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reuuangF theeF bpraL ditL kheunF
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiเรื่อง-ที่-ปฺระ-ดิด-คึ่น
IPArɯ̂ːaŋ tʰîː pràʔ dìt kʰɯ̂n
Royal Thai General Systemrueang thi pradit khuen

 [noun, loanword, Sanskrit]
a fiction; an imaginary story

componentsเรื่อง reuuangFstory; account; narrative; chronicle; case; anecdote; subject; title of movie; book; short story; topic; task; matter; undertaking
ที่ theeF[the relative pronouns] that; which; which is...
ประดิษฐ์ bpraL ditLto invent; create; coin; conceive; design; devise; discover; formulate; improvise; originate; think up; make up; concoct; cook up (informal); fabricate; feign; forge; manufacture; trump up
ขึ้น kheunFup
related wordsกลอน glaawnM[a type of Thai versification]
กลอนตลาดglaawnM dtaL laatL[a certain form of Thai poetry]
กลอนแปดglaawnM bpaaetL[a certain type of Thai poetry which has eight syllables per line]
กวีวัจนะgaL weeM watH naH[a kind of Thai stanza or verse composed of varying types of poetic feet]
กาพย์ gaapLGavya [a type of Thai versification]
กาพย์ยานีgaapL yaaM neeM[a type of Thai metrical verse with eleven words or syllables]
โคลง khlo:hngM[a type of Thai versification] rhyming poem; verse in rhyme; verse
โคลงสี่สุภาพkhlo:hngM seeL sooL phaapFa poem with a certain type of rhyming scheme
งานประพันธ์ngaanM bpraL phanM[poem, poetry, prose, novel, essay, etc.] composition; writing; written work
งานร้อยกรองngaanM raawyH graawngMpoetry; poem
งานร้อยแก้วngaanM raawyH gaaeoFprose; novel
ฉันท์ chanR[a type of Thai versification with metrical composition derived from India]
ฉันทะลักษณ์chanR thaH lakHa rhyme scheme; prosody; poetics; [name of a book on versification]
นวนิยายnaH waH niH yaaiMa novel, a book of a fictional story, an invented prose narrative that is usually long and complex and deals especially with, for example, true stories or accounts, folktales or folklores, imagination, human experiences, through a usually connected sequence of events
naH waH niH yaaiM khaL naatL sanF
novelette (a short or brief novel; a long short story)
นิพนธ์ niH phohnMto write; compose; writing; composing; composition
นิยาย niH yaaiMnovel, a book of a fictional story
นิราศ niH raatF[a kind of] long lyrical Thai poetry with eight (กลอนแปด) or nine (กลอนเก้า) syllables per line composed mainly on the theme of departure from one's residence—particularly parting from and thus yearning to return to a loved one. The most celebrated and prolific Niraat poet in the Thai poetic tradition is ท่านสุนทรภู่
ปกิณกคดีbpaL giL naH gaL khaH deeM(of magazine) variety, assorted stories or prose
ร่าย raaiF[a type of Thai versification]
เรื่องโกหกเหลวไหลreuuangF go:hM hohkL laayoR laiRhot air
เรื่องงมงายreuuangF ngohmM ngaaiMmyth (untrue); tall story
เรื่องแต่งreuuangF dtaengLa fiction; an imaginary story
reuuangF dtaengL raawyH gaaeoF seungF yaaoM laeH sapH saawnH gwaaL reuuangF sanF
novella (a tale or short story of the type contained in Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron; a fictional prose narrative that is longer and more complex than a short story; a short novel or a long short story)
เรื่องที่เล่ากันมาreuuangF theeF laoF ganM maaMoral account
เรื่องนักสืบreuuangF nakH seuupLdetective fiction
เรื่องปรัมปราreuuangF bpaL ramM bpaL raaMmyth (untrue)
เรื่องโม้reuuangF mo:hH(to spin a) yarn; a tall tale
เรื่องยาวร้อยแก้วreuuangF yaaoM raawyH gaaeoFnovel or an invented prose narrative that is usually long and complex and deals especially with, for example, true stories or accounts, folktales or folklores, imagination, human experiences, through a usually connected sequence of events.
เรื่องเริงรมย์reuuangF reerngM rohmMa fiction; an imaginary story
เรื่องเล่าreuuangF laoFtale; story; word of mouth
เรื่องสมมติreuuangF sohmR mootHfiction; an imagined; feigned; invented; made-up story
เรื่องสั้นขนาดยาวreuuangF sanF khaL naatL yaaoMnovelette (a short or brief novel; a long short story)
เรื่องสั้นเยาวชนreuuangF sanF yaoM waH chohnMyouth or juvenile short story
เรื่องอ่านเล่นreuuangF aanL lenFa fiction; an imaginary story
ลิลิต liH litH[a kind of Thai stanza or verse composed of varying types of poetic feet]
เลบง laH baehngM[often used with poetry writing] to compose; to write; to make
วจีวิภาคwaH jeeM wiH phaakF[formal term] the Eight Part of Speech; [name of a book on part of speech]
วากยสัมพันธ์waakF gaL yaH samR phanM[formal term] syntax; [name of a grammar book on syntax]
อักขรวิธีakL khaL raL wiH theeM[formal term] orthography; rules of spelling, reading and writing; [name of a book on spelling rules]

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