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ต่อให้มีบุญจากสามชาติ ผู้ชายกระจอก ๆ อย่างแก ไม่มีทางจะคบผู้หญิงดีเลิศอย่างฉันหรอกโว้ย จะรอก็รอได้ชาติหน้าสาย ๆ นะล่ะ
dtaawL haiF meeM boonM jaakL saamR chaatF phuuF chaaiM graL jaawkL graL jaawkL yaangL gaaeM maiF meeM thaangM jaL khohpH phuuF yingR deeM leertF yaangL chanR raawkL wooyH jaL raawM gaawF raawM daiF chaatF naaF saaiR saaiR naH laF
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiต่อ-ไฮ่-มี-บุน-จาก-สาม-ชาด-พู่-ชาย-กฺระ-จอก-กฺระ-จอก-หฺย่าง-แก-ไม่-มี-ทาง-จะ-คบ-พู่-หฺยิง-ดี-เลิด-หฺย่าง-ฉัน-หฺรอก-โว้ย-จะ-รอ-ก้อ-รอ-ได้-ชาด-น่า-สาย-สาย-นะ-ล่ะ
IPAtɔ̀ː hâj miː bun tɕàːk sǎːm tɕʰâːt pʰûː tɕʰaːj kràʔ tɕɔ̀ːk kràʔ tɕɔ̀ːk jàːŋ kɛː mâj miː tʰaːŋ tɕàʔ kʰóp pʰûː jǐŋ diː lɤ̂ːt jàːŋ tɕʰǎn rɔ̀ːk wóːj tɕàʔ rɔː kɔ̂ː rɔː dâj tɕʰâːt nâː sǎːj sǎːj náʔ lâʔ
Royal Thai General Systemto hai mi bun chak sam chat phu chai krachok krachok yang kae mai mi thang cha khop phu ying di loet yang chan rok woi cha ro ko ro dai chat na sai sai na la

 [example sentence]
"I’ll spot you the merit from your past three lives! A dime-a-dozen guy like you wouldn’t have a chance to be with an exquisite girl like me. Ya gonna wait? So wait!... till your next life!"

componentsต่อให้dtaawL haiFto give a head start to; to concede an advantage to; to allow a handicap for
มี meeMto have or possess; to be available
บุญ boonMgood deeds; merit
จาก jaakLfrom
สาม saamRthree; the number or quantity three
ชาติ chaatFbirth; life
ผู้ชาย phuuF chaaiMman; men; guy; guys; boy; boys; male
กระจอก ๆgraL jaawkL graL jaawkL[is] very shoddy; very cheaply made
อย่าง yaangLlike; as
แกgaaeM[impolite or colloquial usage] he; him; she; her; they; them; you
ไม่มีทางmaiF meeM thaangM[is] impossible
จะ jaL[imminent aspect marker]
คบ khohpHto associate with; trade with; traffic with; date (romanticly)
ผู้หญิง  phuuF yingRgirl; woman; women
ดีเลิศdeeM leertFexcellent; best; finest
อย่าง yaangLlike; as
ฉัน chanR[used by females in an informal setting—also used by males with intimate friends or lovers] I, me, my
หรอก raawkL[word often used with statements of contradiction or negation] surely (not), of course (not)
โว้ยwooyH[an interjection placed at the end of a sentence or phrase to
  • answer a call
  • call or ask someone
  • express surprise or amazement
] "Hey!"; "Ahoy!"; "Wow!"
จะ jaL[imminent aspect marker]
รอ raawMto wait; to stay; to linger; to remain; to go slowly
ก็ gaawFalso; too; as well; well...; [suggestion] should...
รอ raawMto wait; to stay; to linger; to remain; to go slowly
ได้ daiFcan; to be able; is able; am able; may; might [auxiliary of potential, denoting possbility, ability, or permission]
ชาติหน้าสาย ๆchaatF naaF saaiR saaiRIn your next life!, Not in this lifetime, when hell freezes over
นะ naH[word added to the end of a sentence to soften it, make it polite, indicate pleading, disagreement, ordering, surprise or emphasis]
ล่ะ laF[informal, spoken pronunciation of ละ —a particle used at the end of a statement or question to add an imperative quality]

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