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ลอ ลิงmonkeyThe 36th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ล (ล)
TIS-620 value: 0xล (ล)

2195 Thai words on 44 Pages

Page 6
ลวดสะลิงluaatF saL lingMnounwire rope
ล้วน luaanHadverbtotally; solely; complely; entirely; in all
[ล้วน ๆ] solely; purely; completely
adjective[is] pure; absolute; pristine
ล้วนแต่luaanH dtaaeLevery last one; to the last
ล้วนทำให้การจราจรติดขัด และเกิดอุบัติเหตุอยู่เสมอluaanH thamM haiF gaanM jaL raaM jaawnM dtitL khatL laeH geertL ooL batL dtiL haehtL yuuL saL muuhrRexample sentence"All of this [activity] causes traffic jams and accidents occur constantly."
ล้วนแล้วluaanH laaeoHadverbentirely; totally
ล้วนแล้วแต่luaanH laaeoH dtaaeLpronounall
ล้วน ๆluaanH luaanH[ล้วน ๆ] solely; purely; completely
ลวนลามluaanM laamMto molest; assault
ล่วม luaamFnounbag, a kit, a kit bag
ล่วมยา luaamF yaaMnounmedical kit
ลหุ laH hooLadjective, loanword, Pali[is] light; minor; small; petty
noun, loanword, Palisyllable without an accent; unstressed syllable in Thai prosody [see notes]
ลหุโทษ laH hooL tho:htFnounpunishment for a petty offense; light punishment; light penalty
ลหุโทษ laH hooL tho:htFnoun[referring to] the minor-offense prison in Bangkok
ลอ laawM[pronunciation of the 36th letter of the Thai alphabet]
ล่อ laawFverbto smash; take care of by violent means; "fix" someone
verbto entice; deceive; beguile; trick; dupe; lure; delude
noun[การล่อ] [the abstract feeling of] temptation
adjective[ล่อใจ] [is] tempting; alluring; inviting
verb[of food or drink] to scarf down; devour; gulp; drink; guzzle
ล่อใจlaawF jaiMadjective[ล่อใจ] [is] tempting; alluring; inviting
ล่อตาlaawF dtaaMverbto seduce; attract; appeal to the eye
ล่อตาล่อใจlaawF dtaaM laawF jaiMverbto fool; entice
ล่อต่างlaawF dtaangLnounpack mule
ล่อเป้าlaawF bpaoFnounattractive target
ล่อลวงlaawF luaangMverbto deceive; mislead; hoodwink; trick; con; delude; swindle
ล่อหลอกlaawF laawkLverbdeceive; hoodwink; trick; delude
ล่อหลอกlaawF laawkLverbseduce; allure; lure; tempt
ล่อแหลมlaawF laaemRadjective[is] dangerous; [is] risky; [is] unsafe
ล้อ laawHnounwheel
verbto tease; to mock
ล้อยางlaawH yaangMnouna wheel; rubber tire
ล้อรถ laawH rohtHnounwheel of a car; a car's tires
ล้อรถจักรยาน laawH rohtH jakL graL yaanMnounbicycle wheel
ล้อเล่น laawH lenFverbto tease; to kid; joke; tell a joke
ล้อเลียน laawH liianMverbto ridicule; make fun of; parody
ล้อเลื่อน laawH leuuanFnouna wheeled vehicle
ล้อสายพานจะไม่วิ่งกลับมาอีกlaawH saaiR phaanM jaL maiF wingF glapL maaM eekLThe dreaded tanks will not return
ล้อสายพานผ่านไปlaawH saaiR phaanM phaanL bpaiMAs their tracked-wheels pass by
ล้อหน้า laawH naaFnounfront wheel
ล้อหลัง laawH langRnounrear wheel
ลอก laawkFverbto copy or reproduce a pattern
verbto peel a fruit or vegetable; peel away a layer
verbto dredge
ลอกข้อสอบ laawkF khaawF saawpLphrase, colloquialTo cheat on a test (i.e. by copying someone else's paper)
ลอกท่อlaawkF thaawFverb, phraseto clear drains
ลอกแบบ laawkF baaepLverb, intransitive, phrase, formalto copy
ลอกเลียนlaawkF liianMverbto copy; imitate; reproduce; duplicate; replicate
ลอกเลียนแบบ laawkF liianM baaepLverbimitate; copy
ลอกหนังสือ laawkF nangR seuuRverbto make a (presumably unathorized) copy of a book
ล็อกlawkHnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] log
noun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] lock
ล็อกคอlawkH khaawMverbto get a stranglehold on someone
ล๊อกlaawkH[alternate spelling of ล็อค ]
ล๊อกคอlaawkH khaawMverbto restrain with a chokehold
ล็อกเกต lawkH gaehtLnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] locket; pendant
ลอกคราบlaawkF khraapFverbmolt; moult; slough
ล็อกดาวน์lawkH daaoMnoun, verb[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] lockdown; to lockdown
ล่อกแล่กlawkF laekFadjective[is] restless; uncertain; shifty; roving
adverbrestlessly; shiftily; in a manner of roving about
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