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ลอ ลิงmonkeyThe 36th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ล (ล)
TIS-620 value: 0xล (ล)

2195 Thai words on 44 Pages

Page 44
โลว์เด็น lo:hM denMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] low density; low-density computer diskette
โล่ห์lo:hF[alternate spelling of โล่]
โลหะ lo:hM haLnounmetal
โลหะปราสาทlo:hM haL bpraaM saatLproper nounLoha Prasat Temple [a temple in Bangkok]; the "Metal Castle"
โลหะผสมlo:hM haL phaL sohmRnounalloy
โลหะสัมฤทธิ์lo:hM haL samR ritHnounan alloy of metals
โลหิต lo:hM hitLnounblood
โลหิตออกlo:hM hitL aawkLverb, intransitiveto bleed; to have a hemorrhage
โละloHverb[โละทิ้ง] to discard; dump; get rid of; reject; throw away; clear away; sack
โละทิ้งloH thingHverb[โละทิ้ง] to discard; dump; get rid of; reject; throw away; clear away; sack
ไล่ laiFverb, transitiveto chase; chase away
to pursue, to run after
verbto test the knowledge; to quiz; to try
noun[ลูกไล่] stooge; flunky; lackey
ไล่กวดlaiF guaatLverbto chase
ไล่จับ laiF japLverb, transitive, intransitive, phraseto catch
ไล่ต้อนlaiF dtaawnFverbto chase something and box it in
ไล่ต้อนเป็ดเข้าเล้าlaiF dtaawnF bpetL khaoF laaoHphraseto chase the ducks into the coop.
ไล่ตามlaiF dtaamMverbto chase after
ไล่ทัน laiF thanMverbto catch up with
ไล่บี้laiF beeFverbto pursue; attempt to catch
ไล่เบี้ยlaiF biiaFverbto take recourse to; to pass on liability
ไล่ผี laiF pheeRverb, intransitive, phrase, colloquialto exorcize an evil spirit
ไล่ไม่ทันlaiF maiF thanMadjective[is] unable to catch up with
ไล่ล่าlaiF laaFverbto pursue; chase; to be in hot pursuit
ไล่ล่าlaiF laaFverbto drive away
ไล่ส่ง laiF sohngLverbto send away; to chase away
ไล่เสียงlaiF siiangRverb, transitive, intransitiveto run the range; to run the gamut
ไล่หลังlaiF langRverbto chase after; follow
ไล่ออก laiF aawkLverb, transitive, phraseto discharge from employment; to dismiss; to fire (someone); to exile (a person); expel (from school)
ไล่ออกนอกประเทศlaiF aawkL naawkF bpraL thaehtFverb, transitive, phraseto exile
ไล้ laiHverbto smear (on); to coat with
ไลก์laiMverb[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] like
ไลค์laiMverb[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] like
ไลซ่าlaiM saaFproper noun, loanword, EnglishLiza [an English given name]
ไลน์laiMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] "line" or the social media app "LINE"
ไลนัสlaiM natHproper noun, loanword, EnglishLinus [an English given name]
ไลบซิคlaiM baL sikHproper noun, geographicalLeipzig, a city in Germany
ไลบีเรีย laiM beeM riiaMproper noun, geographical[ประเทศไลบีเรีย] Liberia, a country in Africa
ไลเปสlaiM bpaehtLnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] lipase
ไลฟ์laiMnoun, adjective, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] "live", "life"
ไลฟ์สไตล์laiM saL dtaiMnoun, loanword, Englishlifestyle
ไลม์ laiMloanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] lime
noun[ต้นไลม์] lime tree
ไล่เรียงlaiF riiangM[alternate spelling of ไล่เลียง ]
ไล่เลี่ย laiF liiaFadjective[is] just about the same; [is] on a par with
adjective[ไล่เลี่ยกัน] [is] equal
ไล่เลี่ยกันlaiF liiaF ganMadjective[ไล่เลี่ยกัน] [is] equal
ไล่เลียง laiF liiangMverbto cross-examine; question; make inquires
ไลแล็คlaiM laekHnoun[ดอกไลแล็ค] lilac
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