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แถมยังไม่เคยมีหลักฐานที่แสดงให้รู้ถึงเหตุผลอย่างชัดเจนเลยสักครั้งว่า ทำไมจอมพล ป..จึงต้องให้นักเรียนตัดผมทรงอย่างนี้ด้วย?
thaaemR yangM maiF kheeuyM meeM lakL thaanR theeF saL daaengM haiF ruuH theungR haehtL phohnR yaangL chatH jaehnM leeuyM sakL khrangH waaF thamM maiM jaawmM phohnM bpaL jeungM dtawngF haiF nakH riianM dtatL phohmR sohngM yaangL neeH duayF
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiแถม-ยัง-ไม่-เคย-มี-หฺลัก-ถาน-ที่-สะ-แดง-ไฮ่-รู้-ถึง-เหด-ผน-หฺย่าง-ชัด-เจน-เลย-สัก-คฺรั้ง-ว่า-ทำ-ไม-จอม-พน-ปะ-จึง-ต็้อง-ไฮ่-นัก-เรียน-ตัด-ผม-ซง-หฺย่าง-นี้-ด้วย
IPAtʰɛ̌ːm jaŋ mâj kʰɤːj miː làk tʰǎːn tʰîː sà dɛːŋ hâj rúː tʰɯ̌ŋ hèːt pʰǒn jàːŋ tɕʰát tɕeːn lɤːj sàk kʰráŋ wâː tʰam maj tɕɔːm pʰon pà tɕɯŋ tɔ̂ŋ hâj nák riːan tàt pʰǒm soŋ jàːŋ níː dûaj
Royal Thai General Systemthaem yang mai khoei mi lak than thi sadaeng hai ru thueng het phon yang chat chen loei sak khrang wa thammai chom phon pa chueng tong hai nak rian tat phom song yang ni duai

 [example sentence]
"In addition, there is not one scintilla of evidence clearly indicating why Field Marshall Plaek required students to cut their hair this way."

componentsแถม thaaemRin addition, as well as, over and above, plus...
ยัง yangMyet; since; not yet; still
ไม่ maiFnot; no
เคย kheeuyM(have you) ever; (as) before; did in the past; used to...
มี meeMto have or possess; to be available
หลักฐานlakL thaanRevidence
ที่ theeF[the relative pronouns] that; which; which is...
แสดง saL daaengMto act; perform; demonstrate; show; or display
ให้ haiFto give; to let; to send to; to allow; to convey towards; to pay (attention); to have someone do something
รู้ถึงruuH theungRto see through (i.e. a deception); to infer (i.e. someone's thoughts)
เหตุผลhaehtL phohnRreason; rationality
อย่างชัดเจนyaangL chatH jaehnMvery clearly
เลย leeuyM[used for emphasis at the end of a statement] " all." — " much!" — "...extremely!; completely, directly; simply, without doing anything else first; right away
สักครั้งsakL khrangHjust once or so; just one time; a time or two
ว่า waaF[proposition complementizer] that...; as... [see examples]
ทำไม thamM maiMwhy
จอมพลjaawmM phohnMArmy Field Marshal
ป.bpaL[abbreviation for แปลก , former Thai prime minister] Plaek
จึง jeungMthus; therefore; so
ต้อง dtawngF[auxiliary verb] has to...; must...; is required to...; is duty-bound to...
ให้ haiFto give; to let; to send to; to allow; to convey towards; to pay (attention); to have someone do something
นักเรียนnakH riianMstudent; pupil (thru high school); schoolchildren
ตัดผม dtatL phohmRhaircut; to cut the hair; have a haircut
ทรง sohngMhair style; hairdo
อย่างนี้yaangL neeHlike this
ด้วย duayFtogether; along with; also; too; as well; likewise; in addition to doing some other thing (as another action performed by the same subject)

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