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งอ งูsnakeThe 7th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ง (ง)
TIS-620 value: 0xง (ง)

459 Thai words on 10 Pages

Page 1
ง.ngaHd.) — [indicating the fourth item in a list]; Mr. D.
ง. ตามใจแก แต่ใจจริง เราอยากเดินสยามต่อด้วยอ่ะngaH dtaamM jaiM gaaeM dtaaeL jaiM jingM raoM yaakL deernM saL yaamR dtaawL duayF aLexample sentenceWhatever you want; but actually, I also wanted to go to Siam Square afterwards too.
ง. เหรอๆ งั้นไปเมเจอร์มะngaH ruuhrR ruuhrR nganH bpaiM maehM juuhrM maHexample sentenceOh yeah? Let's go to Major then!
งกngohkHverbto desire, covet, want to have
adjective[is] avaricious; greedy; stingy; mean
adjective[งก ๆ] [is] shaking; trembling; shivering, due to fear or cold
งก ๆngohkH ngohkHadjective[งก ๆ] [is] shaking; trembling; shivering, due to fear or cold
งก ๆ เงิ่น ๆ ngohkH ngohkH ngeernF ngeernFadjective, idiom[is] shaking and unable to do anything right
งก ๆ เงิ่น ๆngohkH ngohkH ngeernF ngeernFadverbdodderingly; like an old, infirm peerson; haltingly
งกงันngohkH nganMverbto tremble in fear
งง ngohngMadjective[is] confused; puzzled; taken aback
verb, colloquial[ทำให้งง] confuse; make confused
งงงวยngohngM nguayMadjective[งงงวย] [is] stunned; astonished; perplexed; bewildered; flummoxed
งงงวยngohngM nguayMadjective[งงงวย] [is] astonishing; perplexing; bewildering; baffling
งงเต้กngohngM dtekFadjective[is] stunned; stupefied; flabergasted
งงเป็นไก่ตาแตก ngohngM bpenM gaiL dtaaM dtaaekLadjective[is] confused; stupefied
งงงันngohngM nganMadjective[is] stunned; dazed
งด ngohtHverbto stop; to cancel; to rescind; to halt; to interrupt; to cease
noun[การงด] cancellation
งดการพิจารณาngohtH gaanM phiH jaaM raH naaMverb, phraseto suspend proceedings in a court
งดโทษngohtH tho:htFverb, phraseto grant a reprieve
งดเว้นngohtH wenHverbto abstain; refrain from
งดเว้นอบายมุขngohtH wenH aL baaiM yaH mookHverb, phraseto refrain from sinful activity; abstain from vices
งดเว้นออกเสียงngohtH wenH aawkL siiangRverbto abstain from voting
งดไว้ngohtH waiHnoun, phraseto postpone
งดออกเสียงngohtH aawkL siiangRverbto abstain from voting
งดงาม ngohtH ngaamMadjective[is] beautiful; pretty; gorgeous; splendid; fine
[ความงดงาม] beauty; loviness; attractiveness
งบ ngohpHverbto assemble; collect; close
nounaccount; lump; round; cake; lot
งบกำไร-ขาดทุน ngohpH gamM raiM khaatL thoonMnoun, phrase, formalbalance statement
งบกำไรสะสม ngohpH gamM raiM saL sohmRnoun, phrase, formalretained earnings
งบเงินngohpH ngernMnounfinancial statement
งบดุลngohpH doonMnoun, phrase, formal[finance] balance; balance sheet; statement
งบประมาณ ngohpH bpraL maanMnounbudget
งบประมาณแผ่นดินngohpH bpraL maanM phaenL dinMnounannual government statement of expenditures; budget
งบประมาณมีไว้กินngohpH bpraL maanM meeM waiH ginMexample sentenceGovernment funding exists to be exploited.
งบประมาณมูลค่าหลายหมื่นล้านบาทอาจจะไม่สามารถชุบชีวิตให้ลุ่มน้ำนี้กลับฟื้นคืนชีวิตได้ngohpH bpraL maanM muunM khaaF laaiR meuunL laanH baatL aatL jaL maiF saaR maatF choopH cheeM witH haiF loomF naamH neeH glapL feuunH kheuunM cheeM witH daiFexample sentence"A budget of many tens of billions of baht may not be able to revive this river basin and return life to it."
งบประมาณยุงลายเป็นเรื่องที่ดูจะชอบกลอยู่มาก ngohpH bpraL maanM yoongM laaiM bpenM reuuangF theeF duuM jaL chaawpF gohnM yuuL maakFexample sentence, colloquial"'Mosquito Budget' sounds seemingly quite odd to me!"
งบประมาณสนับสนุนการส่งออกซึ่งจะเป็นการสร้างตลาดให้ธุรกิจถูกตัดเหี้ยนngohpH bpraL maanM saL napL saL noonR gaanM sohngL aawkL seungF jaL bpenM gaanM saangF dtaL laatL haiF thooH raH gitL thuukL dtatL hiianFexample sentence"Budgeted funds to support exports which would have created business markets have been cut off."
งม ngohmMverbto grope; search; seek; fumble for
งมเข็มในมหาสมุทรngohmM khemR naiM maH haaR saL mootLexample sentence, idiom"To search for a needle in a haystack."
งมโข่งngohmM kho:hngLadjective[is] dumb, dull, stupid, sluggish
งมงาย ngohmM ngaaiMadjective[is] ignorant; benighted; foolish; stupid; fatuous; muddleheaded
adjectivedazzled, bewildered (by the prospect of fame and wealth)
noun, adjective, verb, transitive(of a fact or situation or belief) blind, blind faith, blind worship, to blindly worship (something)
งวง nguaangMnountrunk; snout; tentacle; tendril
noun[งวงอากาศยาน] air bridge; covered ramp from air terminal to the airplane
งวงอากาศยานnguaangM aaM gaatL saL yaanMnoun[งวงอากาศยาน] air bridge; covered ramp from air terminal to the airplane
ง่วง nguaangFadjective[is] sleepy; tired
adjective[ง่วงงุน] [is] sleepy; drowsy
verbis sleepy
verb[คงง่วง] probably is sleepy
noun[ความง่วง] sleepiness
ง่วงงุนnguaangF ngoonMadjective[ง่วงงุน] [is] sleepy; drowsy
ง่วงจะตายnguaangF jaL dtaaiMexample sentence"I'm so sleepy!"
ง่วงนอน nguaangF naawnMadjective[is] sleepy; tired
ง่วงนอนไหม nguaangF naawnM maiHexample sentence"Are you sleepy?"
ง่วงเหงา nguaangF ngaoRadjective[is] tired; [is] sleepy
ง่วงเหงาหาวนอนnguaangF ngaoR haaoR naawnMadjective, phrase[is] drowsy; sleepy; dozy; somnolent; listless
งวงช้าง nguaangM chaangHnountrunk of an elephant
งวดnguaatFadjective[of a liquid, stew, or sludge] [is] concentrated by evaporation; dried up; evaporated; nearly dry
verbto concentrate by evaporation; to dry up
adjective[is] in tight or short supply
nounlot; shipment; consignment; installment
adjective[usually preceded by เข้ม ] strict; stringent; inflexible; rigid; rigorous; severe; tight; tough
nountime, period, defined period of time; installment
classifier[numerical classifier for installment payments]
งวดเข้ามาทุกขณะnguaatF khaoF maaM thookH khaL naLadverbjust about to happen; it’s just around the corner (fig.)
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