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ถอ ถุงbag; pouch; tube-like sackThe 22nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ถ (ถ)
TIS-620 value: 0xถ (ถ)

1048 Thai words on 21 Pages

Page 21
แถมยังถือศาสนาต่างอีกthaaemR yangM theuuR saatL saL naaR dtaangL eekLexample sentence"In addition, they professed belief in a different religion."
แถมยังมีการโวยบรรดาสายการบินต้นทุนต่ำทั้งหลายว่าอย่าลดราคามากเกินไปthaaemR yangM meeM gaanM wooyM banM daaM saaiR gaanM binM dtohnF thoonM dtamL thangH laaiR waaF yaaL lohtH raaM khaaM maakF geernM bpaiMexample sentence"Moreover, there are cries of anguish that low-cost airlines should not reduce their prices too much..."
แถมยังมีเมฆลอยมาบังพระจันทร์อีกthaaemR yangM meeM maehkF laawyM maaM bangM phraH janM eekLexample sentence"Moreover, clouds waft by, blotting out the moon."
แถมเลวร้ายกว่าเดิมthaaemR laayoM raaiH gwaaL deermMexample sentence"Moreover, [some things] have gotten even worse than before..."
แถลง thaL laaengRverb, formalto make a statement; relate a story; address an audience; declare
แถลงการณ์ thaL laaengR gaanMnoun, phrase[formal term] communique; official statement
แถลงการณ์ปิดคดีthaL laaengR gaanM bpitL khaH deeMnoun, phraseclosing statement in a legal trial
แถลงการณ์ร่วม thaL laaengR gaanM ruaamFnounjoint communique
แถลงข่าวthaL laaengR khaaoLverbto (make a) statement; give information; publish a statement; publish news; inform
แถลงคดีthaL laaengR khaH deeMverb[courtroom] to state the case
แถลงปิดคดีด้วยวาจาthaL laaengR bpitL khaH deeM duayF waaM jaaMverb, phraseto present oral closing arguments (in a court of law)
แถว thaaeoRnoun[of objects] a row; column; file; line; bank; queue
noun, colloquialarea; location
colloquial[แถว ๆ] area; vicinity
classifier[numerical classifier for series, column, file, row, line]
แถวของพายของเรือthaaeoR khaawngR phaaiM khaawngR reuuaMnoun, phrasebank
แถวนอนthaaeoR naawnMnoun[of objects] a row
แถวนั้นมีอะไรน่ากินมั่งthaaeoR nanH meeM aL raiM naaF ginM mangFexample sentence"Is there anything good to eat there?"
แถวนี้มีร้านอาหารเจมั้ย? thaaeoR neeH meeM raanH aaM haanR jaehM maiHexample sentence"Is there a vegetarian restaurant near here?"
แถวหน้าthaaeoR naaFnounfront line; leading position
แถวหน้ากระดานthaaeoR naaF graL daanMnouna troop formation
แถว ๆ thaaeoR thaaeoRcolloquial[แถว ๆ] area; vicinity
แถว ๆบ้านมีตัวเงินตัวทองอยู่มาก เขาเคยเห็นมันนอนแอ้งแม้งอยู่ใกล้ปากซอย เพราะโดนรถทับthaaeoR thaaeoR baanF meeM dtuaaM ngernM dtuaaM thaawngM yuuL maakF khaoR kheeuyM henR manM naawnM aaengF maaengH yuuL glaiF bpaakL saawyM phrawH do:hnM rohtH thapHexample sentence"Near his home there were lots of water monitors; he used to see then lying motionless near the intersection of his street because they were run over by a car."
แถว ๆ บ้านเรียกตลกบริโภค (ฮา)thaaeoR thaaeoR baanF riiakF dtaL lohkL baawM riH pho:hkF haaMexample sentence"At my home they call this “sponging off someone else. (Haha!)."
แถวนี้ thaaeoR neeHadjective[is] local
โถtho:hR[alternate spelling of โธ่ ]
โถ tho:hRnounpot, a covered jar
classifier[numerical classifier for pots]
โถชักโครกtho:hR chakH khro:hkFnountoilet (the receptacle)
โถง tho:hngRadjectiveroomy; cavernous; spacious
โถงรับรองtho:hngR rapH raawngMnounlobby (of a building)
โถงเถงtho:hngR thaehngRadverblamely tall; high and isolated; unsteady; ungainly
โถบ tho:hpLverbswoop down onto; pounce down upon
โถม tho:hmRverb, transitive, intransitive, formalto rush; to hurtle; to pounce down upon; to lunge forward; to swoop down
โถมตัว tho:hmR dtuaaMverb, intransitive, phrase, formalto hurtle or plunge oneself or one's body (towards or into)
ไถ thaiRverbto plow; thrust; push; to clip hair very short
nouna plow
verbto extort money; blackmail
[การไถ] plowing
ไถกลบthaiR glohpLverbto plow up and over; plow for a second time
ไถเกรียนthaiR griianMverb, phraseto cut [hair] very short; get a crewcut
ไถเกรียนคือการใช้ปัตตะเลี่ยนไถผมจนเหลือสั้นที่สุด จนเห็นหนังหัวเลยนะครับthaiR griianM kheuuM gaanM chaiH bpatL dtaL liianF thaiR phohmR johnM leuuaR sanF theeF sootL johnM henR nangR huaaR leeuyM naH khrapHexample sentence"Cutting one’s hair short or a crew cut is using an electric clipper to cut hair down as short as possible so that the scalp can be seen."
ไถเงินthaiR ngernMverb, intransitiveto extort money
ไถนาthaiR naaMverbto plow the fields
ไถ่ thaiLverbto redeem (property); repent; redeem oneself
verbto ask; inquire; question; interrogate
verb[ไถ่ของ] to redeem property (from a pawnbroker, e.g.)
ไถ่ของthaiL khaawngRverb[ไถ่ของ] to redeem property (from a pawnbroker, e.g.)
ไถ่ถอน thaiL thaawnRverbto ransom, redeem
ไถ่ถอนทรัพย์thaiL thaawnR sapHverbto return previously seized property
ไถ่ถาม thaiL thaamR[ไถ่ถาม] to ask (about); inquire (about); to question; to interrogate
ไถ่ถามสารทุกข์สุกดิบthaiL thaamR saaR raH thookH sookL dipLverb, intransitive, figurative, colloquial, idiom[Thai convention] to ask a person with whom one is meeting how he or she has been doing; to ask someone how life has been treating him or her
ไถ่ทรัพย์คืนthaiL sapH kheuunMverbto redeem property
ไถ่โทษthaiL tho:htFverbto atone for a mistake or bad deed by doing good deeds
ไถ่บาปthaiL baapLto redeem oneself from sin; to repent for misdeeds
ไถง thaL ngaiRnoun, poetic, loanword, Khmerthe Sun
ไถล thaL laiRverbto slide; skid; glide; swerve; slip; lose one's footing
verbto dawdle; lollygag; lioter; dilly-dally
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