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ผอ ผึ้งbeeThe 28th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ผ (ผ)
TIS-620 value: 0xผ (ผ)

1981 Thai words on 40 Pages

Page 36
ผู้อุปการะphuuF oopL bpaL gaaM raH[ผู้อุปการะ] benefactor; sponsor; patron; supporter
ผู้อุปถัมภ์phuuF oopL bpaL thamR[ผู้อุปถัมภ์] supporter; sponsor; giver; guardian; contributor
ผูก phuukLverb, transitive, intransitiveto bind; tie; attach
[is] constipated [with ท้อง ]
ผูกคอตาย phuukL khaawM dtaaiMverbto become strangled to death by at the throat
ผูกคิ้วนิ่วหน้าphuukL khiuH niuF naaFverb, intransitiveto knit one's brow
ผูกเงื่อนphuukL ngeuuanFverb, phraseto tie a know
ผูกใจเจ็บphuukL jaiM jepLverb, intransitive, phrase, colloquialto have it in for someone; to intend or be determined to harm
ผูกใจรักphuukL jaiM rakHadjectiveBound in Mind; Bound in Heart; Bound in Soul
ผูกเนคไทphuukL naehkF thaiMverb, phrase, formalto tie a necktie
ผูกปมphuukL bpohmMverbto tie a knot
ผูกเป็นห่อเดียวได้ไหมคะ phuukL bpenM haawL diaaoM daiF maiH khaHexample sentence"Can you tie them up in one parcel?"
ผูกผ้าอ้อมphuukL phaaF aawmFverb, transitiveto diaper
ผูกผ้าอ้อมเด็กphuukL phaaF aawmF dekLverbto diaper a baby
ผูกพัน phuukL phanMverbto have a relationship with; to be tied to; to be attached to; to be in love with
ผูกพันphuukL phanMadjectivebinding; encumbering
ผูกมัดphuukL matHverb, transitive, intransitive, phraseto tie
ผูกมิตรphuukL mitHverb, transitive, intransitiveto befriend; to make friends
ผูกไมตรีphuukL maiM dtreeMverb, transitive, intransitiveto befriend; to make friends
ผูกรวมphuukL ruaamMverb, intransitive, phraseto attach or bind (a bunch of objects) together
ผูกเวรphuukL waehnMnounretribution
ผูกสมัครรักไซร้ด้วยกายด้วยใจphuukL saL makL rakH saiH duayF gaaiM duayF jaiMexample sentence"All that I am, I owe to her."
ผูกขาดphuukL khaatLverbto have a monopoly
verbto monopolize
noun, archaic[ผู้ผูกขาด] monopolist
ผูกขาดการค้าphuukL khaatL gaanM khaaHverb, phraseto monopoloze trade
ผูกขาดตลาดphuukL khaatL dtaL laatLverb, phraseto monopolize the market
ผู้ดูแลระบบphuuF duuM laaeM raH bohpLnounadministration
ผู้ไทยphuuF thaiMproper nounPhu Thai, an ethnic group and Tai language of Northeast Thailand
ผู้น้อยphuuF naawyHnouninferior (person); a subordinate
ผู้พิการphuuF phiH gaanM[alternate spelling of พิการ ]
ผู้มีปัญญาphuuF meeM bpanM yaaMnounphilosopher
ผู้ว่าฯphuuF waaFproper noun[short form for] governor
ผู้วินิจฉัยphuuF wiH nitH chaiR[book of the Old Testament] Judges
ผู้หมวดphuuF muaatLnounlieutenant
ผู่เอ๋อร์phuuL uuhrRproper nounPuer, Pu'erh
เผphaehRnoun[ไพ่เผ] [name of] a Thai card game similar to poker
เผง phaehngRadverb, colloquialcompletely; entirely; totally; outright; correctly; accurately
เผชิญphaL cheernMverbto confront; face; brave; meet
เผชิญภัยphaL cheernM phaiMverbto face danger; confront a peril
เผชิญหน้าphaL cheernM naaFverbto face; meet; encounter; confront
เผ็ด phetLadjective[of food] [is] spicy-hot; tasting of chilli pepper; pungent
adjective[เผ็ด ๆ] [of food] [is] very spicy
เผ็ดมันphetL manMadjective[is] intense; heated (of food)
เผ็ดมันphetL manMadjective, figurative, colloquial, idiom[is] intense; heated (of feelings)
เผ็ดร้อนphetL raawnHadverbsharply
เผ็ดร้อนphetL raawnHadjective[is] spicy
เผ็ด ๆphetL phetLadjective[เผ็ด ๆ] [of food] [is] very spicy
เผด็จphaL detLverb, transitiveto expedite; facilitate; engender
proper nounPhadet [a Thai given name]
เผด็จการphaL detL gaanMverbto dictate; to rule as a dictator
เผด็จการphaL detL gaanMnoundictator; absolute ruler; despot; tyrant; autocrat; oppressor
เผด็จการphaL detL gaanMadjective[is] dictatorial
เผด็จการphaL detL gaanMnoundictatorship
เผด็จการทหารphaL detL gaanM thaH haanRnounmilitary dictatorship
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