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รอ เรือboat; ship; barge; vesselThe 35th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ร (ร)
TIS-620 value: 0xร (ร)

3417 Thai words on 69 Pages

Page 68
โรมัน ro:hM manMadjective, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Roman
โรมันคาทอหลิกro:hM manM khaaM thaawM likLnounRoman Catholic; Roman Catholicism
โรมานอฟro:hM maanM ohfLnoun, adjective, loanword, EnglishRomanoff (dynasty)
โรมาเนีย ro:hM maaM niiaMproper noun, geographical[ประเทศโรมาเนีย] Romania, a country in Europe
โรมิโอro:hM miH o:hMproper nounRomeo
โรแมนติก ro:hM maaenM dtikL[alternate spelling of โรแมนติค ]
โรแมนติค ro:hM maaenM dtikLadjective, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] romantic
โรย rooyMverb, transitive, intransitiveto sprinkle; to powder
verb, intransitiveto weaken; to be exhausted
adjectivefaded; jaded; withered
verbto pay out (a rope, e.g.)
โรยตัวหน้าผาrooyM dtuaaM naaF phaaRverbto rappel down a cliff
โรยราrooyM raaMverbto wilt (as in flowers)
โรยแรงrooyM raaengMverbto lose strength; become exhausted
โรล ro:hnMverb, transitive, intransitive, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] roll
โรลเลอร์สเกตro:hnM luuhrM saL gaehtLnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] roller skate
โรแลนด์ro:hM laaenMproper noun, loanword, EnglishRoland [an English given name]
โรเวอร์ ro:hM wuuhrMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] rover
โรแวน ro:hM waaenMnoun, adjective[general] rowan
noun[ต้นโรแวน] rowan tree
โรสro:htFproper noun, loanword, EnglishRose [an English given name]
โรสแมรี่ro:htF maaeM reeFnoun[Thai transcription for foreign loan word] rosemary; rosemary, an herb in the mint family
โรสเวลต์ro:htF waehnMproper noun, personRoosevelt
โรฮิงญาro:hM hingM yaaMnounRohingya (Muslim minority group in Western Burma)
ไรraiM[alternate spelling of ไหร่ ]
ไร raiMparticle[suffix indicating qualification, quantification, or interrogation, as indicated below]
noun, pronoun[อย่างไร] anything; whatever
pronoun[เมื่อไร] whenever
adverb[colloquial shortening of] อะไร 
adverb, ancient[กระไร] what
adverb, ancient[กระไร] [of a characteristic, condition, state, stage or method in general] why, how, what
interjection, ancient[กระไร] [a word that follows adjectives or adverbs and emphasizes them (a kind of interjection), as in] "what a..."; "how..."
adverb[เท่าไร] much?... how many?; long?; to that extent
adverb[เพียงไร] how many; how much
adverb[เมื่อไร] [used in a question] when
adverb[อย่างไร] like what; anyhow; how
nounparting line around a topknot of hair
verbto collect donations
adjective(of gold, the sky, etc.) shining brightly; brilliant; magnficent
adjective, adverb[รำไร] dimly; indistinctly; dim; indistinct; faint
proper noun[ตัวไร] mallophaga; chicken mite; biting lice
auxiliary verb, ancient[กระไร] to find it embarrassing (to do something); needing to save face
noun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] rye
adjective[เท่าไร] at all (in a negative expression)
adverb[เมอะไร] [used in a question] when
ไรraiMnounmite; louse
ไรแดงraiM daaengMnounred mites; spider mites
ไรผมraiM phohmRnounparting line around a topknot of hair; hairline
ไร่ raiFnounthe rai, a unit of land measure
nounfarm which produces a crop other than rice; hillside plantings and forests
ไร่ข้าวโพด  raiF khaaoF pho:htFnouncornfield
ไร่ข้าวโพดและยาสูบแผ่กระจายแน่นขนัดในเวิ้งของหุบเขาraiF khaaoF pho:htF laeH yaaM suupL phaaeL graL jaaiM naaenF khaL natL naiM weerngH khaawngR hoopL khaoRexample sentence"Corn and tobacco fields spread out all along the river bend’s valley."
ไร่นา raiF naaMnounfarm
ไร่ปศุสัตว์ raiF bpaL sooL satLnounlivestock ranch; cattle farm
ไร่เลื่อนลอยraiF leuuanF laawyMnounmobile plantations; slash and burn agriculture
ไร้ raiHadjective[is] without; lacking; devoid of; in need of
preposition[prefix corresponding to the English suffix] -less; without
ไร้การขัดขืนraiH gaanM khatL kheuunRadverbwithout resistance
ไร้การศึกษา raiH gaanM seukL saaRadjective, phrase, colloquial, vulgar, idiomuneducated; unschooled; ignorant; lowbrow; uncultivated; uncultured
ไร้ขอบเขตraiH khaawpL khaehtLadverb[is] unlimited; limitless; without boundaries
ไร้ความผิดraiH khwaamM phitLadjective, phrasecorrect
ไร้ค่าraiH khaaFverb[is] useless; valueless; incompetent; worthless; [does] lack skill or ability
ไร้โชคraiH cho:hkFadjective[is] unlucky; unfortunate
ไร้ซึ่งความเป็นธรรมraiH seungF khwaamM bpenM thamMadverb, phrasewithout fairness or justice
ไร้ญาติขาดมิตรraiH yaatF khaatL mitHverb, phraseto lack friends and family
ไร้เดียงสาraiH diiangM saaRnoun, adjective, phrase[is] innocent (inexperienced); naïve; silly
ไร้เทียมทานraiH thiiamM thaanMadverb, phrasewithout equal; unsurpassed; invincible; peerless
ไร้เบาะแสraiH bawL saaeRadverbwithout a trace
ไร้ประโยชน์raiH bpraL yo:htLadjective, phrase, formalvain; useless
ไร้ผลraiH phohnRadjectivefruitless; without effect
ไร้ยางอายraiH yaangM aaiMadjective, verb, intransitive, phrase, colloquial, vulgar, sarcastic-humorous[is] shameless; barefaced; fresh; flagrant; hardened; insolent; unabashed; unashamed
ไร้รสนิยม raiH rohtH niH yohmMadjective, phrase, formaltacky; inelegant; crude
ไร้ร่องรอยraiH raawngF raawyMadverbwithout a trace
ไร้รอยต่อraiH raawyM dtaawLadverbseamlessly
ไร้แรงสะท้อนraiH raaengM saL thaawnHadjective(of a gun) having no recoil
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