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ซื้อรองเท้าให้แม่ใส่คู่ละ ๔๐๐๐ บาท กลัวแม่จะว่า เลยโกหกว่าคู่ละ ๗๐๐ บาท วันถัดมาแม่โอนเงินมาให้ ๒๑๐๐ บาท บอกว่าเพื่อนฝากซื้ออีก ๓ คู่ กูจะเป็นลม
seuuH raawngM thaaoH haiF maaeF saiL khuuF laH seeL phanM baatL gluaaM maaeF jaL waaF leeuyM go:hM hohkL waaF khuuF laH jetL raawyH baatL wanM thatL maaM maaeF o:hnM ngernM maaM haiF saawngR phanM raawyH baatL baawkL waaF pheuuanF faakL seuuH eekL saamR khuuF guuM jaL bpenM lohmM
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiซื้อ-รอง-ท้าว-ไฮ่-แม่-ไส่-คู่-ละ-สี่-พัน-บาด-กฺลัว-แม่-จะ-ว่า-เลย-โก-หก-ว่า-คู่-ละ-เจ็ด-ร้อย-บาด-วัน-ถัด-มา-แม่-โอน-เงิน-มา-ไฮ่-สอง-พัน-ร้อย-บาด-บอก-ว่า-เพื่อน-ฝาก-ซื้อ-อีก-สาม-คู่-กู-จะ-เป็น-ลม
IPAsɯ́ː rɔːŋ tʰáːw hâj mɛ̂ː sàj kʰûː láʔ sìː pʰan bàːt kluːa mɛ̂ː tɕàʔ wâː lɤːj koː hòk wâː kʰûː láʔ tɕèt rɔ́ːj bàːt wan tʰàt maː mɛ̂ː ʔoːn ŋɤn maː hâj sɔ̌ːŋ pʰan rɔ́ːj bàːt bɔ̀ːk wâː pʰɯ̂ːan fàːk sɯ́ː ʔìːk sǎːm kʰûː kuː tɕàʔ pen lom
Royal Thai General Systemsue rong thao hai mae sai khu la siphan bat klua mae cha wa loei kohok wa khu la chetroi bat wan that ma mae on ngoen ma hai songphanroi bat bok wa phuean fak sue ik sam khu ku cha pen lom

 [example sentence]
"I bought my mother a pair of shoes for 4,000 baht. I was afraid that she would criticize me so I lied to her by telling her than the shoes cost 700 baht. The next day my mother sent me 2,100 baht telling me that her friends asked me to buy them three more pairs. I’m about to pass out! [What am I going to do?!?]."

componentsซื้อ seuuHto buy or purchase
รองเท้า raawngM thaaoHshoe or shoes; footwear; boot or boots
ให้ haiFto give; to let; to send to; to allow; to convey towards; to pay (attention); to have someone do something
แม่ maaeF[general] mother
ใส่ saiLto put on clothing; wear; encase
คู่ khuuF[numerical classifier for pairs, games]
ละ laHeach; every; one at a time; [implying division] per
๔๐๐๐seeL phanM4,000
บาท baatLThai currency: Baht (TH฿)
กลัว gluaaMto fear
แม่ maaeF[general] mother
จะ jaL[imminent aspect marker]
ว่า waaFto admonish; tell; scold; blame, criticize
เลย leeuyM[used for emphasis at the end of a statement] " all." — " much!" — "...extremely!; completely, directly; simply, without doing anything else first; right away
โกหก go:hM hohkLto lie; to deceive; to bluff; to fib
ว่า waaF[proposition complementizer] that...; as... [see examples]
คู่ khuuF[numerical classifier for pairs, games]
ละ laHeach; every; one at a time; [implying division] per
๗๐๐jetL raawyH700
บาท baatLThai currency: Baht (TH฿)
ถัด thatLnext; later
มา maaM[aspect marker indicating past or present perfect tense (continuity from the past)]
แม่ maaeF[general] mother
โอนเงินo:hnM ngernMto transfer funds; make an inter-bank transfer
มาให้maaM haiFto bring; give to; toward me
๒๑๐๐saawngR phanM raawyH2,100
บาท baatLThai currency: Baht (TH฿)
บอกว่าbaawkL waaFto say that; tell; state; relate
เพื่อน pheuuanFfriend; pal; chum; buddy; older colleague
ฝาก faakLto deposit; leave; entrust (something); consign
ซื้อ seuuHto buy or purchase
อีก eekLanother; additional; more
 saamRThai digit three, 3
คู่ khuuFpair; couple; mate; partner
กูguuM[the 1st person singular pronoun, an old word form, now considered overly familiar] I; me; my; myself
จะ jaL[imminent aspect marker]
เป็นลมbpenM lohmMto faint; pass out

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