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งอ งูsnakeThe 7th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ง (ง)
TIS-620 value: 0xง (ง)

403 Thai words on 9 Pages

Page 5
งามแสงเดือน มาเยือนส่องหล้าngaamM saaengR deuuanM maaM yeuuanH saawngL laaFexample sentence"How beautiful is the light of the moon which comes to shine on the earth."
งามไส้ngaamM saiF[is] disgraceful; shameful
งามไส้ngaamM saiFinterjection, phraseHow disgraceful!
งามหน้าngaamM naaFadjective[is] disgraceful; shameful; dishonorable; deplorable
งามเหลือเกินngaamM leuuaR geernMadjectivesplendid; magnificent
ง่าม ngaamFnounfork or crotch of a tree
nounprong; tine; point; fork
ง่ามขาngaamF khaaRnoungroin; crotch
ง่ามเท้าngaamF thaaoHnounthe pliable skin which connects between the toes
ง่ามมือngaamF meuuMnounthe pliable skin which connects between the fingers
งาย ngaaiMmorning-time
ง่าย ngaaiFadjective[is] easy; not difficult; simple
adverb[โดยง่าย] easily
noun[ความง่าย] ease
adjective[ง่าย ๆ] very simple; very easy; very easily
ง่ายขึ้นngaaiF kheunFadjective[is] easier; get easier
ง่ายมากngaaiF maakFadjective[is] simple, very easy
ง่ายเหมือนปอกกล้วยเข้าปากngaaiF meuuanR bpaawkL gluayF khaoF bpaakLexample sentence, idiom"A piece of cake."
ง่าย ๆngaaiF ngaaiFadjective[ง่าย ๆ] very simple; very easy; very easily
ง่ายดาย ngaaiF daaiMadjective, formal[is] very easy; very simple
ง่าวngaaoFadjective[Northern dialect] [is] stupid; dumb; insipid
ง้าว ngaaoHnounlong spear with a hook like a scythe
งำ ngamMverb, intransitive, colloquial, ancientto cover up; to suppress; to dominate; to close; to hide; to keep; to govern; to shelter; to protect; to preserve
งิ้ว ngiuHproper noun[ต้นงิ้ว] red cotton tree, genus Bombax
nountraditional Chinese opera
งี่เง่า ngeeF ngaoFadjective, colloquial, vulgar, sarcastic-humorous[derogatory] [is] stupid; foolish; unintelligent; brainless; dense; dim; half-witted; moronic; obtuse; simple; simple-minded; slow; slow-witted; thick; asinine; daft (informal); idiotic; imbecilic; inane; nonsensical; pointless; rash; senseless; unintelligent
งีบ ngeepFverbto doze off; nap
งีบหลับngeepF lapLverbto take a nap
งึมงำngeumM ngamMverbto mutter; mumble
งุนngoonMadjective[alliterative term] [is] sleepy
งุนงงngoonM ngohngMadjective[is] doubtful; unsure; uncertain; baffled; perplexed
งุ่นง่านngoonF ngaanFadjective[is] vexed; aroused; worried; annoyed; harassed
งุ้ม ngoomHadjective[is] hook-shaped; hooked; bent downward; curved in upon itself
งุ่มง่าม ngoomF ngaamFadjectiveslowly; clumsily; awkwardly; unskillfully
noun[ความงุ่มง่าม] awkwardness; clumsiness
งู nguuMnounsnake
[ปีงู] year of the Snake
งูเงี้ยวเขี้ยวขอnguuM ngiaaoH khiaaoF khaawRnoun, phrasewild animals (of various types)
งูจงอางnguuM johngM aangMnoun[งูจงอาง] king cobra snake
งูพิษnguuM phitHnounpoisonous snake
งูสามเหลี่ยมnguuM saamR liiamLnounbanded krait
งูแสงอาทิตย์nguuM saaengR aaM thitHnoun[งูแสงอาทิตย์] sunbeam snake; sunlight snake; Xenopeltis unicolor
งูหลามnguuM laamRnoun[งูหลาม] python
งูหางกระดิ่งnguuM haangR graL dingLnounrattlesnake
งูเหลือม nguuM leuuamRnoun[งูเหลือม] python; boa constrictor
งูเห่า nguuM haoLnoun[งูเห่า] cobra
งูใหญ่nguuM yaiLnoun, proper nounBig Snake (Thai nickname for Internazionale Milan, Italy, football club)
...งู ๆ ปลา ๆnguuM nguuM bplaaM bplaaMphrase, idiom...a little bit
งูผู้nguuM phuuFnounname of a zodiacal constellation; tenth constellation containing 5 stars
งู่มง่าม nguumF ngaamFadjective[is] awkward
งูสวัด nguuM saL watLnounHerpes zoster
เง็งngengMadjective[is] very confused
เงย ngeeuyMverb[of one's head] to raise; lift; look upwards
เงยหน้าngeeuyM naaFverbto look up; lift; raise one's head
เงยหน้าอ้าปากngeeuyM naaF aaF bpaakLverb, phraseto look up; improve; be better
เงอะ nguhHadjective[is] awkward; clumsy; maladroit; inept
adjective[เงอะงะ] [is] awkward; clumsy; maladroit; inept
เงอะงะnguhH ngaHadjective[เงอะงะ] [is] awkward; clumsy; maladroit; inept
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