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ผอ ผึ้งbeeThe 28th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ผ (ผ)
TIS-620 value: 0xผ (ผ)

2137 Thai words on 43 Pages

Page 18
ผ่องถ่ายphaawngL thaaiLverbto transfer; shift
ผ่องถ่ายออกphaawngL thaaiL aawkLverb, phraseto remove from (one’s luggage, for example)
ผ่องแผ้วphaawngL phaaeoFadjective[is] clear; clean
adjective[is] content; happy
ผ่องเพ็ญphaawngL phenMproper nounPhongphen [a Thai given name]
ผ่องใสphaawngL saiRadjective[is] cheerful; bright; pure; fine; fresh
ผ่อน phaawnLverbto make payments; to pay a little at a time
verbto relax; to lessen; reduce; ease; be lenient; make concessions; abate; give grace; lighten; relieve; ease
verb[ผ่อนปรน] to be lenient; to ease; relieve; alleviate; to allow (someone) more time in finishing something; [fig.] to cut (someone) some slack
verb, intransitiveto rest; take a rest
ผ่อนคลายphaawnL khlaaiMverb[ผ่อนคลาย] to relax; alleviate; ease up; moderate; mitigate; relieve
ผ่อนคลายphaawnL khlaaiM[ผ่อนคลาย] [is] relaxed; informal
ผ่อนคลายกล้ามphaawnL khlaaiM glaamFverbto relax a muscle
ผ่อนชำระphaawnL chamM raHverbto pay in installments
ผ่อนตามphaawnL dtaamMverbcomply; acquiesce; assent; accede; yield
ผ่อนปรนphaawnL bprohnMverb[ผ่อนปรน] to be lenient; to ease; relieve; alleviate; to allow (someone) more time in finishing something; [fig.] to cut (someone) some slack
ผ่อนผันphaawnL phanRverbto delay; extend a limit
ผ่อนผันphaawnL phanRadjective[is] indulgent
ผ่อนแรงphaawnL raaengMverbto reduce the workload; to lessen the burden (on)
ผ่อนส่งphaawnL sohngLverbpay (one’s debt) by installments
ผ่อนสั้นผ่อนยาวphaawnL sanF phaawnL yaaoMverb, phraseto compromise; give and take
ผ่อนหนักผ่อนเบา phaawnL nakL phaawnL baoMverbto make concessions
ผ่อนหนักให้เป็นเบาphaawnL nakL haiF bpenM baoMverbto make concessions; alleviate; lighten; reduce the burden
ผ่อนหนี้phaawnL neeFverbto pay in installments
ผอบ phaL ohpLnounan urn; a casket
ผอม phaawmRadjective[is] thin; lean; not fat; skinny; slender; slim
verbto lose weight
ผอมกรอดphaawmR graawtLadjectivethin and emaciated
ผอมลงphaawmR lohngMverbto lose weight; grow thin
ผอมลง และหุ่นดีเว่อร์phaawmR lohngM laeH hoonL deeM wuuhrFexample sentence"I got thinner and thinner and my shape got better."
ผอมแห้งphaawmR haaengFadjective[is] emaciated; skinny
ผอมเกร็งphaawmR grengMadjectivethin but strong
ผะผ่าวphaL phaaoLadjective[is] burning; scorching
ผะอืดผะอมphaL euutL phaL ohmMadjective, verb[is] nauseated; sick; disgusting to suffer from nausea; retch; feel like vomiting
ผัก phakLnounvegetable; vegetation; greens
ผักกระสัง phakL graL sangRnoun[ผักกระสัง] Thai succulent, Peperomia pellucida
ผักกวางตุ้งphakL gwaangM dtoongFnoun[ผักกวางตุ้ง] pak choy; bok choy; Chinese cabbage; the leafy green vegetable Brassica rapa, chinensis group
ผักกะเฉดphakL gaL chaehtLnoun[ผักกะเฉด] water mimosa
ผักกาด  phakL gaatLnoun[a broad category of several vegetables]
ผักกาดแก้วphakL gaatL gaaeoFnouniceberg lettuce
ผักกาดขม phakL gaatL khohmRnoun[ผักกาดขม] chinese mustard, leaf mustard Brassica juncea
ผักกาดขาว phakL gaatL khaaoRnounChinese cabbage
ผักกาดเขียว phakL gaatL khiaaoRChinese mustard
ผักกาดหอม phakL gaatL haawmRnounlettuce
ผักกาดหอม ๑ กลีบphakL gaatL haawmR neungL gleepLnoun, phrasea leaf of lettuce
ผักกาดหอม ๑ หัวphakL gaatL haawmR neungL huaaRnoun, phrasea head of lettuce
ผักกาดหัวphakL gaatL huaaRnounDaikon, mooli, Japanese radish, white radish
ผักกาดหางหงษ์phakL gaatL haangR hohngRnounChinese cabbage; Michihili cabbage
ผักกูดphakL guutLnoun[ผักกูด] horn fern; pod fern; oak fern; floating fern; vegetable fern Athyrium esculentum and others
ผักขมphakL khohmRnounspinach-like Thai vegetable, Amaranthus spinosus
ผักโขมphakL kho:hmRnoun[ผักโขม] Chinese spinach, vegetable amaranth, and other plants of Amaranthus or pigweeds, hogweeds, Boerhavia
ผักคล้ายกะหล่ำดอก phakL khlaaiH gaL lamL daawkLnounbroccoli
ผักชีphakL cheeMnoun[ผักชี] cilantro, wild celery herb, Apium graveolens
ผักชีฝรั่งphakL cheeM faL rangLnoun[ผักชีฝรั่ง] parsley, Petroselinum sativum
ผักชีโรยหน้าphakL cheeM rooyM naaFnoun, phrase[metaphor] window dressing; gilding; improvements only on the surface
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