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งอ งูsnakeThe 7th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ง (ง)
TIS-620 value: 0xง (ง)

458 Thai words on 10 Pages

Page 9
เงียบเชียบ ngiiapF chiiapFadjective[is] soundless; very quiet
เงียบบ้างได้มั้ยngiiapF baangF daiF maiHexample sentence"Can I have a little peace and quiet?"
เงียบสงบngiiapF saL ngohpLadjective, phrase[is] quiet
เงียบสนิท ngiiapF saL nitLadverbsoundless; silent
เงียบเหงา ngiiapF ngaoRadjective[is] lonely
เงียบเหงาเปล่าเปลี่ยวngiiapF ngaoR bplaaoL bpliaaoLadjective[is] lonely; forelorn; lonesome
เงียบ ๆngiiapF ngiiapFadverb[เงียบ ๆ] quietly
เงียบ ๆngiiapF ngiiapFverb[เงียบ ๆ] Be quiet!
เงียบ ๆ หน่อยngiiapF ngiiapF naawyLexample sentence"Please be quiet."
เงี้ยวngiaaoHnounsnake; legless reptile
adjective[is] crooked; tortuous; bent; curved
noun, proper nouna ethnic tribe in northern Thailand; Shan
proper noun[ชนชาติเงี้ยว] One of the Shan tribes in Northern Thailand and Burma
เงี่ยหูngiiaF huuRverbto pay attention; to listen carefully
เงี่ยหูฟังngiiaF huuR fangMverbto strain to listen to; pay careful attention to
เงื้อngeuuaHverbto raise; elevate; lift up
เงือก ngeuuakFnoun(chewing) gum
nounmermaid; merman
noun[นกเงือก] hornbill (bird)
เงื่องngeuuangFadjective[is] sluggish; slothful; slow; tardy; inactive; indolent
เงื่องหงอยngeuuangF ngaawyRadjective[is] slothful; sluggish; slow; inactive; tardy; indolent
เงื้อง่าngeuuaH ngaaFverbto raise; lift up
เงื่อน ngeuuanFnounknot; hitch; noose
เงื่อนงำngeuuanF ngamMnounclue; hidden point; hidden element
เงื่อนปมngeuuanF bpohmMnouncondition; agreement; restriction; term
เงื่อนไข ngeuuanF khaiRnouna condition; proviso; stipulation
nounconsideration; factor to be taken into account
เงื่อนไขขอบngeuuanF khaiR khaawpLnounboundary conditions
เงื่อนไขความคุ้มครองngeuuanF khaiR khwaamM khoomH khraawngMnouncoverage conditions (of an insurance policy)
เงื่อนไขที่พิเศษngeuuanF khaiR theeF phiH saehtLnounspecial condition
เงือบngeuuapFnounmoving the gills; symptomatic characteristics of respiration of moving the gills
เงื้อม ngeuuamHnounprotrusion; overhanging edge; projection; lip
เงื้อมมือngeuuamH meuuMnouncontrol; influence; clutch; power
เงื้อมผาngeuuamH phaaRnouncliff; overhang
แง ngaaeMverb, onomatopoeia[onomatopoeia] sound of crying; to cry petulantly
adjective[ขี้แง] [is] whiny; [is a] crybaby
แง่ ngaaeFnounviewpoint; angle; point of view
nounpromontory; ledge; corner
แง่ความคิดเห็น ngaaeF khwaamM khitH henRnounpoint of view
แง่คิดngaaeF khitHnouna point of view; perspective
แง่งอนngaaeF ngaawnMnounartifice; stratagem; trick; ruse
แง่บวก ngaaeF buaakLnounpositive aspects; positive features
แง่มุม ngaaeF moomMnounangle; point of view; perspective
แง่ร้ายngaaeF raaiHnounevil perspective; negative view
แง่ลบ ngaaeF lohpHnounnegative aspects; negative features
แง่งngaaengFnounroot; rhizome
classifier[numerical classifier for roots, rhiozomes, stems]
แงม ngaaemM[euphonious suffix]
แง้ม ngaaemHadjective[is] ajar; partly open
แงะngaeHverbto pry open; to prise open; to pry out; to pick out from within
noun[ต้นแงะ] Shorea obtusa (Dipterocarpaceae)
prefix[euphonious prefix]
แงะงามngaeH ngaamMadjective[แงะงาม] [is] beautiful; pretty; handsome
โง ngo:hMverblift; raise up; elevate; [as a horse] to rear
โงหัวไม่ขึ้นngo:hM huaaR maiF kheunFadjective[is] unable to raise one's head
โง่ ngo:hFadjective, colloquial[is] stupid; silly; dumb; foolish; vain
noun[ความโง่] stupidity; foolishness
โง่แกมหยิ่งngo:hF gaaemM yingLadjective, phrase, idiom[is] stupidly conceited
โง่เขลาngo:hF khlaoRadjective[is] ignorant; stupid; foolish
โง่เขลาเบาปัญญาngo:hF khlaoR baoM bpanM yaaMadjective, phrase[is] stupid; brainless; insipid; foolish
โง่เง่า ngo:hF ngaoFadjective[is] stupid; foolish
โง่เง่าเต่าตุ่น! ngo:hF ngaoF dtaoL dtoonLadjective[derogatory] [is] unintelligent; brainless; dense; dim; half-witted; moronic; obtuse; simple; simple-minded; slow; slow-witted; thick; foolish; asinine; daft (informal); idiotic; imbecilic; inane; nonsensical; pointless; rash; senseless; unintelligent
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