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ถอ ถุงbag; pouch; tube-like sackThe 22nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ถ (ถ)
TIS-620 value: 0xถ (ถ)

1072 Thai words on 22 Pages

Page 2
ถนนหลักthaL nohnR lakLnoun[common name for the main street of a town or city] Main street
ถนนใหญ่ thaL nohnR yaiLnoun, formalmain road; arterial route
ถนนอรุณประเสริฐthaL nohnR aL roonM bpraL seertLproper noun[ถนนอรุณประเสริฐ] Anunprasert Road, Thai highway 202
ถนนอ่อนนุชthaL nohnR aawnL nootHproper noun, geographical[ถนนอ่อนนุช] [name of a road and Skytrain station in Bangkok] On Nuuj, On Nuut, On Nut
ถนอม thaL naawmRverb, loanword, Khmerto cherish; to nurture; to conserve; to husband; to save one's strength
ถนอมใจ thaL naawmR jaiMverb, transitiveto keep the goodwill of; to be considerate to
ถนอมน้ำใจ thaL naawmR namH jaiMverb, transitiveto keep the goodwill of; be considerate to; refrain from hurting
ถนัด thaL natLadjective[is] skilled; clever; dexterous; handy
adverbcleverly; skillfully
adjective[ถนัดใจ] [is] at ease; feel comfortable; feel right about
adverb[ถนัดใจ] fully; completely; wholly; entirely
proper nounThanat [a Thai given name]
noun[ความถนัด] aptitude
ถนัดขวา thaL natL khwaaRadjective, verb, intransitive, formal, ancient[is] right-handed
ถนัดใจthaL natL jaiMadjective[ถนัดใจ] [is] at ease; feel comfortable; feel right about
ถนัดใจthaL natL jaiMadverb[ถนัดใจ] fully; completely; wholly; entirely
ถนัดชัดเจนthaL natL chatH jaehnMadverbdistinctly; clearly; perfectly
ถนัดซ้าย thaL natL saaiHadjective, verb, intransitive[is] left-handed
ถนัดตาthaL natL dtaaMadverbobviously, distinctly
ถนัดทั้งสองมือthaL natL thangH saawngR meuuMadjective[is] ambidextrous
ถนัดปากthaL natL bpaakLadjective[is] able to speak freely; able to speak without constraint
ถนัดมือขวา thaL natL meuuM khwaaRadjective, verb, intransitive, formal, ancient[is] right-handed; dexterous
ถนัดมือซ้าย thaL natL meuuM saaiHadjective[is] left-handed
ถนัดสองมือ thaL natL saawngR meuuMadjective, verb, intransitive[is] ambidexterous
ถนัดถนี่ thaL natL thaL neeLadverbclearly; distinctly
ถนิม thaL nimRnounjewelry; decorative ornaments
ถนิมสร้อย thaL nimR saawyFadjectivequeasy; nauseous; squeamish
ถม thohmR[general] neillo
noun, adjective[เครื่องถม] Nielloware
noun[ถมยา] nielloware
verb, transitiveto fill up; cover with earth; to fill in; to backfill
adjective[ถมไป] [is] plentiful; ample; abundant
proper noun[คลองถม] Khlong Thom, Bangkok’s well-known and long-established flea market featuring second-hand, dirt-cheap bargains
verb, transitiveto inscribe with sacred letters
ถมไปthohmR bpaiMadjective[ถมไป] [is] plentiful; ample; abundant
ถมยาthohmR yaaMnoun[ถมยา] nielloware
ถมส่วนต่างthohmR suaanL dtaangLverb, phraseto make up the (monetary) difference; pay up the difference between the sale and the purchase (of)
ถ่ม thohmLverbto spit; expectorate
ถ่มน้ำลายรดฟ้าthohmL naamH laaiM rohtH faaHexample sentence, idiom"What goes around comes around."
ถมเถ thohmR thaehRadverbmany; abundant; plentiful; lots of; more than enough; fully sufficient; ample; much
ถมึงทึง thaL meungR theungMadjectivegrave; solemn; serious; mean
ถเมิน thaL meernMnounsoldier; hunter
ถลก thaL lohkLverbto fold up; to roll up; to skin; to strip
ถลกหนังหัว thaL lohkL nangR huaaRverb, transitiveto scalp
ถลน thaL lohnRadjective[of the eyes] bulging; protruding; popping out
verb[as the eyes] to bulge; to protrude
ถล่ม thaL lohmLverbto collapse, fall or tumble down; avalanche; cave in
verbto bombard; destroy
ถล่มตัวthaL lohmL dtuaaMverb, colloquialto act in a modest and humble manner; speak in a humble manner
ถล่มทลายthaL lohmL thaH laaiMverbto collapse; fall; crumble; subside; tumble down
ถลอก thaL laawkLadjective[is] scraped; abraded; scratched
ถลอกปอกเปิกthaL laawkL bpaawkL bpeerkLverbbruised
ถลัน thaL lanRverb[as a person] to rush; to dash; to hurry in
ถลา thaL laaRverbto stumble; swoop in; plunge down; lurch over; to hurtle
ถลาก thaL laakLadverbobliquely; slantwise
ถลางthaL laangMproper nounThalang [a district and city in Phuket province]
ถลำ thaL lamRverb, intransitiveto stumble; to trip; to blunder
ถลำใจ thaL lamR jaiMverbto fall head-over-heels (in love)
ถลีถลำ thaL leeR thaL lamRverbto act rashly; to rush carelessly
ถลึง thaL leungRverbto stare fiercely; to have a stern look; to stare hard
ถลึงตา thaL leungR dtaaMverb, intransitiveto give the "evil eye"; to stare hard as a signal to stop doing something; to throw or to pass a look of disapproval
ถลุง thaL loongRverb[of ore] to smelt
verb[of, for example, money] to squander
ถ่วง thuaangLverb, transitive, intransitiveto weight; to load; to hang down by weight
verbto retard; hinder; impede
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