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ชอ ช้างelephant; pachyderm; Elephas maximusThe 10th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ช (ช)
TIS-620 value: 0xช (ช)

1558 Thai words on 32 Pages

Page 23
ชุกชีchookH gaL cheeMnounmasonry base for a principal Buddha image
ชุกห่วยchookH huayL[alternate spelling of โชห่วย]
ชุ้งchoongHadjective[is] bent; crooked; curved
nouna bend
ชุด chootHnoun, formalset; collection; kit, a collection of items for a specific purpose
[of clothes] a suit; outfit; uniform
noun[of rooms] a suite
noun[of software] version
nounteam of players (sports)
classifier[numerical classifier for certain collections or sets (e.g. bathing suit, calendar, coffee table)]
ชุดกันฝน chootH ganM fohnRnoun, colloquialrainwear
ชุดกีฬา chootH geeM laaMnounathletic outfit or uniform; sports clothing
ชุดเก่าขาดchootH gaoL khaatLnountorn; ragged clothes
ชุดของเธอกิ๊บเก๋น่าดูchootH khaawngR thuuhrM gipH gehR naaF duuMexample sentence"Her outfit is really chic."
ชุดเครื่องดนตรีchootH khreuuangF dohnM dtreeMnounmusical group
ชุดเจ้าสาว chootH jaoF saaoRnounwedding dress; bridal gown
ชุดชั้นใน chootH chanH naiMnoun, phrase, formalunderwear
ชุดดำน้ำลึก chootH damM naamH leukHnounwet suit
ชุดแต่งงานของเธอเป็นผ้าไหมและปักลูกไม้อย่างสวยงามchootH dtaengL ngaanM khaawngR thuuhrM bpenM phaaF maiR laeH bpakL luukF maiH yaangL suayR ngaamMexample sentence"Her wedding dress was made out of silk, beatifully embroidered with lace."
ชุดทดสอบการตั้งครรภ์chootH thohtH saawpL gaanM dtangF khanMnounpregnancy test kit
ชุดทานข้าวchootH thaanM khaaoFnoundining room suite (table, chairs, etc.)
ชุดที่สวมมาร่วมงานไม่ควรแตกต่างจากชุดที่สวมมาทำงานมากนักchootH theeF suaamR maaM ruaamF ngaanM maiF khuaanM dtaaekL dtaangL jaakL chootH theeF suaamR maaM thamM ngaanM maakF nakHexample sentence"What you wear to the party should be much different than what you normally wear to work."
ชุดที่หล่อนสวมใส่เป็นชุดราตรีที่หวือหวามาก เพราะค่อนข้างบางและไม่มีซับในchootH theeF laawnL suaamR saiL bpenM chootH raaM dtreeM theeF weuuR waaR maakF phrawH khaawnF khaangF baangM laeH maiF meeM sapH naiMexample sentence"She is wearing a striking evening gown; the dress is fairly diaphanous and has no lining."
ชุดไทยchootH thaiMnounclassical Thai suit; traditional skirt and blouse combination
ชุด น.ร.chootH nakH riianMnounstudent's school uniform
ชุดนอน chootH naawnMnounnightwear; pajamas
ชุดนอนชาย chootH naawnM chaaiMnounmen's pajamas
ชุดนอนสตรี chootH naawnM saL dtreeMnounwomen's nightgown
ชุดเบสบอล chootH baehtL baawnMnounbaseball uniform
ชุดปฐมพยาบาล chootH bpaL thohmR phaH yaaM baanMnounfirst-aid kit
ชุดพระราชทานchootH phraH raatF chaH thaanMnounformal Thai-style suit
ชุดฟอร์มchootH faawmMnouna uniform
ชุดฟันเทียม chootH fanM thiiamMnoundentures
ชุดรักษาความปลอดภัยหมู่บ้านchootH rakH saaR khwaamM bplaawtL phaiM muuL baanFverbvillage militia
ชุดรับแขกchootH rapH khaaekLnounliving room suite (sofa, chairs, coffee table, etc.)
ชุดราชปะแตนchootH raatF bpaL dtaaenMnountraditional Thai official suit of former times
ชุดราตรีchootH raaM dtreeMnounevening dress; evening clothes
ชุดลำลอง chootH lamM laawngMnouncasual wear; non-business attire
ชุดว่ายน้ำ chootH waaiF naamHnounbathing suit; swimsuit
ชุดไว้ทุกข์chootH waiH thookHnounmourning wear; dress or suit for a funeral
ชุดสีกากีที่เขาสวมใส่ บัดนี้ไม่สง่าและไร้ราศีchootH seeR gaaM geeM theeF khaoR suaamR saiL batL neeH maiF saL ngaaL laeH raiH raaM seeRexample sentence"The khaki uniform that he is wearing has lost its sparkle and is undignified."
ชุดสูต chootH suutLnoun, phrase, formalthe suit
ชุดอวกาศ chootH aL waH gaatLnounspacesuit
ชุดอาบน้ำ chootH aapL naamHnoun, formalbathing suit; swimsuit
ชุดอาหาร chootH aaM haanRnoun[of a meal] a course
ชุนchoonMverbto darn; mend; repair; make embroidery
ชุบ choopHverbto coat (with); to plate; to overlay; to gild
verbto dip; to soak
ชุบชีวิตchoopH cheeM witHverbto support; revive; better the life of
ชุบชูchoopH chuuMverbto improve; elevate; restore
ชุบตัวchoopH dtuaaMverb, poeticto take a bath; bathe oneself; emerse oneself
ชุบตัวchoopH dtuaaMverbto acquire knowledge; emerse oneself in learning
ชุบมือเปิบchoopH meuuM bpeerpLexample sentence, idiom"One beats the bush, and another catches the birds." — "One man sows, and another reaps."
ชุบมือเปิบchoopH meuuM bpeerpLverbto take advantage of what someone else has done
ชุบเลี้ยงchoopH liiangHto bring up; foster; bring up; raise; provide for
ชุมchoomMverb, intransitive, formalto assemble; to meet; to collect; to congregate; to foregather; to abound
adjective, colloquialplentiful; abundant; fully sufficient
ชุมทาง choomM thaangMnoun, phraseterminals; road junction; railroad junction; junction
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