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ถอ ถุงbag; pouch; tube-like sackThe 22nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ถ (ถ)
TIS-620 value: 0xถ (ถ)

1020 Thai words on 21 Pages

Page 2
ถนนอ่อนนุชthaL nohnR aawnL nootHproper noun, geographical[ถนนอ่อนนุช] [name of a road and Skytrain station in Bangkok] On Nuuj, On Nuut, On Nut
ถนอม thaL naawmRverb, loanword, Khmerto cherish; to nurture; to conserve; to husband; to save one's strength
ถนอมใจ thaL naawmR jaiMverb, transitiveto keep the goodwill of; to be considerate to
ถนอมน้ำใจ thaL naawmR namH jaiMverb, transitiveto keep the goodwill of; to be considerate to
ถนัด thaL natLadjective[is] skilled; clever; dexterous; handy
adverbcleverly; skillfully
adjective[ถนัดใจ] [is] at ease; feel comfortable; feel right about
adverb[ถนัดใจ] fully; completely; wholly; entirely
proper nounThanat [a Thai given name]
noun[ความถนัด] aptitude
ถนัดขวา thaL natL khwaaRadjective, verb, intransitive, formal, ancient[is] right-handed
ถนัดใจthaL natL jaiMadjective[ถนัดใจ] [is] at ease; feel comfortable; feel right about
ถนัดใจthaL natL jaiMadverb[ถนัดใจ] fully; completely; wholly; entirely
ถนัดชัดเจนthaL natL chatH jaehnMadverbdistinctly; clearly; perfectly
ถนัดซ้าย thaL natL saaiHadjective, verb, intransitive[is] left-handed
ถนัดตาthaL natL dtaaMadverbobviously, distinctly
ถนัดปากthaL natL bpaakLadjective[is] able to speak freely; able to speak without constraint
ถนัดมือขวา thaL natL meuuM khwaaRadjective, verb, intransitive, formal, ancient[is] right-handed; dexterous
ถนัดมือซ้าย thaL natL meuuM saaiHadjective[is] left-handed
ถนัดสองมือ thaL natL saawngR meuuMadjective, verb, intransitive[is] ambidexterous
ถนัดถนี่ thaL natL thaL neeLadverbclearly; distinctly
ถนิม thaL nimRnounjewelry; decorative ornaments
ถนิมสร้อย thaL nimR saawyFadjectivequeasy; nauseous; squeamish
ถม thohmR[general] neillo
noun, adjective[เครื่องถม] Nielloware
noun[ถมยา] nielloware
verb, transitiveto fill up; cover with earth; to fill in; to backfill
adjective[ถมไป] [is] plentiful; ample; abundant
proper noun[คลองถม] Khlong Thom, Bangkok’s well-known and long-established flea market featuring second-hand, dirt-cheap bargains
verb, transitiveto inscribe with sacred letters
ถมไปthohmR bpaiMadjective[ถมไป] [is] plentiful; ample; abundant
ถมยาthohmR yaaMnoun[ถมยา] nielloware
ถมส่วนต่างthohmR suaanL dtaangLverb, phraseto make up the (monetary) difference; pay up the difference between the sale and the purchase (of)
ถ่ม thohmLverbto spit; expectorate
ถ่มน้ำลายรดฟ้าthohmL naamH laaiM rohtH faaHexample sentence, idiom"What goes around comes around."
ถมเถ thohmR thaehRadverbmany; abundant; plentiful; lots of; more than enough; fully sufficient; ample; much
ถมึงทึง thaL meungR theungMadjectivegrave; solemn; serious; mean
ถเมิน thaL meernMnounsoldier; hunter
ถลก thaL lohkLverbto fold up; to roll up; to skin; to strip
ถลกหนังหัว thaL lohkL nangR huaaRverb, transitiveto scalp
ถลน thaL lohnRadjective[of the eyes] bulging; protruding; popping out
verb[as the eyes] to bulge; to protrude
ถล่ม thaL lohmLverbto collapse, fall or tumble down; avalanche; cave in
verbto bombard; destroy
ถล่มตัวthaL lohmL dtuaaMverb, colloquialto act in a modest and humble manner; speak in a humble manner
ถล่มทลายthaL lohmL thaH laaiMverbto collapse; fall; crumble; subside; tumble down
ถลอก thaL laawkLadjective[is] scraped; abraded; scratched
ถลอกปอกเปิกthaL laawkL bpaawkL bpeerkLverbbruised
ถลัน thaL lanRverb[as a person] to rush; to dash; to hurry in
ถลา thaL laaRverbto stumble; swoop in; plunge down; lurch over; to hurtle
ถลาก thaL laakLadverbobliquely; slantwise
ถลางthaL laangMproper nounThalang [a district and city in Phuket province]
ถลำ thaL lamRverb, intransitiveto stumble; to trip; to blunder
ถลำใจ thaL lamR jaiMverbto fall head-over-heels (in love)
ถลีถลำ thaL leeR thaL lamRverbto act rashly; to rush carelessly
ถลึง thaL leungRverbto stare fiercely; to have a stern look; to stare hard
ถลึงตา thaL leungR dtaaMverb, intransitiveto give the "evil eye"; to stare hard as a signal to stop doing something; to throw or to pass a look of disapproval
ถลุง thaL loongRverb[of ore] to smelt
verb[of, for example, money] to squander
ถ่วง thuaangLverb, transitive, intransitiveto weight; to load; to hang down by weight
verbto retard; hinder; impede
ถ่วงน้ำหนัก thuaangL namH nakLverb, transitiveto handicap [i.e. a horse race]
ถ่วงเวลา thuaangL waehM laaMverb, intransitive, formalto stall for time
ถ่วงเวลาการเลือกตั้งthuaangL waehM laaM gaanM leuuakF dtangFverb, phraseto stall for time to hold an election
ถ่วงเวลาสร้างอุปสรรคthuaangL waehM laaM saangF oopL bpaL sakLverb, phraseto stall for time by creating obstacles
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