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จอ จานplate; dishThe 8th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+จ (จ)
TIS-620 value: 0xจ (จ)

2180 Thai words on 44 Pages

Page 43
ใจกว้างjaiM gwaangFadjective[is] generous of spirit; big-hearted; charitable
ใจกายสบายดี สมที่สราญรมย์jaiM gaaiM saL baaiM deeM sohmR theeF saL raanM rohmMphraseMy mind and my body are at peace; I am content and happy
ใจของคนนั้นเหมือนลูกตุ้มนาฬิกา ที่แกว่งไปมาตามแรงเหวี่ยงของอารมณ์jaiM khaawngR khohnM nanH meuuanR luukF dtoomF naaM liH gaaM theeF gwaengL bpaiM maaM dtaamM raaengM wiiangL khaawngR aaM rohmMexample sentence"Human hearts are like grandfather clocks; they swing back and forth guided by emotions."
ใจแข็ง jaiM khaengRadjective[is] hard-hearted
ใจคน...ใจใคร...ก็ใจเขาjaiM khohnM jaiM khraiM gaawF jaiM khaoRexample sentenceEach one of us is different
ใจความ jaiM khwaamMnoungist; heart of the matter; pith
ใจคอ jaiM khaawMnounmood; disposition
ใจแคบ jaiM khaaepFadjective[is] narrow-minded; closed-minded; intolerant; insular
ใจแคบjaiM khaaepFadjective[is] selfish; greedy; parsimonious; stingy
ใจง่าย jaiM ngaaiFadjective[is] slutty; easy; loose; liberal
ใจจดใจจ่อ jaiM johtL jaiM jaawLadjective, phrase[is] mindful (of); engrossed (in); focused (on); attentive (to)
ใจจะขาดjaiM jaL khaatLadverbjust dying to do (something); really want to
ใจจืด jaiM jeuutLadjective[is] unfeeling; indifferent; callous; cold
ใจจืดใจดำ jaiM jeuutL jaiM damMadjective[is] unsympathetic; callous; unfeeling; uncaring
ใจชั่วjaiM chuaaFverb[ใจชั่ว] [is] wicked; evil; immoral; ungodly; bad; depraved
ใจชื้น jaiM cheuunHverb, intransitive, phrase, colloquialto feel relieved; to have a sense of relief; to feel comfortable; to feel consoled; to feel or be at ease or relaxed
ใจดำ jaiM damMadjective[is] mean
ใจดี jaiM deeMadjective[is] benevolent; good-hearted; kind; generous; gentle (of people)
ใจดีสู้เสือjaiM deeM suuF seuuaRexample sentence, idiom"The bull must be taken by the horns."
ใจเด็ด jaiM detLadjective[is] firm; undaunted; steadfast; unwavering; resolute
ใจเดียวjaiM diaaoMadjective[is] faithful; constant in love; single-minded
ใจเดียวjaiM diaaoMadjective[is] constant; steadfast; faithful; single-minded
ใจตรงกันjaiM dtrohngM ganMadjective[is] in agreement; thinking alike; sharing similar thoughts
ใจต่ำ jaiM dtamLadjective[is] mean-spirited; cruel
ใจเต้น jaiM dtenFadjective[is] excited
ใจเต้นตึกตักjaiM dtenF dteukL dtakLnoun, phrase"one's heart skips a beat; so excited that one's hear skips a beat."
ใจเต้นตึกๆjaiM dtenF dteukL dteukLadverb, phrase[of the heart] [is] beating quickly; [has] a quick and weak pulse (i.e. from fear)
ใจแตก jaiM dtaaekLverb, intransitiveunrestrained; self-indulgent
ใจโต jaiM dto:hMadjective, phrase, figurative, colloquial[showing disapproval] generous; broad-minded; kind; kind-hearted
ใจถึงjaiM theungRadjective[is] brave; daring; courageous; fearless; undaunted; bold
ใจถึงjaiM theungRadjectivedaring; brave; sporting; fearless; undaunted; bold
ใจทรามjaiM saamMadjective[ใจทราม] [is] immoral; evil of heart; mean
ใจน้อยjaiM naawyHadjective, phrase, colloquial[is] easily irritated or offended; sensitive; touchy
ใจนักเลงjaiM nakH laehngMadjective[is] sporting; enterprising; venturesome; daring
ใจบาน jaiM baanMadjective[is] delighted; exultant; overjoyed
ใจบาป jaiM baapLadjective[is] wicked; evil; immoral; ungodly; bad; depraved; sacreligious
ใจบุญ jaiM boonMadjective[is] pious, generous, kind, charitable, benevolent, bountiful, benign
ใจบุญสุนทานjaiM boonM soonR thaanMadjective[is] generous; kind; benevolent
ใจเบา jaiM baoMadjective[is] gullible; easily fooled; fickle; to fall in love with others easily
ใจป้ำ jaiM bpamFadjective[is] brave; daring; courageous; liberal
ใจเป็นกลาง jaiM bpenM glaangMadverb[ใจเป็นกลาง] with an open mind; neutral-minded
ใจแป้วjaiM bpaaeoFadjective[is] downcast; dispirited; disheartened
ใจฝ่อjaiM faawLadjective[is] downcast; scared; frightened; disheartened; despondent
ใจเพชร jaiM phetHadjective[is] firm; resolute; strong-minded; steadfast; unyielding; adamant; determined
ใจไม่อยู่กับเนื้อกับตัวjaiM maiF yuuL gapL neuuaH gapL dtuaaMphrase[is] not paying attention; absent-minded; lost in one's thoughts
ใจไม้ไส้ระกำjaiM maaiH saiF raH gamMadjective[is] hard-hearted; devoid of feeling; calous; insensitive
ใจเย็น jaiM yenMadjective[is] calm; relaxed; patient; composed
ใจเย็น ๆjaiM yenMexample sentence"Calm down!" "Cool off." "Get hold of yourself." "Compose yourself." "Relax." "Cool down." "Take it easy."
ใจเย็น ๆ jaiM yenM yenMadjective[is] calm; emotionally calm; composed; calmed down; relaxed; cooled down; taking it easy
ใจเย็น ๆjaiM yenM yenMinterjection, example sentence"Take it easy!"
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