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ผอ ผึ้งbeeThe 28th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ผ (ผ)
TIS-620 value: 0xผ (ผ)

2264 Thai words on 46 Pages

Page 42
เผ็ดร้อนphetL raawnHadjective[is] spicy
เผ็ดร้อนphetL raawnHadjective, phrase[is] contentious, controversial; debatable
เผ็ด ๆphetL phetLadjective[เผ็ด ๆ] [of food] [is] very spicy
เผด็จ phaL detLverb, transitiveto expedite; facilitate; engender
proper nounPhadet [a Thai given name]
เผด็จการphaL detL gaanMverbto dictate; to rule as a dictator
เผด็จการphaL detL gaanMnoundictator; absolute ruler; despot; tyrant; autocrat; oppressor
เผด็จการphaL detL gaanMadjective[is] dictatorial
เผด็จการphaL detL gaanMnoundictatorship
เผด็จการทหารphaL detL gaanM thaH haanRnounmilitary dictatorship
เผด็จการเบ็ดเสร็จphaL detL gaanM betL setLnountotalitarianism
เผด็จศึกphaL detL seukLverbto finish off the enemy in a battle; to subdue an enemy
เผดิม phaL deermMverbto begin
เผดียงphaL diiangMverb, loanword, Khmerto speak a welcome
เผ่น phenLverbto rush
เผ่นหนีphenL neeRverbto flee; leap away; escape; run away
เผ่นโผนphenL pho:hnRverbto rush; storm; charge
เผย pheeuyRverbto open; to disclose; to discover; to unveil; to uncover; to reveal
เผยไต๋ pheeuyR dtaiRverbto show one's cards; to reveal
เผยแผ่pheeuyR phaaeLverb, phraseto spread, disseminate
เผยแผ่พระศาสนาpheeuyR phaaeL phraH saatL saL naaRverb, phraseto act as a religious missionary; spread religion
เผยแพร่ pheeuyR phraaeFverbto broadcast; publicize; spread; disseminate
เผยอ phaL yuuhrRadjective[is] ajar; cracked open; parted
adjective[is] daring; bold; assertive
verbto open slightly; crack open
เผยอฝาหม้อไว้เล็กน้อยphaL yuuhrR faaR maawF waiH lekH naawyHexample sentence"Please crack open the lid of the pot a bit."
เผยอยิ้มphaL yuuhrR yimHverb, phraseto crack as smile
เผยิบ phaL yeerpLverbto flap in the breeze
เผล็ดphletLverbto sprout, bud germinate or bear fruit
เผลอ phluuhrRadjective[is] reckless; incautious; rash; absent-minded; forgetful; unaware; off one's guard; error-prone; unintentional
verbto forget; make a mistake
เผลอใจphluuhrR jaiMadjective[is] unconscious; forgetful; absent-minded; careless; heedless
เผลอใจphluuhrR jaiMverb, phraseto fail to guard against (e.g. falling in love); fall head-over-heels against one's better judgement
เผลอใจให้เธอphluuhrR jaiM haiF thuuhrMverb, phrase[because of his] lack of resolve, he finally fell in love with her
เผลอตกภวังค์phluuhrR dtohkL phaH wangMverb, phraseto inadvertantly fall into a trance; absent-mindedly daydream
เผลอตัวphluuhrR dtuaaMverbto forget oneself; become unaware
เผลอเป็นไม่ได้phluuhrR bpenM maiF daiFverb, phraseunable to cease doing something
เผลอผิด phluuhrR phitLverbto err; to blunder
เผลอสติ phluuhrR saL dtiLadjective[is] absent-minded
เผลอหลับ phluuhrR lapLverbdoze off; fall asleep unintentionally
เผลอไผลphluuhrR phlaiRverbto do something without thinking, unconsciously; hastily; mindlessly
เผลอเรอ phluuhrR ruuhrMadjective[is] careless; incautious
เผอเรอ phuuhrR ruuhrMadjective[is] careless
เผอิญ phaL eernMadverbaccidentally; "the thing is..."
เผอิญเมื่อสองสามวันก่อนดิฉันอ่านข่าวในอินเทอร์เน็ต ก็เห็นว่าตอนนี้มีแล้วนะคะphaL eernM meuuaF saawngR saamR wanM gaawnL diL chanR aanL khaaoL naiM inM thuuhrM netH gaawF henR waaF dtaawnM neeH meeM laaeoH naH khaHexample sentence"It just so happened that two or three days ago I read the news on the internet that there is something new already."
เผา phaoRverbto burn; set fire to (something)
verb[จะเผา] will burn
verbto roast; slow roast in coals, often in a pit
เผาผลาญphaoR phlaanRverbto consume; combust; burn; metabolize; devastate
เผาผีphaoR pheeRverb, phraseto cremate
เผาพริกเผาเกลือphaoR phrikH phaoR gleuuaMverb, phraseto put a spell on; put a curse on someone
เผาศพ phaoR sohpLverbto cremate
เผาไหม้ phaoR maiFverbto burn
เผ่า phaoLtribe
classifier[numerical classifier for tribes]
เผ่าพันธุ์ phaoL phanMnounlineage; ethnic group; origin; stock; clan
เผ้าphaoF[suffix used with ผม ]
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