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ภาษา » วรรณคดี » กวีนิพนธ์ไทย
Language » Literature » Poetry - Versification

NotesSynonym: งานร้อยกรอง
กลอน glaawnM[a type of Thai versification]
กลอนตลาดglaawnM dtaL laatL[a certain form of Thai poetry]
กลอนแปดglaawnM bpaaetL[a certain type of Thai poetry which has eight syllables per line]
กลอนลิลิต glaawnM liH litH[a type of Thai versification]
กวี gaL weeMpoet
กวีนิพนธ์gaL weeM niH phohnM[formal term for] poetry
กวีวัจนะgaL weeM watH naH[a kind of Thai stanza or verse composed of varying types of poetic feet]
กาพย์ gaapLGavya [a type of Thai versification]
การสัมผัสอักษรgaanM samR phatL akL saawnRalliteration; head rhyme; initial rhyme
คำลหุkhamM laH hooLan open, short word or syllable using the sounds, for example, อะ, อิ, อี, อุ, เอะ, แอะ, โอะ, อัวะ, เอีอะ, เออะ, เอาะ, etc.
คำสร้อยkhamM saawyF[poetry] [a type of] word suffix used in poetry or for emphasis
โคลง khlo:hngM[a type of Thai versification] rhyming poem; verse in rhyme; verse
โคลงสี่สุภาพkhlo:hngM seeL sooL phaapFa poem with a certain type of rhyming scheme
งานประพันธ์ngaanM bpraL phanM[poem, poetry, prose, novel, essay, etc.] composition; writing; written work
งานร้อยกรองngaanM raawyH graawngMpoetry; poem
กาพย์ฉบังgaapL chaL bangM[a type of Thai versification in which one stanza contains sixteen words or syllables]
ฉันท์ chanR[a type of Thai versification with metrical composition derived from India]
ฉันทะลักษณ์chanR thaH lakHa rhyme scheme; prosody; poetics; [name of a book on versification]
เฉก chaehkL[formal conjunction used in written Thai or poetry only] as; like
ดั่ง dangL[poetic, formal, written Thai] similar to; just like
นารีปราโมทย์ naaM reeM bpraaM mo:htFthe mood in Thai literature or poetry that deals, traditionally, with making a woman feel delighted through consoling, courting and/or flirting
นิพนธ์ niH phohnMto write; compose; writing; composing; composition
นิราศ niH raatF[a kind of] long lyrical Thai poetry with eight (กลอนแปด) or nine (กลอนเก้า) syllables per line composed mainly on the theme of departure from one's residence—particularly parting from and thus yearning to return to a loved one. The most celebrated and prolific Niraat poet in the Thai poetic tradition is ท่านสุนทรภู่
บท bohtLstanza
บทกวีนิพนธ์bohtL gaL weeM niH phohnMpoetics
บาท baatLa foot (line) of a poem
ประณามพจน์bpraL naamM phohtHsalutational speech (especially one given at the beginning of Thai poetry)
ประหนึ่ง bpraL neungL[poetic, written] as if; as though; as; like; comparable to; comparable to
พ่าง phaangF[formal conjunction for poetic use only] as; like
พิโรธวาทัง phiH ro:htF waaM thangM[the mood in Thai literature or poetry that deals, traditionally, with expressing the persona's anger through remonstrating with slighted feeling(s)]
เพี้ยง phiiangH[poetic use only] equal to; as... as; as; like
กาพย์ยานีgaapL yaaM neeM[a type of Thai metrical verse with eleven words or syllables]
rohtH reuuR aaM rohmM naiM wanM naH khaH deeM thaiM
the four moods in the Thai literature
ร่าย raaiF[a type of Thai versification]
เรขา raehM khaaR[poetic] to draw; to write
ลิขิต liH khitLto scratch; to scrape; to write; to engrave; to draw
ลิลิต liH litH[a kind of Thai stanza or verse composed of varying types of poetic feet]
เลบง laH baehngM[often used with poetry writing] to compose; to write; to make
วรรค wakHa half of a บาท 
วรรณคดี wanM naH khaH deeMliterature
วรรณคดีไทยwanM naH khaH deeM thaiMThai literature
วิธีสัมผัสอักษรwiH theeM samR phatL akL saawnRalliteration
โวหาร wo:hM haanRfigure of speech; eloquence; rhetoric; rhetoric style; oratory; phrasing; vernacular; speech; words
ศรีปราชญ์seeR bpraatLSri Praj, a great Thai poet of the 1600s
สัมผัส samR phatLto rhyme (with)
สัมผัส samR phatLa rhyme
สัมผัสอักษรsamR phatL akL saawnRto alliterate
สัมผัสอักษรsamR phatL akL saawnRto alliterate; alliteration
สัลลาปังคพิไสย sanR laaM bpangM khaH phiH saiR[the mood in Thai literature or poetry that deals, traditionally, with expressing the persona's grief over parting with his love through bemoaning or lamentation, used predominantly in นิราศ ]
สาลินี saaR liH neeM[a certain type of verse]
สุภาพ sooL phaapF[of poetry] without any of the four Tone Markers (วรรณยุกต์)
เสาวรจนี saoR waH raH jaL neeM[the mood in Thai literature or poetry that deals, traditionally, with praising the beauty of a woman with sweet words]
อลังการ aL langM gaanM[of verse and object] decoration(s); adornment(s); ornament(s); embellishment(s); jewels
อัญขยมanM khaL yohmRI; me
aaM rohmM haengL gaL weeM niH phohnM
poetics; moods of poetry
ดั้นdanFa [type of] poetic meter
มหากาพย์maH haaR gaapLepic (as in "poem")

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