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ลอ ลิงmonkeyThe 36th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ล (ล)
TIS-620 value: 0xล (ล)

1984 Thai words on 40 Pages

Page 15
ลายไม้ laaiM maaiHnoun[of wood] grain
ลายลักษณ์อักษรlaaiM lakH akL saawnRnounwriting; the written word; in writing
ลายสอง laaiM saawngRnountwill
ลายเส้นlaaiM senFnounlined pattern; lined design; lined figure
ลายเนื้อไม้laaiM neuuaH maiHnounwood grain
ลายมือชื่อ laaiM meuuM cheuuFnouna signature
ลายสือlaaiM seuuRnoun, ancientletters of the alphabet
ลาลีกาlaaM leeM gaaMproper noun[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] La Liga
ลาว laaoMproper noun, geographical, adjectiveLao; Laotian
[คนลาว] Lao person; Laotian
proper noun, geographical[ประเทศลาว] Laos
ลาวาlaaM waaMnoun, adjective, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] lava
ลำ lamMtrunk; stalk; body of a plant
classifier[numerical classifier for long curved objects such as ships, airplanes, bamboo, etc.]
adjective[Northern dialect] [is] delicious
noun[ลำเรือ] hull of a boat
ลำกล้องlamM glaawngFnounbarrel (of a gun); monocular
ลำคลอง lamM khlaawngMnouncanal; waterway
ลำคอlamM khaawMnounthroat
ลำต้นlamM dtohnFnounstem; tree trunk
ลำตัว lamM dtuaaMnountorso
ลำน้ำlamM namHnounstream; canal; waterway; watercourse
ลำบ่lamM baawLexample sentence[Northern dialect] "Does it taste good?"
ลำเรือlamM reuuaMnoun[ลำเรือ] hull of a boat
ลำแสงlamM saaengRnounbeam of light
ลำไส้ lamM saiFnounbowels; intestines
ลำไส้เล็ก lamM saiF lekHnounsmall intestine
ลำไส้ใหญ่ lamM saiF yaiLnouncolon; lower intestine
ล่ำlamFadjective[is] muscular
ล้ำ lamHadverbextremely; very; exceptionally; surpassing; superior
verbto transgress; to infringe; to overstep; to go beyond; to encroach upon
ล้ำค่าlamH khaaFadjective[is] priceless, invaluable
ล้ำยุคlamH yookHadjective[is] ultra-modern; advanced; ahead of its time
ล้ำสมัยlamH saL maiRadjective[is] ultramodern; modern; up-to-date; novel
ล้ำเส้นlamH senFverb, phraseto overstep; cross the line
ล้ำหน้าlamH naaFverbto get ahead of; outstrip; overtake; catch up with and surpass
ล้ำหน้าlamH naaFnounoffsides [football/soccer]
ลำเค็ญlamM khenMverbto suffer severe hardships
ลำดับ lamM dapLnounsequence; order; line; arrangement; series
verbto put in the correct arrangement; to order; to sequence
noun[ลำดับแรก] first in line; first priority; primary
noun[ลำดับสอง] second in line; second priority; secondary
ลำดับชั้นlamM dapL chanHnounhierarchy; rank; level
ลำดับที่สองlamM dapL theeF saawngRadjectivesecond in position (as opposed to first or third)
ลำดับที่สามlamM dapL theeF saamRadjective, phrase, formalthird
ลำดับแรกlamM dapL raaekFnoun[ลำดับแรก] first in line; first priority; primary
ลำดับสองlamM dapL saawngRnoun[ลำดับสอง] second in line; second priority; secondary
ลำตัด lamM dtatLnoun[a Thai style of] 2-part singing
ลำธาร lamM thaanMnounstream; brook; creek
ลำธารละหาน ไหลซ่านผ่านภูผาlamM thaanM laH haanR laiR saanF phaanL phuuM phaaRphraseStreams flow through craggy mounts
ลำเนา lamM naoMnoundomain; row; line; zone; rank; way; manor; place
ลำเนาไพรlamM naoM phraiMnounwoods; forest
ลำบนlamM bohnMadjective[euphonious suffix]
ลำบาก lamM baakLadjective[is] difficult; hard; troublesome
noun[ความลำบาก] hardship; personal difficulty; strife
adjective[ลำบากใจ] [is] worried; depressed; distressed
adverbwith difficulty
ลำบากใจlamM baakL jaiMadjective[ลำบากใจ] [is] worried; depressed; distressed
ลำบากลำบนlamM baakL lamM bohnMverb, poeticto undergo trouble
ลำปาง lamM bpaangMproper noun, geographicalLampang, a province in northern Thailand with a 1995 population of 803,191 (rank 26 of 76)
ลำพองlamM phaawngMadverbimpetuously; wildly; spiritedly; over-confidently
ลำพองใจlamM phaawngM jaiMadjective[is] in high spirits
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