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ผอ ผึ้งbeeThe 28th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ผ (ผ)
TIS-620 value: 0xผ (ผ)

2302 Thai words on 47 Pages

Page 19
ผสมเทียมphaL sohmR thiiamMverbto artificially inseminate
ผสมพันธุ์phaL sohmR phanMverb, intransitive, phraseto mate
ผสมพันธุ์phaL sohmR phanMverbto breed livestock through selective genetic
ผสมโรงphaL sohmR ro:hngMverbto join; take part
ผสมผสานphaL sohmR phaL saanRverbto combine; integrate; add together; mix
ผอ phaawR[pronunciation of the 28th letter of the Thai alphabet]
ผอ.phaawR aawMnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ผู้อำนวยการ] Director
ผอ.กต.จว.phuuF amM nuayM gaanM gaanM leuuakF dtangF bpraL jamM jangM watLnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ผู้อำนวยการการเลือกตั้งประจำจังหวัด]
ผอกphaawkLnounsheath; cover; case
ผองphaawngRadverball; whole; entire; total
ผองเพื่อนphaawngR pheuuanFnounfriends; group of buddies; group of close friends
ผ่อง phaawngLadjective[is] bright; clear; shiny
[ไพ่ผ่อง] [name of] a Thai card game
ผ่องถ่ายphaawngL thaaiLverbto transfer; shift
ผ่องถ่ายออกphaawngL thaaiL aawkLverb, phraseto remove from (one’s luggage, for example)
ผ่องแผ้วphaawngL phaaeoFadjective[is] clear; clean
adjective[is] content; happy
ผ่องเพ็ญphaawngL phenMproper nounPhongphen [a Thai given name]
ผ่องใสphaawngL saiRadjective[is] cheerful; bright; pure; fine; fresh
ผ่อน phaawnLverbto make payments; to pay a little at a time
verbto relax; to lessen; reduce; ease; be lenient; make concessions; abate; give grace; lighten; relieve; ease
verb[ผ่อนปรน] to be lenient; to ease; relieve; alleviate; to allow (someone) more time in finishing something; [fig.] to cut (someone) some slack
verb, intransitiveto rest; take a rest
ผ่อนคลายphaawnL khlaaiMverb[ผ่อนคลาย] to relax; alleviate; ease up; moderate; mitigate; relieve
ผ่อนคลายphaawnL khlaaiM[ผ่อนคลาย] [is] relaxed; informal
ผ่อนคลายกล้ามphaawnL khlaaiM glaamFverbto relax a muscle
ผ่อนชำระphaawnL chamM raHverbto pay in installments
ผ่อนตามphaawnL dtaamMverbcomply; acquiesce; assent; accede; yield
ผ่อนปรนphaawnL bprohnMverb[ผ่อนปรน] to be lenient; to ease; relieve; alleviate; to allow (someone) more time in finishing something; [fig.] to cut (someone) some slack
ผ่อนผันphaawnL phanRverbto delay; extend a limit
ผ่อนผันphaawnL phanRadjective[is] indulgent
ผ่อนแรงphaawnL raaengMverbto reduce the workload; to lessen the burden (on)
ผ่อนส่งphaawnL sohngLverbpay (one’s debt) by installments
ผ่อนสั้นผ่อนยาวphaawnL sanF phaawnL yaaoMverb, phraseto compromise; give and take
ผ่อนหนักผ่อนเบา phaawnL nakL phaawnL baoMverbto make concessions
ผ่อนหนักให้เป็นเบาphaawnL nakL haiF bpenM baoMverbto make concessions; alleviate; lighten; reduce the burden
ผ่อนหนี้phaawnL neeFverbto pay in installments
ผอบ phaL ohpLnounan urn; a casket
ผอม phaawmRadjective[is] thin; lean; not fat; skinny; slender; slim
verbto lose weight
ผอมกรอดphaawmR graawtLadjectivethin and emaciated
ผอมลงphaawmR lohngMverbto lose weight; grow thin
ผอมลง และหุ่นดีเว่อร์phaawmR lohngM laeH hoonL deeM wuuhrFexample sentence"I got thinner and thinner and my shape got better."
ผอมแห้งphaawmR haaengFadjective[is] emaciated; skinny
ผอมเกร็ง phaawmR grengMadjectivethin but strong
ผะผ่าวphaL phaaoLadjective[is] burning; scorching
ผะอืดผะอมphaL euutL phaL ohmMadjective, verb[is] nauseated; sick; disgusting to suffer from nausea; retch; feel like vomiting
ผัก phakLnounvegetable; vegetation; greens
ผักกระสัง phakL graL sangRnoun[ผักกระสัง] Thai succulent, Peperomia pellucida
ผักกวางตุ้งphakL gwaangM dtoongFnoun[ผักกวางตุ้ง] pak choy; bok choy; Chinese cabbage; the leafy green vegetable Brassica rapa, chinensis group
ผักกะเฉดphakL gaL chaehtLnoun[ผักกะเฉด] water mimosa
ผักกาด  phakL gaatLnoun[a broad category of several vegetables]
ผักกาดแก้วphakL gaatL gaaeoFnouniceberg lettuce
ผักกาดขม phakL gaatL khohmRnoun[ผักกาดขม] chinese mustard, leaf mustard Brassica juncea
ผักกาดขาว phakL gaatL khaaoRnounChinese cabbage
ผักกาดเขียว phakL gaatL khiaaoRChinese mustard
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