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วอ แหวนa ring (worn on the finger)The 37th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ว (ว)
TIS-620 value: 0xว (ว)

1487 Thai words on 30 Pages

Page 29
แว่นตากันแดดwaaenF dtaaM ganM daaetLnounsunglasses
แว่นตาดำน้ำ waaenF dtaaM damM naamHnoundiving mask or goggles
แว่นตาสีดำwaaenF dtaaM seeR damMnoundark glasses
แว่นนูน waaenF nuunMnounconvex lens
แว่นเว้า waaenF waoHnounconcave lens
แว่นสายตาwaaenF saaiR dtaaMnouneyeglasses; glasses
แว้นwaaenHnounyoung motorcycle racer
แว๊นwaaenHnoun[เด็กแว๊น] young male motorcycle racer who takes to the streets illegally at night
แว่นแคว้น waaenF khwaaenHnoun, colloquialterritory; region
แวนนาไมwaaenM naaM maiMnoun[name of a variety of commercial shrimp farmed in Thailand]
แวบ waaepFnounglimpse; a flash (of light)
adjective[แวบ ๆ] [is] flashing
แวบ ๆwaaepF waaepFadjective[แวบ ๆ] [is] flashing
แว็บแคมwaepH khaaemMnoun[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] webcam
แวมไพร์ waaemM phaiMnoun, proper noun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] vampire
แวว waaeoMnounlight; reflected light; gleam; sparkle; glint; look; expression; promise; cause of hope
adjectivegleaming; sparkling
แววความหวังที่จรรโลงใจในยามตกทุกข์ได้ยากwaaeoM khwaamM wangR theeF janM lo:hngM jaiM naiM yaamM dtohkL thookH daiF yaakFnoun, phrasea silver lining—a sign of hope in an unfortunate or gloomy situation; a bright prospect
แววตาwaaeoM dtaaMnounexpression; feeling as conveyed through one's eyes
แววตาของเขามักมีเลศนัยเสมอ ไม่น่าไว้ใจเลยwaaeoM dtaaM khaawngR khaoR makH meeM laehtF naiM saL muuhrR maiF naaF waiH jaiM leeuyMexample sentence"His expression always conveys an ulterior motive; he should not be trusted."
แวววาว waaeoM waaoMverbto sparkle; shine; glisten
แวววาวwaaeoM waaoMadjective[is] sparkling; shining; glistening
แว่ว waaeoFverb, adverb, colloquialto hear vaguely; hear in the distance; hear slightly; hear indistinctly; dimly hear
แว่วชะนีฟัง ก้องดังวังเวงใจwaaeoF chaH neeM fangM gaawngF dangM wangM waehngM jaiMphraseI hear the distant gibbon’s cry; it echoes eerily in my heart
แวววับwaaeoM wapHadjective[is] glittering; brilliant; shining; sparkling
แวะ waeHnounstopover
แวะมาทักทายแป๊บหนึ่งได้ไหม มีคนคิดถึงค่ะwaeH maaM thakH thaaiM bpaaepH neungL daiF maiH meeM khohnM khitH theungR khaFexample sentence"Can you stop by for just a second; there's someone who misses you."
แวะมาเยี่ยมหน่อยได้ไหมwaeH maaM yiiamF naawyL daiF maiHexample sentence"Stop off (along the way) and pay me a little visit, won’t you?"
แวะเวียนwaeH wiianMverbto visit often
โว wo:hMadjective, verb, intransitiveto brag; to swagger; to boast; to bluster
โว่wo:hF[alternate spelling of โหว่ ]
โวย wooyMverb, transitive, intransitive, colloquial[shortened form of โวยวาย ] to be boisterous; to cry out loud asking for help
โว้ยwooyHinterjection, particle, colloquial, vulgar[an interjection placed at the end of a sentence or phrase to
  • answer a call
  • call or ask someone
  • express surprise or amazement
] "Hey!"; "Ahoy!"; "Wow!"
interjection, particle, colloquial[an impolite interjection used to express fury, anger, indignation or an outcry] "What's going on!?!?" "What the hell!?!?"
โวยวาย wooyM waaiMverb, intransitive, colloquialto raise hue and cry (about something); to cry out loud (asking for help or justice)
noun, colloquialsound of tumult; outcry, cry or clamor
adjective, colloquialboisterous; loud; noisy; rowdy; vociferous
โวลต์ wo:hnMnounvolt (electricity)
classifier[numerical classifier for volt]
โวลุ่มwo:hM loomFnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] volume
โวหาร wo:hM haanRnoun, formal, poetic, loanword, Palifigure of speech; eloquence; rhetoric; rhetoric style; oratory; phrasing; vernacular; speech; words
โวหารสร้างภาพพจน์ wo:hM haanR saangF phaapF phohtHnoun, phrase, formalfigure of speech; a literary method that creates imagery
โวหารเสียดสีเหน็บแนมwo:hM haanR siiatL seeR nepL naaemMnouncaustic, contemptuous, or sarcastic language
ไว waiMadjective[is] swift; quick; fast; nimble; agile; prompt
adverbswiftly; quickly
adverb[ไว ๆ] very quickly; very swiftly
ไวไฟ waiM faiMadjectiveinflammable; flammable
ไวแสงwaiM saaengRadjective[is] photosensitive; senstive to light
ไว ๆwaiM waiMadverb[ไว ๆ] very quickly; very swiftly
ไว้ waiHverb, intransitive, colloquial[usually used in an intransitive sense] to wear (clothes or hairstyle); to restore; to store; to keep; to preserve; to conserve; to maintain
adverb[aspect marker indicating a completed event which is considered beneficial]
adverb[adverbial word that helps reinforce the meaning of the main verb]
colloquial[a word that implies a tentative speculation of a plan or course of action in the near future]
verbto put in place; to put away; is placed
verb[ไว้ใจ] to trust; have faith in; confidence in; rely upon
verb[ไม่ไว้ใจ] distrust
noun[ความไว้ใจ] trust
adjective[น่าไว้ใจ] [is] trustworthy
ไว้ค่อยคุยกันทีหลังได้ไหมwaiH khaawyF khuyM ganM theeM langR daiF maiHexample sentence"Can we talk about this later?"
ไว้คุยกันทีหลังได้ไหมwaiH khuyM ganM theeM langR daiF maiHexample sentence"Can we talk about this later?"
ไว้เจอกันwaiH juuhrM ganMexample sentence"See you later." — "See you soon." — "Until we meet again." — "See ya."
ไว้เจอกันพรุ่งนี้waiH juuhrM ganM phroongF neeHexample sentence"See you tomorrow!"
ไว้เจอกันวันศุกร์หน้านะwaiH juuhrM ganM wanM sookL naaF naHexample sentence"See you on Friday!"
ไว้เจอกันหลังเลิกงานwaiH juuhrM ganM langR leerkF ngaanMexample sentence"See you after work!"
ไว้ใจ waiH jaiMverb[ไว้ใจ] to trust; have faith in; confidence in; rely upon
ไว้ใจคุณช่วยเอาที่คุณจดในห้องเรียนมาให้ฉันยืมหน่อยได้ไหมwaiH jaiM khoonM chuayF aoM theeF khoonM johtL naiM haawngF riianM maaM haiF chanR yeuumM naawyL daiF maiHexample sentence"Can you bring me the notes from class later?"
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