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ลอ ลิงmonkeyThe 36th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ล (ล)
TIS-620 value: 0xล (ล)

2075 Thai words on 42 Pages

Page 12
ลัทธิไม่ถือศาสนาlatH thiH maiF theuuR saatL saL naaRnoun[ลัทธิไม่ถือศาสนา] Agnosticism
ลัทธิล่าเมืองขึ้นlatH thiH laaF meuuangM kheunFnounimperialism; colonialism
ลัทธิล่าอาณานิคมlatH thiH laaF aaM naaM niH khohmMnounimperialism; colonialism
ลัทธิสมบูรณาญาสิทธิราชย์latH thiH sohmR buuM raH naaM yaaM sitL thiH raatFnounabsolutism, despotism
ลัทธิสรรพเทวนิยมlatH thiH sapL phaH thaehM waH niH yohmMnoun[ลัทธิสรรพเทวนิยม] Pantheism
ลัทธิสังคมนิยมlatH thiH sangR khohmM niH yohmMnounsocialism
ลัทธิเสรีนิยมlatH thiH saehR reeM niH yohmMnounLiberalism
ลัทธิเหมาเซตุงlatH thiH maoR saehM dtoongMMaoism
ลัทธิอ.เทวนิยมlatH thiH thaehM waH niH yohmMnoun[ลัทธิอ.เทวนิยม] Atheism
ลัทธิอัตตานิยม latH thiH atL dtaaM niH yohmMnoun, phrase, formal, loanword, Paliegoism; narcissism
ลัทธิอัตถิภาวะนิยมlatH thiH atL thiL phaaM waH niH yohmMnoun[ลัทธิอัตถิภาวะนิยม] Existentialism
ลัทธิอาณานิคมlatH thiH aaM naaM niH khohmMnouncolonialism
ลัทธิเอกเทวนิยมlatH thiH aehkL gaL thaehM waH niH yohmMnoun[ลัทธิเอกเทวนิยม] Monotheism
ลั่น lanFverb, transitive, intransitiveto explode; to burst; to sound; to resound; to fire; to pull the trigger; to release
adjective, adverb, colloquialloud; loudly; boisterously
verbto state publicly; announce; declare for all the world to know
ลั่นกระสุนlanF graL soonRverb, phraseto fire a weapon; shoot a bullet
ลั่นกลองรบlanF glaawngM rohpHverbto beat the drums of war
ลั่นกลอนlanF glaawnMverbto lock; lock with a sliding bolt
ลั่นไก lanF gaiMverbto pull the trigger
ลั่นคำlanF khamMverb, phraseto give one's word
ลั่นนก lanF nohkHverbto pull the trigger
ลั่นปากlanF bpaakLverb, phraseto give one's word
ลั่นโผlanF pho:hRverbto release a proposed list
ลั่นวาจาlanF waaM jaaMverb, phraseto give one's word
ลันเตา lanM dtaoMnoun[ถั่วลันเตา] sweet peas, Pisum sativum
ลั่นทมlanF thohmMnounplumeria [a flower producing bush; white flowers are very fragrant]; fragrapanti
ลั้นลาlanH laaMverb, colloquialto go out and have fun
ลับ lapHadjective[is] confidential; secret; private; hidden
verbto fade; die away; vanish; disappear; dissolve; wane
verb[ลับมีด] to sharpen a knife
verb, transitive, intransitiveto hone; to sharpen; to whet
verb, transitive, colloquial[usually followed by ตา ] to be out of sight
noun[ความลับ] a secret
ลับเฉพาะ lapH chaL phawHadjective, phrase, colloquialexclusively secret or confidential
ลับตาlapH dtaaMadjective[is] beyond eyesight; out of sight; not visible
ลับมีดlapH meetFverb[ลับมีด] to sharpen a knife
ลับลมคมใน lapH lohmM khohmM naiMadjective, phrase, colloquial[is] mysterious, secretive, furtive, hidden, concealed, suspicious
ลับลมคมในlapH lohmM khohmM naiMnounulterior motive
ลับลวงพรางlapH luaangM phraangMverb, phrase“disguise, deceive, conceal”; (Gen. Anupong Boonyaratkalin’s avowed military strategy)
ลับลวงพรางlapH luaangM phraangMnoun"Secrets, Trickery, and Camouflage" (name of a series of books by Watsana Nanuam)
ลับแลlapH laaeMnounscreen; partition
ลับสมองลองปัญญาlapH saL maawngR laawngM bpanM yaaMverb, phraseto sharpen the mind and test one’s intellect; solve puzzles
ลับสุดยอดlapH sootL yaawtFadjective[is] top secret
ลับหลังlapH langRadverbbehind; behind one's back; hidden
ลับ ๆ ล่อ ๆlapH lapH laawF laawFadjective[is] stealthy; sneaky; furtive; secret
ลับ ๆ ล่อ ๆlapH lapH laawF laawFadverbfurtively; sneakily; stealthily
ลับๆ ล่อๆlapH lapH laawF laawFverbto bob and weave, bob up and down
ลัพธ์ lapHnounresult; quotient
adjectiveobtained; received; caught; gotten
ลัมโบร์กีนีlamM bo:hM geeM neeMproper noun, loanword, Italian[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] Lamborghini
ลัย laiMnounmoment; period; rhythm; resting place; end; death; disappearance; dissolution
ลัวะlaH waHproper nounLawa, an ethnic group and Austro-Asiatic language of Laos and northern Thailand
ลั๊วะlaH waH[alternate spelling of ลัวะ]
ลา laaMverbto say good-bye; to be on leave; to take one's leave; to bid farewell
noundonkey; ass
adjectiveminor; small; little
nounturn; time; instance
noun, loanword, French[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] la
[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] la; the 6th note of the solfeggio scale
noun, loanword, Latin[music] la, the sixth note of the major diatonic scale
ลากลับlaaM glapLverbto say goodby to someone as one is leaving
ลาก่อน laaM gaawnLexample sentence"Goodbye"; "Bye."
ลาก่อนนะ laaM gaawnL naHexample sentence"Goodbye."
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