawkH dtaaekH[onomatopoeia] “clunking” sounds
ต๋อมdtaawmR[onomatopoeia] sound of a stone falling into the water; plop
ติ๋งdtingR[onomatopoeia] sound of dripping water
ตึงตัง dteungM dtangM[used in written Thai to represent the noise of people fighting or wrestling or of a person or people stomping on the wooden floor] loudly
ตุ้บตั้บdtoopF dtapF[onomatopoeia] thumping sound
ตูม dtuumM[onomatopoeia] sound like a boom, an explosion or something alarming
แน่ะ naeF[onomatopoeia] a sound of warning used behind the interjection หนอย 
บรื๋อ breuuR[onomatopoeia] sensations of cold; Brr!
บึ้ม beumF[onomatopoeia] sound of explosion; bang!
บุ่มบ่ามboomL baamL[is] pushy; uncouth; rash; imprudent
ปง bpohngM[onomatopoeia] a 'boom' or 'bang' sound
ปัง bpangM[onomatopoeia] Bang!
ปึ่ก bpeukL[onomatopoeia sound of a thud]
เปรี้ยง bpriiangF[onomatopoeia] the sound of thunder, a thud, a thunder clap, a collision
เปรี้ยงปร้างbpriiangF bpraangF[onomatopoeia] sound of thunder or an explosion; to explode; go "boom"
เปรี๊ยะ bpriaH[onomatopoeia] a cracking sound
เป๊าะbpawH[onomatopoeia] sound of a gun; pop pop
ผางphaangR[onomatopoeia] sound of a dull bang or slap
เผียะphiaL[onomatopoeia] sound of slapping
พึมพำpheumM phamM[onomatopoeia] grumbling sound; to murmur or grumble while bumbling or twittering about
เพี้ยะ phiaH[onomatopoeia] sound of a palm slapping the face
ยู่ยี่yuuF yeeF[is] wrinkled
วะฮะฮ่าwaH haH haaF[onomatopoeia] villainous laughter
ว้ากwaakH[onomatopoeia] children's cry; loud cry; scream
วิดว้าดwitH waatH[onomatopoeic sound of a shriek] "Eek!"
สรวลเสเฮฮาsuaanR saehR haehM haaM[onomatopoeia] sound of a crowd expressing great joyfulness; to laugh and be greatly convivial
หวูดwuutL[onomatopoeia] sound of a whistle, esp. a steam whistle
หัวเราะเฮอะhuaaR rawH huhH[onomatopoeia] heh
เหง่งหง่างngengL ngaangL[onomatopoeia] sound of a bell ringing
แหวววmaaeoM[onomatopoeia] sound of a cat howling
อึงคะนึงeungM khaH neungM[onomatopoeia][is] noisy; making a racket; humming loudly
อืมม์euumM[onomatopoeia] Hmmm
อู้ uuF[onomatopoeic sound of wind] woooo; woosh
เอี๊ยดiiatH[onomatopoeia] sound of squeaking; squeak
เอี๊ยดอ๊าดiiatH aatH[onomatopoeia] sound of stairs creaking or squeaking
แอ๊ด aaetH[onomatopoea] squeaking sound of a cart wheel or creaking door
โอ๋ o:hR[onomatopoeia] sound of soothing or consoling someone like "there... there..." in English
ฮัดเช่ย hatH cheeuyF[used in written Thai to represent the sound of a person sneezing] ahchoo; achoo; hachoo; kerchoo
ฮา haaM[onomatopoeia] sound of loud laughter or guffaw
ฮ่าฮ่าฮ่า haaF haaF haaF[onomatopoeia] sound of a loud, boisterous laugh: a sound of gaffaw
ฮิ้วว์hiuH[onomatopoeia] Ha, ha.
เฮ haehM[onomatopoeia] sound of approval or joy (as that received from the crowd, a meeting or gathering)
เฮฮาhaehM haaM[onomatopoeia] usually preceded by สรวลเส  sound of a crowd expressing merry-making, glee, delight, elation, exhilaration, exuberance, exultation, joy, merriment, triumph
แฮ่ haaeF[see กรรรร ]
แฮ่มhaaemF[onomatopoeia] Hmmm
โฮ ho:hM[onomatopoeia] sound of crying or weeping out loud
บึ้นbeunF[onomatopoeia] "bang"
โป๊กbpo:hkH[onomatopoeia] sound of knocking on wood; sound of hammering
ฟี้feeH[onomatopoeia] the sound of snoring
ครอกkhraawkF[onomatopoeia] the sound of snoring, a gurgling sound emitted before death, death rattle
แว๊นซ์waaenH[otomatopoea] sound of a motorcycle revving
ก๊อกแก๊กgaawkH gaaekH[onomatopoeia] the sound of footsteps or pieces of metal clinking

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